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Sony Ericsson XPERIA arc Smartphone

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

restaurant on smartphone Link:

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc
- Slim, lightweight and strong, with perfect ergonomics
- Reality display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine
- Premium materials and amazingly slim – just 8.7 mm
- Powered by Android™

Life just got more brilliant
See the Rio Carnival in vivid colours. The low sun in high contrast. Home videos. Professional stills. Classic car chases. Sharp, crisp and clear on the 4.2″ super wide multi-touch Reality display, driven by Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine™. Show everything off to your friends, even outdoors with less reflection. For hours and hours thanks to low power consumption. It’s time to put the real back into life.

The centre of attraction. You
Pick up the phone. Now strike a pose. Slim, sleek and strong, Xperia™ arc adds a touch of sharp to your smart. Take hands-on handsome. Add premium materials. Stir in some beautiful curvature. Squeeze down to just 8.7 mm. And you’ve got a wafer thin smartphone that fits nicely in your hand. Designed for style icons.

Shoot. Show. Shine
Document your dramas on YouTube™, your stills on Picasa™. Shoot it. Show it. In stunning HD direct on your TV. Fancy the film without the noir? The Exmor R™ sensor captures movies and stills in low light and turns them into shining epics.

Android. Even more in store
Need a co-pilot? Suggestions for dinner? Review the restaurant. Or find the petrol station with Google Places™. Don’t know where it is? Get directions from Google Maps™. Or maybe getting fit is your thing? Xperia™ arc is loaded with apps for Android™. But you can always pop in the store for more. Thousands more actually. From the Android Market™. Whatever you want for whatever makes you smile.


Your window to your world
LiveView™ micro display

Enjoy exceptional on-the-go audio
Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio MW600

Experience full HD
HDMI Cable IM820

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LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video – Keynote 2012

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

food on your phone The iPhone 5 is the best phone to take pictures of your food.

Written, directed and edited by Adam Sacks
Starring Avery Monsen
Shot by Matt Braunsdorf
Food photography by Helen Rosner

Duration : 0:1:53


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Medifast VEDA August 17, 2012 – Tell Me Your Favorite Food

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

favorite food Help me compile my next Medifast food shipment. What foods do you love? What can’t you live without? What do you always run out of first? Tell me in the comments!!

***All content is my own. I own the rights to all elements of this video. This is not a sponsored video***

Check out my Medifast Food Playlist:

Check out VEDA April 2012

Find me on Twitter @FitAndFabBy40

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When was the last time you ate your favorite food?

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Last time for me was Tuesday. I always eat Mexican food, which I love, since I grow up in a Mexican household.

When did you last eat your Favorite Food? What is your favorite food?


last week "Ghorme sabzi". It’s a Persian food and so delicious, I love it :D

How to Send a Ringtone to Your Phone

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

food on your phone Watch more How to Make the Most of Your Cellphone videos:

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Step 1: Download ringtone
Download a free ringtone from the internet or use a snippet of a song or audio file already saved on your computer.

Make sure the song snippet is a small file–usually it’ll need to be less than 1 megabyte.

Step 2: Establish e-mail address
Establish your cellphone’s MMS e-mail address, which is your ten digit phone number, including area code, followed by the MMS extension of your cellphone carrier.

If you’re still unsure of your MMS extension, simply send a picture message from your phone to your e-mail address. The phone’s full e-mail address will display in the header.

Step 3: Compose message
Compose a message from your e-mail account and address it to your cellphone’s MMS e-mail address.

Step 4: Attach ringtone
Browse your computer for the ringtone, which should be located in iTunes or your other audio, sound, or music files. Attach it to the e-mail and send it to your phone.

Step 5: Open text
Open the message once it reaches your phone. Select Options from your phone’s menu and opt to save the file as a ringtone or, if that choice is not available, save as an audio or sound file. You can then save it as a ringtone. Then enjoy the dulcet tones emanating from your cell.

Did You Know?
A survey found that 61 percent of mobile shoppers bought a ringtone or app in 2010.

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Akron Restaurants – Akron Restaurant Guide for Smartphones

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

restaurant on smartphone Akron Restaurants Akron Restaurant Guide formatted for Smartphones. Restaurants in the Akron Ohio area and downtown Akron Restaurants are now available for easy access on your Smartphone. Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Hudson, Stow, Kent, Twinsburg, Macedonia, Northfield.

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Q and A, friends trail (Favorite Food)

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

favorite food 10 phoenix 01

Check out his channel, if you like.

Chicago deep dish pizza:

Eli’s cheesecake:

They both deliver all over the United States.

Duration : 0:2:33


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What would you do in this situation?

Friday, August 17th, 2012

You wake up at a beach that you don’t recognize and you don’t know how you got there. You don’t see any signs of human civilization anywhere around you. You sift through your pockets to find your phone, but your pockets are empty. All you have with you are your clothes. Away from the beach you see a small table resting on dirt. On the table is a big plate of food and a large cup filled nearly to the top. As you walk to the table to get a better look, it turns out to be your Favorite Foods and your favorite drink. You’re very hungry and the food smells fresh, so you take a bite. It tastes wonderful and you keep eating until all the food is gone. You take a sip of the drink and it takes good, so you drink the entire cup. Feeling refreshed but somewhat anxious about not knowing where you are, you decide to venture around to find out where you are. You find nothing but trees and dirt until you get to a beach on the other side. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that you’re surrounded by ocean on a small, desert island. You panic for a few hours, thinking of how you got there, how to contact the outside world, and how to survive on this island. You get back to the beach you started from, and notice that the plate of food and the cup on the table are full again. This time with different foods and a different drink. They are more of your favorite types of foods and drink and they smell fresh, so you clean the table. This goes on for several weeks, and as you become certain that someone is playing tricks on you, you begin to test the table by constantly observing it. You discover that even if you blink for just a split second, the food and drink will refill in that short time. Finally, you notice a person of the opposite sex standing far away on the beach. You call out to them and run towards them, but they don’t move. The person is naked and facing the ocean. They are frozen in place, not even blinking their eyes. You put your hand over their face and discover that the person doesn’t seem to be breathing. You feel for a pulse and don’t find one. The person looks like they’re alive though, so you begin bending their body to see if they’re really alive and to evoke a response from the person. They bend, and when you let go, they remain in the position you left them. Weeks go by and the person never moves on their own and never appears to breathe or have a pulse. The question I have for you is, how much time would have to go by before you consider having sex with the mysterious person?
If the person is a guy, you can make him stiff.

I would have "considered" it as soon as I saw her. I would have stopped considering it when she didn’t respond to anything.

Considering how creepy everything else had been up to then, that probably would turn out to be wisest course of action.

favorite food network cook and why?

Friday, August 17th, 2012

who is your Favorite Food network chef and why?

emeril…..he is so funny:)

why do my parents hate me?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

im 13. i have 2 younger brothers. my dad hates me. for example while i was playing my guitar i played a chord wrong and he called me a f*cking dumb*ss. when my brother makes my younger brother cry my dad pretends to slap him. if i make a tiny mistake he beats the crap out of me. my mom cares too much on my instrument. she always says im bad and doesnt even try to support me. just because i got a b+ on a test i dont get an ipod. my brother on the other hand doesnt do anything and gets like a wii and a ds. it wasnt even his b-day or Christmas. when i finally get an ipod im not allowed to download games on it. i made a few mistakes on my music and im not even allowed to a restaurant we been planning for weeks. i cried when i finished playing airsoft cause it hurts like hell. my mom calls me a baby. my dad curses at me and calls me an idiot. i once didnt understand one of his directions and he punishes me. it wasnt even important. if he asked my brother to do that, he would just tell him to do it next time. they dont even trust me. one time i though of killing myself or running away. i have to do all my stuff before i get to play. my brother get to play when ever he wants to. he only has to do like an hour of work. i have to do 10 hours of work. then i have to clean my room for the rest of the night. my mom yells at me for not finishing my like 200 questions summer homework in one day.i have to read a 100 page book and a 300 page book. no exaggeration.i cry every time i go to bed. im not allowed to text or have a smartphone but my brother can get a phone thats $300 and text. i have a flip phone thats been used before. im not even allowed to ride my bike a BLOCK away from my neighborhood.i have to walk to school while my brother takes the bus to the same school.

thats very disappointing to hear, sometimes people can be mean and you should talk to a teacher, child service about it. i have been disappointed at people before but this is very sad to hear and nobody should be treated this way. usually what i do when im angry is ride my se road bike that i got from or play basketball just to allow myself to forget about what is really going on. its can be a good thing sometimes