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Why do China bus drivers work in Singapore even they were like lesser people?

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

By Jeanette Tan | Yahoo! Newsroom,
In a recent hour-long phone interview with Yahoo! Singapore, former SMRT bus driver He Jun Ling opens up to Yahoo Newsroom to share why and how more than 170 bus drivers ended up going on a two-day strike against their employer on the morning of 26 November 2012. You can read Part One here. In this second part of the series, he shares his views on xenophobia and integration of foreign workers in Singapore.

The 33-year-old had more emotional words for his wife, though, remembering that while he was gone, she had to be breadwinner, mother and father to their daughter all at the same time. “I told her it must have been tough on her — she suffered quite a lot,” he said.

Why work in Singapore?

Back in 2011, as He mulled the decision to spend 2 years working abroad, away from his wife, daughter, parents, other relatives and friends, he said he had only heard good things about Singapore.

“We had two modes of thinking about why we were inclined to go to Singapore to work: in terms of remuneration, we knew that we would earn more in Singapore,” he explained.

“The other is the language barrier (in Singapore) wouldn’t be as great as it would be elsewhere — after all, 70 per cent of the local population is Chinese, and our English is very poor, so we thought we would be able to integrate here faster. We all thought Singapore was a very good country; a really, really good one.”

On the first point, He saw it was true enough. He was able to send the bulk of his salary — amounting to more thanS $1,000 a month — back to his family, living off a remainder of about $400 for food, phone bills and his share of the broadband bill in the dormitory he shared with other drivers.

On days when he worked the morning shift, He was able to chat with his wife and daughter on QQ, a popular messaging platform used in China, and on other days, they spoke over the phone. These conversations, said He, were what kept him going despite his daily experiences and encounters with Singaporeans at work.

‘It’s like we were lesser people’

On the second point, He found he was considerably off the mark.

“From what I’ve seen, experienced and heard personally, Singaporeans don’t view people from the mainland in a very positive light,” he said. “Some of them look down on us… there is a breakdown in communication between Singaporeans and Chinese people.”

He related incidents where he and several of his ex-colleagues faced harsh criticism on their driving from elderly passengers, some of whom told them to return to China if they couldn’t drive properly.

“These incidents gave us the impression that some Singaporeans really didn’t welcome us,” said He.

He feels that Singaporeans have little idea of the struggles faced by foreign workers, noting that many Bangladeshi workers go without food because they earn too little.

“After my time there I ended up feeling that the way Singaporeans looked at and treated us made us feel quite uncomfortable,” he said. “It’s like we were lesser people than them… as if we were second-class citizens.

“Whether you’re from China, Bangladesh or India, Singaporeans treat foreign workers very passively,” he continued. “They feel that problems experienced by foreign workers should be handled by their employers only and are less helpful when it comes to problems we face… this is something I feel isn’t too good.”

“A lot of online comments accuse Chinese nationals of stealing Singaporean rice bowls, and that our coming here aggravates the stress some locals face in searching for jobs here, so from that perspective I do understand where the angst comes from,” he said.

“But the government knows it needs to rely on foreign workers — there are a lot of jobs Singaporeans won’t do, and we are here with the backing of the government to do these jobs. And when you bring in so many foreign workers, of course there will be problems or issues, so you need to think of contingencies to accommodate them and to ensure that (social integrity is maintained),” he noted.

He was also forgiving of the negative comments made online against him and the other 170 bus drivers who went on strike last November.

“I also can understand where they’re coming from,” he said. “After all, Singapore is their country, and they would definitely be unhappy when foreign workers create unrest. But they might not have understood the background and the issues leading up to our action… so I really can understand their reaction, where it was negative.”

When asked, two of He’s three companions, who served six weeks in jail with him and travelled home a week earlier, shared similar sentiments on the issue.

"Singaporeans are like frogs in a well," wrote Liu Xiang Ying in an email interview with Yahoo! Singapore.

"They didn’t treat me with a friendly attitude, and I was often looked down upon. (In responding to the strike) Those who were more fluent
in Chinese were slightly better, while those who spoke English tended only to look at the end-result (the strike) and not the process."

Liu, who worked in Singapore for more than 4 years, said he would not have come to the Republic had he known about the "severe lack of freedom" and workers’ rights. "However, I don’t regret coming to Singapore to work, because I observed and learned a lot there," he continued. "I can only say (in reference to his participation in the strike) that when they discover the truth, they will understand why I had to do this… it’s a matter of fighting for our rights and dignity."

Added Wang Xianjie, "Any foreign worker with courage and a sense of uprightness would confront such unfair and unreasonable treatment."

However, He said it was not all bad and there were many Singaporeans who came forward to help him and his three compatriots. Assistance ranged from bailing them out to finding them tempora
temporary housing in Kallang for the three months their case wore on in court. “I do think the environment there is very good. Even after everything that happened and my return home, I still think (Singapore’s) infrastructure and transport is very good. The roads are orderly, living standards for locals are high, landscaping is beautiful and the streets are generally safe. I still think it is so.”
@ Dog Lover, What you referred to as Chink must be your Mainland friends recently come over from China who speak no English and no proper manners and behaviors of a free world, the people I associate never call people Chink though. May be there’s a problem with your commie gang. The Chinese ethnicity I come across there are either professionals, eg doctors, lawyers, professors or successful businessmen.
@ Thanks to WNL’s interesting answer and links.

In short, living in a corrupted place as China, one has no social protection/security nor peace of mind but full of unexpected dangers and risks. Which liar(s) still claiming 1-party dictatorship is good??
@ coolwid forgets to tell also her mother is doing business in China through CCP’s connection, silly rant. She’s wasting US’ taxpayers money to promote an inhuman and mass murderer regime. If she could give facts to substantiate China is not practicing inhuman and mass murdering towards Chinese People, she would not be named silly idiotic kid.

They prefer to work at driving busses in Singapore, where being treated as a lower-class citizen is completely understandable (since they are NOT citizens of Singapore; they are VISITORS, and taking jobs from the local people), because it’s safer operating a Singaporean bus in Singapore’s streets than operating one in the nuthouse known as The People’s Republic of China.
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Can I Get A Bite Of Your Food?

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

food on your phone Week 14: This one’s okay. I don’t love it. I do appreciate everyone being so generous with their food. There was a perfect reaction we had but the camera didn’t get the audio, these two older ladies at the school, “do you need money for food?”, which was funny but with out the audio wouldn’t have been worth putting in the video. Enjoy. – Andrew

Part 2 Can I Get A Bite in Florence, Italy:

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“I found freedom. Losing All Hope Was Freedom.” – Fight Club

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2013-04-16 14.01 [SqueezeMobi] Mobile Monkey Pre-Launch Mobile Training

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

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Food Fixes for Your Favorite Everyday Meals

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

favorite food Simple solutions for improving your favorite meals, from breakfast to dinner.

Tasted gives you a smart, fresh take on the culinary world, its chefs, its trends and its traditions. Find delicious and easy recipes, helpful cooking tips from professional chefs, fun food trivia, and much more.

Each day on Tasted, we bring you luscious, drool-worthy dishes from across the world as well as the culinary treasures you might be too afraid to try. Once tasted, twice satisfied.

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Online Food Ordering: the Internet Advantage

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Since the advent of Internet things have changed so far. From Clothes to electronic gadgets, from books to toys, every thing can be purchased online. Now even food can be ordered online while sitting at homes/offices with the convenience, only provided by the Internet. Online food ordering system is an advantage offered by the Internet to the restaurant industry. The system provides convenience to both restaurateurs and their customers.

Online food ordering is being accepted by restaurateurs all over the world, to cater to their customer’s needs. Restaurateurs are subscribing to the system to create a brand image of their restaurants in customer’s mind. The system is replacing phone/brochure based ordering at a faster speed, letting the customers experience a ‘no frustration zone’. By just accessing the online uploaded menus, customers can get details of food they want to order from any of the subscribed restaurants.

Various incredible features are the reasons behind the popularity of online food ordering systems. By going through these features, you will come to know why food industry is joining this bandwagon at a larger scale.

  • An All Time Open Restaurant – Facilitating the customers to visit the restaurant even during the odd hours, i.e. when the restaurant is closed.
  • Ability To Remember Last Orders- Enabling the restaurateurs to easily identify the frequent customers and their preferred orders.
  • No Error Prone Ordering- As a little is left to be done manually; there is no chance of error in ordering.
  • Various Payment Gateways – Payment can be done via various payment gateways like Pay Pal, Pay upon Delivery etc.
  • Risk Free Transactions- Encryption provided to the communication between the restaurateurs and customers for full security of the valuable customer information.

To start using the online food ordering system is a quite easier task. All it requires is to create an account at the restaurant’s website and start placing orders. It is a saying that ‘customer is the king for every business’. That is why, inspired by the Internet boom, all the wise restaurateurs are offering top-quality online food ordering service to their customers.

Shefali Dhamija

How much would you estimate the annual cost of living to be in central New Jersey?

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

This would be for a simple lifestyle- one bedroom apartment, utilities, food, clothing, phone, internet, cable, basic car, car insurance, gas, car maintenance, computer, pet, gifts, and a one-week basic vacation. You can provide an estimate both with, and without, a basic health insurance plan premium.

I am just trying to figure out about how much it would cost to live in this area. Thank you for your advice.

39446 per year

Need to Easily Make Fast Chinese Food?

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

These days many of us are out of our home for over ten hours in a day, and there is little time to prepare a good and rather healthy meal.  I’m going to review some tips that will save you time in preparation your Chinese meals.  Here are some great quick ways to cook your Chinese food fast:

1. Use common ingredients as substitute for hard-to-find ingredients.  Some Asian foods may not be available in your local grocery store.  You may substitute other foods when cooking your meals.  If you need Asparagus in your dish, you can substitute broccoli, string beans, and other green vegetables.  Another example would be substitution for black mushrooms.  You can use fresh American mushrooms.

2. Buy food ingredients in larger quantity.  A) Buy a whole chicken.  Remove the bones or debone the chicken and use the bones for soup stock.  Use the chicken meat for your Chinese dishes to be stir fried with vegetables for your refrigerator.  B) Another technique is to buy a fresh fish like walleye or tilapia.  Remove the bones from the fish known as filleting the fish.  Save the bones for soup stock and use the fillet part of the fish for stir frying.  As you can see there are numerous ways, use food when buying in bulk.

3. Make several meals from bulk purchase.  For the chicken that is not used in your large quantity purchase, keep it in an aluminum foil, and place in the freezer for your next meal.  For a fast and easily thawing technique, place the aluminum foil with fish between two pieces of meat.

4. Use leftover food for your meals.  If you could a Chinese vegetable dish for the previous night, you can easily as some noodles or rice to make it meal one day or two later.  Or, you may a few pieces of steak with some spices to give your new meal a bit more flavor.  I would advise using food as meal if it’s been there for several weeks since you may get ill from eating it.

5. Make some quick bites if you’re really pressed for time.  Buy some frozen steam buns from the store.  It comes in a variety of flavors from red bean paste, black bean paste, and chicken or meat filling.  Steam a few extra buns for breakfast and leave a few cooked one in the refrigerator.  Microwave the steam buns for an afternoon or evening snack. 

6. Save energy and fuel by using your equipment efficiently.   When you’re steaming those buns, you can use the other layers of the steamer to steam other food items too.  Most good steamers have two or three levels to steam food.  Buy a three level steamer if plan buy one. You can steam a variety of food for your meals like meats, vegetables, and even cooked rice.

7. Prepare sauces in advance.  Put your favorite sauces together in a jar, and store them for later use.  We have a 12 oz. jar of black bean sauce, but put it away in the refrigerator to store away for up to 3 weeks.  When we need that right flavor in our meals, we take a few teaspoons and put in right into our wok.  We’re ready with our meals within minutes.

Tristan Lum

Rettinger’s Rants: Smartphone Addiction

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

restaurant on smartphone Rettinger’s Rants: Smartphone Addiction

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Jon R is back with an all new show where he rants and raves on various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week’s episode, Jon rants about our constant need to check smartphones in public places. Before Apple and Google took over the phone world, people were less attached to their devices and could go out to dinner or a movie without being distracted by their phones. Now, anywhere you go you are almost guaranteed to see someone using their phone to check Facebook, read emails, or send texts instead of socializing and interacting with the people around them. Jon has fallen victim to this behavior but has found a fun way to stop it. Do you find yourself constantly on your phone in public places? All this and more in this episode of Rants!

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ShopKick Kicks it Up, Vitamin Water Juices your Phone, Food Shelter and Internet for Modern Mom

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

food on your phone Smartphones Are “A Tool For Modern Families.” Why So Many Shopkick Users “Walk Around” In Stores. Crowdsourcing Lite. VitaminWater Bus Station Ads Let You Charge Mobile Devices While You Wait.

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Thursday, April 18th, 2013

favorite food Chibi Derf is trying to figure out what his Favorite Food is by eating EVERYTHING he could find in his freezer/fridge… are you entertained? :)

Thanks for watching guys ~


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