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How to create icon to make phone call when used on smartphone?

Monday, May 20th, 2013

When creating a website how do I take an image and make it call a number? Link to a phone number?

This is for a restaurant website.. I want to make an order button. Website referring to

You can’t

What would you do in this zombie situation?10 points for best answer?

Monday, May 20th, 2013

If there is a bunch of zombies, and you are trapped inside an apartment, you are in your room sleeping, or texting on your phone, or playing with the computer. When suddenly you hear screams and you saw a bunch of zombies coming through you apartment door, because they broke inside. What is the first thing you would do? will you run away or stay and fight them?
Run away method: jump out window, you are on the 6th floor, go under the bed, go on top drawers.
Stay method: use computer or phone to smash zombies,
You can’t get a knife, because the kitchen is like 10 feet away.
all you have in your room, is bed, some food, phone, computer, light, pillows, boxes.
the room is all dark you can’t see, only a faint light available, there is no electricity because the cords are all destroyed by zombies.

ZOMBIE type:
slow, but fast movement when see human food
male and female mixed,
has no weapons, but leader has a knife(a leader lead the zombies to barge open your door)

Well, if some one was in the room with me i would push them down, so that would be a major destraction because they would eat the body. I would grab the light but not use it in the room because it could attract the zombies. Next i would take the the drawers and smash them on the floor making them into pieces of the wood. Take the computer and smash that, use the pieces from the computer and attach them to the wood, using cables from the computer. Next I would take the food(i imagined they would be can). Take the tops of and put it into the wood so it would be like a razerblade with a wooden stick(like off of dead island). then I would grab the light and phone. I wouldt want to carry all spplies with me because it would slow me down.
Since its on the sixth floor i would also go out the window and walk on the ledge. I would bend down and swing from ledge to ledge all the way down to the bottom. Also why your going down from ledge to ledge you can look in the other apartments to see if there are and usable supplies for me to survive this attack