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ZAP – Smart Phone Thief gets a Shock!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

restaurant on smartphone Shock treatment is one way to prevent unauthorized use. Cisco SecureX is another. Cisco SecureX protects your organization no matter where, when or how people use your network.
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Kicking Jesse Out (Sept 19th 2012)

Monday, September 24th, 2012

food on your phone Skit Channel :
Gaming Channel :

Stalk Me!

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30 Day Art Challenge – Day 3: Favorite Food

Monday, September 24th, 2012

favorite food potat3o Day Art Challenge – Day 3: Favorite Food

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Eat24 iPhone App Puts Online Food Ordering and Delivery In Your Pants

Friday, September 21st, 2012

food on your phone Eat24 in your pants, via your phone. Download the Eat24 App now and order delivery or takeout from wherever you are. You can order, re-order, save favorites, check order status and more. All from your iPhone. Tap. Relax. Enjoy.


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If you were a digital zombie, the text below would be the brains of the description and they would be tasty!

app new zombies pants Eat24 delivery foodporn online takeout san francisco new york miami los angeles restaurant togo Eat24hours


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Your Restaurant Mobile Marketing Experts In Naperville, IL 60540 | 60565 | 60564 |(630) 277-9239

Friday, September 21st, 2012

restaurant on smartphone Are You In Their Pocket? Can They Find You There? Use Mobile Marketing Strategies and Solutions To Explode Your Restaurant and Get More Customers in the Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Woodridge, Naperville, Plainfield and Joliet, Illinois (IL) Market Areas.

In the past several months the demand for mobile websites for restaurants has grown quite substantially. The reason is that more of your current customers and potential new customers are using their smartphone’s for almost everything, from finding the best price per gallon on gas to checking the hours on their hairdresser or the golf course. Not to mention when the hubby treats his precious wife out to a nice dinner after a long week and then the great morning after breakfast at a nice casual restaurant.

The time has come to make sure your restaurant website is mobile friendly. You need to make it more convenient for these people to find the information about your business they are looking for now, or they will navigate to the restaurant down the street. I know you don’t want that.

Around 40% of all people who own a mobile smartphone today will use it to go online and around half of these will actually be spending time online at least once each day. Take a look at your customers when they come into your business, they have their wallet or purse, their keys “and their mobile smartphone”.

The mobile smartphone is virtually a portable, personal and convenient library with all the information of the world at their fingertips. Now think about when they want to find something, your business, locally, what do they do? That’s right, they pull out their mobile smartphone and start searching. Remember that, they search. We are a world of “searchers” and “seekers” of knowledge and information to make our lives more enjoyable and convenient. If they don’t find your restaurant…I know, I sound like a broken record and I’m sorry. I only hope you are open to looking into using mobile marketing solutions for your restaurant before your competitor down the street, around the corner or at the other end of the parking lot does and takes your customers sometimes and hopefully not all of the time.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to get your mobile website up and running. They are designed a little different from the way a traditional website is designed because of the screen size and resolutions that need to be worked with.

A mobile website is very important for your restaurant. It allows for that “seemless” integration between you and the “seeker”, your customer, utilizing the medium “the internet” to connect them to your business as quick and easy as possible. Would you consider opening your business but leaving the doors locked? Of course not. But that’s what you’re doing when your business can’t be found on thier mobile smartphones.

We want your restaurant to have the best possible ways for your future customers and current customers to connect and find your business. We will create it for free and all you have to do is pay for the small monthly or yearly hosting costs. Call or email us today to claim your free mobile site. I apologize in advance but this is a limited time and limited free offer and limited to only one (1) restaurant per city, village or municipality or restaurants not within a five (5) mile radius of another free offer restaurant. However, restaurants within five miles of a free redeemed offer may purchase their own customized and optimize mobile website and all you need to do is call and schedule a free mobile analysis appointment today. (630) 277-9239

Fact: Access to the internet on mobile devices will exceed computers sometime this year, 2011

Fact: People still respond to video whether on web, Iphone, Ipad, Android or any smartphone

Fact: QR codes, Text Message (SMS) and viral mobile marketing are in their infancy, and this is the ground floor (huge engagement marketing opportunity)

Most people are constantly on the move and have become more reliant on using search engines such as Google, (that’s why your website ranking is still very important), to carry out numerous tasks including finding the phone number of a certain restaurant or to locate a retail store near you and then using the built in GPS locator to take them where they want to go.

When it comes to creating a mobile website for your business there are a number of different ways that this can be carried out. Please consult a professional mobile marketer to discuss how to use mobile for your business today.

Allied Business Connections can provide complete mobile marketing solutions for your restaurant. Mobile sites, Mobile text messages, Mobile QR codes, Mobile Coupons, Contests, Social Media Integration, Engagement, Viral strategies and more. Call Us Today (630) 277-9239 Your Bottom Line Will Thank You.

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Favorite Food (Original)

Friday, September 21st, 2012

favorite food Food songs are cool, so I made one.

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CNN – Smartphone Smart Choice for travel

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

restaurant on smartphone Google Maps: With the My Location feature, the maps know where you are so there’s no need to mess around entering your whereabouts. Scan the satellite views of your location, search for local businesses and attractions, and click to call to get someone from that business on the phone. And, driving directions and alternate routes in the event of traffic tie-ups usually get you from here to there. Turn by turn navigation in the Android app keeps you on track.

Hotel and Car Negotiator App: Priceline’s iPhone app enables you to select the neighborhood and star level you seek and bid for a hotel room, naming your own price. Airport rental cars, including exclusive iPhone-app-only discounts, are in the mix, as well. Priceline’s Android app doesn’t yet offer cars, but will over the long haul.

Hotel Tonight: This newbie iPhone app streamlines the steps necessary to search and book a hotel room down to a minimum. The app assumes the mobile phone owner is making the booking and because you can only book a room for that night — and for one night only — this app is a quickie (meaning you can book a room fast). The downside for now is that the app currently features hotel rooms in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City only.

Kayak: Not for boaters necessarily, but the app from the travel metasearch company enables users to search and book flights, hotels and cars; track flights; create trip itineraries and even view those annoying baggage fees. And, if you need to call your carrier, the phone numbers are handy to do that, too.

OntheFly: This app comes from ITA Software, the airfare gurus which Google is trying to buy for a cool $700 million. The app facilitates a comprehensive look at flight choices, including alternate cities and airports, where the fare may be cheaper. OntheFly works with the iPhone, iPod touch and on Android phones. A Blackberry app is on the agenda in 2011.

OpenTable: Hungry? The OpenTable app enables you to find nearby restaurants, search for dining spots by name and view whether they have any tables available. And, oh yeah, you can reserve a seating and earn dining points, too.

TripAdvisor: If you are looking for travelers’ opinions about hotels, attractions and restaurants — or you want to chime in with your own — you’ve come to the right app. Despite all the controversy about fake reviews, TripAdvisor is still pretty reliable as it takes into account the wisdom of the masses. The app also provides driving and walking directions, and advice on how to get from point A to point B on public transportation. The app is available for iPhone, Android and Nokia phones, and not for the Blackberry at this juncture.

TripIt: If you booked your flight, hotel, car or restaurant reservation from disparate sources, the TripIt app enables you to keep it all organized in one itinerary with all of the information at hand. You can also share your plans with business colleagues, family and friends to make your travels more social.

Word Lens: This iPhone and iPod touch app from Quest Visual makes linguistic sense. You can point your built-in camera at a sign in Spanish, and the app will instantly translate it into English. English to Spanish works, too. It makes you feel real smart, too.

Yelp: If you want to get the local take on restaurants, bars, attractions and places to shop, the Yelp app has tons of reviews. You can narrow the search by restaurant type, the distance from your location and price etc. There are plenty of maps and there even is augmented reality for some businesses, where you can point your phone at a business and view lots of information about it. You can add tips of your own, too, for the heretofore misguided.

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McDonalds – Poo in my Burger – Trolling all over the phone

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

food on your phone This woman just get’s madder and madder, she’s the fire that burns deep with in us all, she’s a raging beast from deep within. Watch as I question the 2 ladies at McDonalds about a poo I found inside my “whopper” burger.

They don’t think it ever happened but they wern’t there, they didn’t feel my pain, they never heard the tortued screams of anguish as I discovered that log inside my meal. They can’t take it back but they can console me over the phone, too bad they have no desire to do so. All they want is for me to suffer more, until I tell them I’m suing that is.

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Favorite Food Obsessions & Cravings!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

favorite food completely non-beauty related….i was in the food mood.

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Would you use this at a fast-food restaurant?

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Hi, I am doing a project for my Innovations & Research class in university. I have noticed that lineups at fast-food restaurants and coffee shops get very busy during lunch hour. Hence, I have come up with a solution that lets people pay using their smartphone while they wait in queue. This way, after they make the payment, they can go straight to the food pick-up counter and pick up their order. My project basically turns a 1-minute process into a 3-minute "express" process.

How this would work: The restaurant will have a wireless internet connection. People can connect their smartphones to the wireless internet and be shown a MENU page. They select what they want from the menu, log in to their account and pay for it, and the order gets sent directly to the kitchen. They can then get out of the line, walk to the food pick-up counter and pick up their order. That’s it. It also works for people who have cell phone data plans. It works with any cell phone that has a web browser (which is most cell phones).

Another plus is that people can order the food while walking or driving to the restaurant, and just go to the pick-up counter and pick up their food. We also plan on having touch-screen payment terminals for people who don’t have smartphones.

So I just wanted to know your ideas and thoughts on this. Is this a system you would use?

The whole process you described sounds unnecessarily cumbersome. You have taken something that is very efficient in its current form and have included an extra step to make it somewhat more complex than it should be. More importantly you have not addressed the problem of what causes a very busy lunch hour- it is not the form of payment that is currently used… the cause is that the kitchen in the back has to prepare a much greater amount of food which takes up a certain amount of time regardless if smartphones are used or not.