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How to lost weight fast, but healthy?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I’m 13 years old, overweight and aware of it.. I’d like to lose 60-70 pounds by June.. If it’s January now, is that possible? If so.. I need help with a meal plan (breakfast,lunch,dinner, snacks) & exercise routines. Thanks!
Also, I’m 5’8! Thank you to everyone who will answer

Go on or and open an account, both are free. My wife likes fitness pal, I like fat secret, they are available as smartphone apps also. These programs contain huge databases of nutritional information on regular food and restaurant food.
Ok, start tracking what you eat, EVERYTHING!! I don’t know how large you are; I was 6 foot, 218 lb. My targets per day were 150 to 200 carbs, 20 to 25 grams of fiber, and 1500 to 2000 calories a day. I kept fat to 1/3 or less of my caloric intake.
Start reading food labels, and try to split your intake out evenly, so I do 40 to 50 carbs per meal, and spread the remaining carb allowance throughout the day. I enter everything into my phone.
Eat complex foods, which means close to the source. For example, an apple is best, apple cider not as good, and apple drink the worst. The less processing the better. I use coconut sugar in my coffee because I hate fake sugar and it’s a more complex carb than white sugar. Eat foods that are "slow", like carrots, celery, etc.
If you have a super Walmart near, get some Josephs low carb pita. They have 6 carbs each, as opposed to regular pita, which is closer to 20.
Eat homemade tuna salad, turkey, chicken, that sort of thing.
I’ve been doing all this to control diabetes without drugs and it’s been wring. I’ve lost 30 lbs and kept it off. It takes a lot of work, and it will be easier if you start preparing your own food. Actually, fi you can get everyone in your family to start easting this way, they will all benefit. It takes somewhat of a lifestyle change, but you can eat a lot of good food.
This type of diet will lower cholesterol, increase efficient pancreatic function, decrease weight, boost good cholesterol, and it isn’t that hard.
It just takes twice as long to shop since you have to read labels.

What all can you bring on a plane?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I am going on a plane soon, and I was just wondering what can you and can not bring on a plane. I was wondering about stuff like perfume, hairspray, lotion, shampoo & conditioner and soap, drinks, food, phones, ipods, laptops, and etc. Thanks! Add anything else you want.

You may only bring up to 3oz of any liquid or cream from your home through the secure area and onto a plane. Invest in a set of those little empty travel bottles that are 3oz or less and fill them from your full size bottles, or buy some travel sized hairsprays, etc. for items you can’t pour out. All the bottles of liquid have to be able to fit in a sandwich-sized ziploc baggie. Where possible, try to use non-liquid forms of toiletries so you can just leave them in your bag and not have to put them in the baggie – tooth powder instead of toothpaste, solid perfume, powder foundation instead of liquid for example.

You can bring food with you through the x-ray onto the plane to eat. If you are bringing food to your destination as a gift or for consumption, and you are flying out of the country, you need to do research on what kinds of food cannot be brought into the country. You can’t bring a bottle of a beverage over 3oz onto the plane from home, but you can bring a beverage you buy at the airport after you go through security onto the plane. If you just want water and you don’t want to pay airport prices for bottled water, bring an empty water bottle and fill it at one of the terminal water fountains before departure. If you have airport lounge access, you can stock up on a couple of free waters or sodas there.

You can bring ipods and ipads but keep an eye on the xray machine at all times if you are walking through the body xray or metal detector at the same time your items are on the conveyor belt. Both TSA agents and other travelers have been known to take Apple items in particular. An ipod or tablet is supposed to be able to remain in your bag. A laptop must be taken out and put in the plastic tray on the conveyor belt. Airports vary in telling you whether a netbook is a laptop, but I put both into the tray to avoid any arguments. You cannot bring a large extra battery for an electronic device like a laptop onto a plane any more for fire reasons – only the one in the laptop is allowed. You must use your devices with earphones on the plane if you don’t mute the sound.

The TSA has a list of things that will be taken away from you at the secure area if found in your carry-on luggage. It can change so always give it a look close to departure day. Link below.

Diet Tracker Food Scanner Windows Phone 7/8 app for Weight Watchers – Tutorial Part 2 Settings

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

food on your phone Video Tutorial for Diet Tracker Food Scanner windows phone 7 and 8 app Settings Part.
The Diet Tracker Food Scanner will help you keep track of your diet and also enable you to read nutrition facts by just scanning the barcode. It is a multiuser application so it can be used by multiple people on the same device. So the whole family can keep track of their diets.
This app will calculate points based on the nutritional content. The calculated points should be the same as Weight Watchers PointsPlus points. So if you have a Weight Watchers account you could use this program to keep track of your points offline but you also have ability to access Weight Watcher’s from the application by using WW button. This program will keep track of the nutrition value in the food you are eating and the calories as well.

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01.17.2013 ICNSF News – China has Become the World’s Largest Smartphone Producer

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

restaurant on smartphone The Mavericks Invitational to be Hosted in Half Moon Bay

China has Become the World’s Largest Smartphone Producer

San Francisco Supervisors in Talks to Change Name of Airport

China has Increased its Holdings of US Treasury Securities

Health Ratings of San Francisco Restaurants to be Posted on Yelp

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!!Science Experiment!! (Your Dogs Favorite Food)

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

favorite food !!Science Experiment!! (Your Dogs Favorite Food)

Crazy Chris shows us how to find out what our dogs favoriate food using an expirment!

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!!Science Experiment!! (Your Dogs Favorite Food)

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How can i convince my parents to let me buy MYSELF an iPhone?

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

I am 18, i work 2 jobs, and i have my own car that I bought myself. My parents refuse to pay for any of the car so i have to do it all myself. Right now, i am still in the process of repaying my parents for the car. I still owe them about $400 for the car and then i have paid them back everything for the car. I also pay for the registration and the insurance as well. Since I have already paid off the insurance and registration for the year and have little left to go on the car itself, i want to use my own money to buy a smartphone and pay for the data plan each month. I have asked my parents about a smartphone and i offered to pay for it each month, and he said "you don’t even pay for your car insurance yet and you still have the car to pay off". i said ok and the conversation kinda ended there. But now, 2 years later, i have paid for all the insurance costs, other car costs, and soon to be the car itself, how could i ask them to allow me to use my money to buy a smartphone? Also, i have a sister that is a sophomore in hs and she doesn’t have a job and its constantly asking for an iPhone and my dad is saying no to her too because of the data plan. my point for bringing up my sister is because she will likely get pissed if i have a iPhone and she doesn’t because she keeps score of everything that i get that she doesn’t. So how could i explain to my parents that she needs to understand that i am paying for it myself and that she will get my old iPod (with the cameras) if i get a new phone. So bottom line is, given that my sister will be jealous, how can i convince them to let me buy a smartphone?

Also, i put a portion of each paycheck in a savings account, a portion to be spent at the movies, restaurants, mall, etc.. and then the last third goes toward the car.

**I plan to pay off the car first before asking about the iPhone
but what could i say to them to deal with my pain in the ass sister???

The fact that you have an Ipod and your folks loaned you the money for the car, shows that things are not going too bad. What would your folks want you to do with your money? Save for college?

If you have not discussed this for 2 years, then I guess the time to bring it up again is when you do have the car fully paid for.

Assuming that you are not a total jerk about this to your sister ("na-na, na-na Look what I have and you don’t") There should be no problem. And if she is upset, maybe she will learn to get a job

Do liberals understand the cycle of poverty and how it works?

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Being poor should be a miserable existence. Otherwise where is the incentive to better yourself and get out of poverty? If you guarantee everyone a nice house, a nice car, clothes, food, cell phones, internet service, etc. then you remove the incentives. If people are not made to suffer the consequences of their bad decisions then how will they ever learn to make good decisions?

Why learn when someone will do it for them? Liberals are truly diseased wackos.

NCR Powers Mobile Payments at Restaurants

Monday, January 28th, 2013

restaurant on smartphone NCR’s Mike Finley demonstrates how customers can pay their bills, order menu items, alert waiters, provide feedback and more on a smartphone.

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Super Bowl Food Favorite’s: Michael Symon Tackles Super Bowl Recipes

Monday, January 28th, 2013

favorite food “The Chew” chef shows “GMA” anchors how to win big with Super Bowl dishes.

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Doomsday Preparations – Emergency Food Storage List For Doomsday Preppers

Monday, January 28th, 2013

food on your phone Doomsday Preparations Knowing the proper way to collect and store food is essential if you are trying to prepare your family for a natural disaster, food crisis, or economic collapse. Visit the link above for an emergency food storage list of important items that should not be neglected.

Below are a few items for a very basic emergency food storage checklist. Adding nutrients and vitamins to your diet is essential to maintain bodily functions and overall health. Canned goods are great for adding variety to an disaster diet. Your focus should be vitamins and proteins. Remember to stock food that your family likes. My family uses a lot of beans in our meals so we keep a lot of canned beans in our doomsday preparations food supply. Another secret is to stock up on sprouting seeds for more essential vitamins and nutrients to your emergency food supply. Although these sprouts are small in size, they are packed with with essential vitamins.

Here are some examples of doomsday preparations:

1. Food- Everyone needs to eat! Humans can’t last more than a few weeks without food. And it will start to be agonizing after the first few days of not eating. It is essential to have a good reserve of properly stored food supplies. Without proper nutrition you will not have the energy needed to perform tasks that are important to you and your family’s survival. Do you know which items should be included in your emergency food storage list? They should have a very long shelf life and require as little storage room as possible.

Some of the food items for doomsday preparations include white or wheat flour, corn meal, oats, white rice, pasta, beans, mixed beans, sugar, salt, cooking oil, peanut butter, milk, etc. For a complete list and detailed instructions on how to properly store these emergency foods click on the link below. Many doomsday preppers also store powdered drink mixes, tea bags, and coffee to add variety for drinking enjoyment.

2. Water- All doomsday preparations should begin with this emergency essential. A human can’t survive more than a few days without water. Fresh sources of water will be difficult to locate during a crisis or disaster. You need to have enough water stored properly until you can find an uncontaminated natural source. Do you know how the proper long term water storage rules? How many gallons of water should be stored per person? To get the answer to these questions and more check out this emergency food storage list at the link below.

3. Materials for starting a fire- Starting a fire will be the only way to cook without electricity and/or gas. Your emergency food storage list should include matches and other fire starting materials. Some other important emergency supplies you should gather for doomsday preparations are shelter materials, guns and ammunition, machete, shelter materials, thermal blanket, compass, medical supplies, saw and an ax.

For more information on emergency food storage list and doomsday preparations you can visit:

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