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Can somebody help me to correct my essay.?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Differences between countries become less evident each year. Nowadays, all over the world people share the same fashions, advertising, brands, eating habits and TV channels.
Do the disadvantages of this trend outweigh the advantages?

It is true that globalization has changed the way of life of people around the globe. As a result, many aspects of culture are becoming increasingly similar. Although some might think it has benefits. I would agree that there are more drawbacks.

One the one hand, there are positive effects of globalization in people’s life, in terms of fashion, brands, eating habits, and other areas of culture. For instance, China and India have now access to the latest technology and gadgets that once only available to wealthy nations such as smartphones and the internet. In addition, third world countries are not being left behind when it comes to the newest trend in fashion. Also, it provides job opportunities in developing nations. Therefore, it helps decrease the unemployment rate. Furthermore, people will learn about a country’s culture by introducing fast food outlets and restaurants without visiting other countries. How the food is prepared and the style of service.

On the other hand, I believe that the disadvantages of cultural globalization are even more visible. For example, the jobs from developed countries are shifted or outsourced to cheaper locations like India. Consequently, there is a reduction of wages due to competition. Another thing, fast food outlets like Mcdonalds and KFC are spreading around the developing world. People are consuming more junk food from these joints which has an adverse impact on health. Likewise, the bad effects of foreign cultures are affecting local cultures through T.V. and the internet. Moreover, this
this globalization has led to an increase in human trafficking by the use of the internet,

In conclusion, it seems to me that the drawbacks of globalization in terms of cultural habits such as the internet wireless connection and the food we eat, do outweigh the benefits.

The differences between nations, around the world, have become less apparent in recent years. Today, people from opposite ends of the globe can share fashions, advertising, brands, eating habits and TV channels. Will the disadvantages of this trend outweigh the advantages?

Globalization has truly changed the entire human society’s way of life. As a result, the borders between one culture and the next are becoming increasingly less defined. While some may take solace in globalization’s supposed benefits, I am compelled to point out its, far more plentiful, drawbacks.

On one hand, there are the positive effects of globalization; fashion, brands, and eating habits. For instance, China and India currently have access to technology and gadgets once unavailable to their less prosperous nations. Smart phones, computers, and the internet are just a few of the many advancements that are finally being made available to developing countries. Also, despite the ongoing race in technology, third world countries have not fallen behind on the latest fashion trends. This upward trek not only decreases unemployment, it subsequently raises the standard of living as well. Furthermore, the introduction of foreign fast food outlets and restaurants can infuse cuisines from around the world onto one nation’s palate. Tastes, presentations, and styles of services, from across the pond and beyond, will meld together in the melting pot called globalization.

***BTW, I actually am PRO globalization. So, forgive me for not correcting the rest. Honestly, it isn’t that bad. Good luck!

Why do boat people get 5 star treatment from government when they wash up on Australia’s coast?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Free food, free phones, free accommodation in 5 star hotels, free money, free laptops/computers, free clothing, free education the list goes on while the Australian people who have been stripped of everything they have built over the years have nothing and are sleeping in cars, tents with families who have kids, it’s really sad and wrong. Australia should fix up and care for the legal people of Australia first, rather than caring for the illegals first.

Same thing in America. Liberalism is a mental disorder

My Ideal Weight – Restaurant

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

restaurant on smartphone The app that will help you reach your ideal weight. You will be eable to set up a fully tailor-made plan to lose, or gain, weight. Whenever and wherever you are, get support from your virtual coach! My Ideal Weight will be there to guide you on the journey to achieving your objective.

Prosperikit, your pocket size personal coach.

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Japanese ELECTRONICS! Refrigerators and cell-phones!! Jloggy 14!

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

food on your phone Here are some Japanese electronics for your viewing pleasure!
I want a Japanese cell-phone… I like the sound they make when you open/close them…

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What’s Your Favorite Food In New York?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

favorite food “My Favorite Food is my own cooking!” explains Corcoran’s Tim Cass ( on how he likes to enjoy food in Manhattan. “In fact, I’ve always wanted to write a cookbook called ‘It’s better with butter and bacon’” Hear where Tim shops for local ingredients in and around the city, and what his favorite thing to prepare is.

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Do cell phones that have internet get online differently then mp3 players that have internet?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Reason I’m asking is my mp3 player has wifi but requires a password to get on at someplaces but my friends that have internet on there phones seem to be online where as for me it requires a password to get on some places

Well certain phones like smartphones (droid, blackberry, windows mobile etc) have two ways to connect to the internet. They have 3G data internet which means their phone can always get internet through the cell phone company anywhere. Also the cell phone has built in Wi-Fi which can connect to public hotspots (such as starbucks, mcdonalds, hotels, restaurants etc). Using Wi-Fi you would have unlimited internet usage and not worry about using your 3G data internet plan.

Compared with just a mp3 player, some only are able to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. You would have to be in a Wi-Fi location to get internet otherwise you won’t get internet on your device.

Yes some Wi-Fi places have their wireless internet require a password to log on. The majority of homes that have Wi-Fi in their house requires a password so that others don’t steal and use thei internet signal usage. All corporate businesses have their Wi-Fi encrypted with a strong password.

I only have 2 years food service experince, but I want out! What kind of job can I get with no experience?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

I am a 20 year old female in DFW (TX)! Is there anything open that is entry-level to a fast learning, educated, and punctual young woman? The only thing I can find is more food service or phone sales! I would love to work retail, they always say I don’t have any experience. I would even work a warehouse job, but the always brush me off! I need help!

Don’t get discouraged, just keep right on applying. Fill out as many applications as you can and it will pay off eventually. Somebody is bound to give you a chance. The only way to get new experience is to actually get the job, but one of the keys is how you present yourself and having an attractive resume, then sell yourself on the interview once you get your foot in the door. Employers know this, but maybe you can focus on your skills that you learned while in food service such as your excellent customer service skills and your ability to use a cash register or adding machine, etc. The best time to apply for retail jobs is just before the summer and around the holidays. For warehouse jobs, you should try going to some employment agencies. Spherion is a really good one. I live in the DFW area as well, send me an email( and I can give you a list of places that I tried when I first moved here two years ago.

Grand Rapids Restaurants Bars Events Entertainment Hotels Bands Breweries Food Drink Specials

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

food on your phone Like Freebies? Restaurants? Fun? Become a FAN!

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(not another california based site)

Covering Ada, Allendale, Byron Center, Caledonia, Comstock Park, East Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Hudsonville, Jenison, Kentwood, Lowell, Rockford, Walker, Wyoming

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LIVE Bizarre Foods Challenge w/ Olga Kay, Exotic Jess and Adorian Deck!!

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

favorite food WE MADE THEM EAT THINGS LIVE! Adorian Deck vs. Jess Lizama vs. Olga Kay go head-to-head! Subscribe for more challenges:

Want to take the challenge yourself? Prove to the worldwide web that you have what it takes to eat the weirdest foods and be featured in the Why Would You Eat That? Challenge show. Submit a response video and you might just make the next installment!

GOOGLE HANGOUT! We mailed Adorian, Olga, and Jess some key foods from Why Would You Eat That? Then we got them on a Hangout and made them go through a series of mind and body challenges in order to avoid eating what was in the envelopes!

Want to know more about what they had to eat?
Watch the full episodes for some of the foods here:

Thanks to our lovely guests today. Make sure to check out their awesome channels:

Every Friday on the Why Would You Eat That? Challenge Michael Truly and Ron Babcock take some of your Favorite Foods from the show and feed them to some of your favorite Youtubers, but that’s not all! The office has already proved that these foods can be eaten, so the guests not only have to eat the food, they have to meet the challenge! Don’t forget to subscribe to Tasted for a new episode of the Why Would You Eat That?
Challenge each week:

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If you were to specialize in just one of the e learnin development tools, which one would it be?

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

If you were to specialize in just one of the elearning development tools, which one would it be? What is the most commonly used tool in the market today?

Well considering there’s a shift towards smartphones and tablets along with a huge aging population who are successful and have money but have no idea how to use these gadgets, you may want to tap into the aging market first and merge in these eLearning development technologies.

iPads are set to go mainstream in stores, restaurants, hotels, and so forth. Why? Because they render instant validation, and can beam customized content to its user.

They also will eventually transform in to our "Digital Wallets/Purses" given the Near Field Communications (NFC) takes mainstream society. Pay Pal president predicted the physical wallet so to speak will die by the end of 2015 due to smartphones and tablets.

The baby boomer generation have established businesses, and want to use all the business benefits of technology (advertising, communication, efficiency) — along with social media and other applications embedded into the tablet.

Learn iT! Anytime, a company who teaches eLearning to Silicon Valley, have eLearning Development tools for every vertical; including, MS Word, Adobe Photoshop etc.

I believe their website is

I think they are the first ones who I have encountered who offer new courses for iPad, WordPress and all the other emerging trends in the digital office world.

Hopefully this helps!