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Smart Phone Wine Dinner with QR Code Menu

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

restaurant on smartphone Join me Sunday November 14th – Thursday November 18th (if wine still available) at Grant’s Restaurant & Bar in West Hartford, CT for the first ever Smart Phone Wine Dinner. The menu will be embedded with QR Codes directing to inside info on the Sophenia Wines of Argentina and a world class menu. The price is $70 per person. I suggest you come early in the week due to limited supplies of these wines. To make your reservation call 860.236.1930 or go to

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Tiny food charms cute and fun miniature jewellery accessories for phone or bag !!!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

food on your phone Large choice of cute and fun food charm accessories for your phone or bag on our site Good prices & cheap worldwide shipping, contact us!

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The Diddly Bops – Victorious

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

favorite food .

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If everyone in the world were suddenly like you, what industries would explode and which would flop?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

If everyone in the world were suddenly like you, what industries would explode and which would flop?
Ok, so here’s a fun question I like to ask sometimes. Let’s say that all of a sudden everyone in the world was like you. I mean, has your exact likes and dislikes: particularly spending habits and pastimes.
What industries would explode with profit and what industries would just go completely bust? Also, go inbetween. What industries might increase a bit and which would decrease?

For me, this is how it is.

Industries that would explode:
1. Fast food. You think a McDonalds every mile or so is enough? This industry would explode like none other if everyone was like me. Fast food corporations would have to redefine their logistics in order to keep up with the demand. In addition to that, significantly more restaurants would have to be built in order to keep up with the long lines. I’m talking about just about one of each restaurant within each mile or 2 radius. And you know how many restaurants there are of each.

2. Internet. Everyone would have a high speed internet connection at home. When you use your smart phone to scan for Wifi signals, you’ll be picking up networks constantly.

3. Android. Everyone would have Android in their lives. Some would choose i-phone. But most would go with Android. Just having a smartphone.

4. Adults only entertainment. Not going into this one, as if it’s not exploded already! Particularly internet based and maybe specialty bars and clubs catering to this.

5. Fridays and Saturday nights. Everyone would take advantage of their time off and go out!

Industries that would flop:

1. Sports. I have absolutely no interest in them. Sports on TV, sports clothing, and merchandise.

Industries that would increase:
1. Electronics stores. They already make a lotta money but people would be in them buying computers and accessories.
2. Restaurants. Particularly, sit down restaurants. People will eat out more and this would increase the number of restaurants there are. As if there aren’t enough.

Industries that would decrease:
1. Grocery stores. Everyone would eat out a lot more so there would be much less need for grocery stores. Wal-Mart supercenter would cease to exist, and regular sized grocery stores would decrease to probably the size of a large convenient store (Such as Flying J or Pilot).

So, these are just things I can think of right off. I’m sure there are more for me in each category. So, I want to know what it would be like if everyone were like you!

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Don’t you just hate the aural abuse of someone smacking on their food in your ear while talking on the phone?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

My family does that to me all the time, & then they get offended when I tell them that they’re being rude. That really hurts my ears.
I specifically mean AURAL abuse-abuse to the ears.

Yes this can be very unpleasant and I’m surprised that your family does not realize how rude this is. I would suggest that if you cannot avoid taking their calls that you try to move the phone away from your ear as much as possible to lessen the discomfort.

I must compliment you on being the one in your family to practice telephone etiquette.

Fast Food Restaurants Are Going Mobile

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

What if you could order a meal from your favorite fast food joint with your cell phone? Then all you would have to do is go pick it up and enjoy it. Well, that is exactly what is on the horizon for cell phone users as fast food restaurants are going mobile with SMS technology.

A company in the UK has come up with a way to utilize the global texting network. Businesses, like fast food restaurants, place the small device, called an SMS printer, in the kitchen. The unit receives messages as a text message and prints it out. The kitchen staff treats it as an order and fills it as they would any order. All the customer has to do is pick it up.

The SMS printer is a standalone device that is not dependent on the Internet and does not require a hard phone line in order to operate. Therefore it is completely and totally portable. It is also small enough to be placed anywhere that is out of the way, yet accessible to the staff. Kitchens in fast food settings can use these types of printers to convey messages to kitchen staff correctly.

The printers use a thermal standard receipt paper sort of like that used by some fax machines. They also use a standard SIM card like all cell phones. This is how the printer picks up the SMS text message and prints it for viewing. The SIM cards can be bought almost anywhere and will can be either a contract or PAYG (pay as you go) type card. This choice is totally yours, in either case.

Here is how this idea works. A customer goes online and places an order. Before the order is completed, it can be edited or changed in any way. Payment is also done online and the order is placed. Your order is now sent through the SMS network to the kitchen. The kitchen sees your order exactly as you entered it, so mistakes with the orders are not a problem.

Since the whole process is done electronically, there are no interactions to worry about, misunderstandings or forgotten details. It all comes through in hard copy print to the kitchen personnel. Customers no longer have to pick up a phone or wait in a line at their favorite fast food or takeaway restaurant.

Customers can even control when the order is placed with the push of a button and with the exception of the order that prints in the kitchen, is entirely paperless. There is no call to make, handwriting to decipher or line to wait in.

Because the orders are placed on the Internet, they may be placed from any computer whether that is a desktop PC, a laptop or a cell phone with Internet capabilities and access. Not only is this a quicker, more precise order process, but adds a new dimension to fast food as we know it now.

So now the Internet has a new use for everyday life. Fast food has gone mobile in one maneuver.

Oliver Lewis

No Need to Stand in Line, Now Food Can be Ordered Online

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

If I ask you how many times have you dropped the idea of enjoying your Favorite Food at your favorite restaurant only because of the long queues to stand in for ordering food? Probably, your answer will be ‘often’. But now you need not stand waiting in those long queues to enjoy food. You can order food from your favorite restaurant while sitting at your home/offices with Online Food Ordering System. Online Food Ordering System facilitates food ordering with a single click of mouse. You can choose your favorite restaurant from the list of subscribed restaurants and can access their online menus to choose your favorite delight. You can start placing your orders within a few minutes after signing up to the chosen restaurant’s website. The system is quite simple to use and you need not to be a computer proficient.

Now you may ask when one can order through phone while sitting at homes/offices (home/office) then what the need of this online food ordering system is. Mostly chances are that phone based orders are missed due to human error while noting down the orders or due to interruptions in the phone lines resulting in a frustration for both restaurant owners and customers. Online food ordering system is totally error free as your order reaches via e-mail right in the mail box and leaves little to no chances of mistakes.

Not a single customer is missed even when the restaurant is closed as it becomes ‘An All Time Open Restaurant’ after subscribing to online food ordering system. Some of the systems also provide a virtual map of the subscribed restaurant and with the help of which can even reserve a seat for you and your family if you are planning to dine in with your family. Moreover, the restaurant locator, which is one of the features of online food ordering system, helps you in locating the restaurant easily.

The transactions you make on the system are guaranteed safe and secure protecting your valuable personal information. With all its features and benefits, online food ordering system proves to be a user friendly and flexible system of placing orders and is being accepted by various restaurants to come closer to their customers.


Shefali Dhamija