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TellSpec to beam food data to your phone

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

food on your phone 11/18/13 TellSpec is a system that will whip up information about your food using a spectrometer, unique algorithm and a smartphone.

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What is the average living expenses in Philadelphia?

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

How much do food, phone, internet, rent and all other essential living items cost living in Philadelphia?

You can find all that out by contacting the Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia. They would have a website and some will even send you all kinds of info free by filling out a form. The Chamber of Commerce is your best bet. Look under relocation and you should find lots of info on living there.

Food voyeurism for your phone

Friday, October 4th, 2013

food on your phone Foodspotting lets smartphone users see photos of dishes at nearby restaurants helping them decide where to go and what to order.

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What more would I get from Obama for free?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Food, phone, insurance, what more would I get? Please reply. Should I have to work?

No, don’t work. Quit your job and live off of the government.

And then tell us all how wonderful your life is. Tell us how wonderful your home is in the Section 8 areas of town, and how much weight you’ve lost because you get a whopping $250 a month for food.

It’ll be GREAT!

How to move out at 15 in ontario?

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

So I’m 15 and I live in Durham region in canada and I really want to move out. My mother doesn’t abuse me or anything like that but we constantly fight and I’ve grown to hate her.
Fact is, I’m working with ontario shores (a mental health place) to get me some samples of anti depressants and they told me that if living at home is a problem they can find a way to help. However, I know that that’ll take too long and ill probably be placed into a group home.. Which I don’t want.
What I want is to live on my own and be able to take care of myself. But I’m not quite sure if I can do that.
I’ve made an approximate budget of the cost of clothing, food,phone,transportation and etc to see how much I would need to make a. Month. It’s about 780-1380$ (renting of house included) which means would have to work between 78-138 hours a month being paid 10$ an hour… Idk how I could afford to do that while staying in highschool that’s whyim wondering what to do..
Can I actually move out or do I have to wait til my birthday?

It’s great that you’ve built a budget, and you’re wondering about working 138 hours a month, or 34.5 hours a week, 5 hours a day every day. If you get a night-time job, it’s manageable from 3-8/9pm every week day… Maybe work in a pizza place where they work later until midnight or 1am.

It will mean having no life, but if that’s worth it to you, then go for it. You also have to factor in emancipation though, otherwise your mom can just legally get you back by the police. If you can stay with other family instead, that would be a lot more helpful and a lot easier to figure out. You can become emancipated at 16 once you’ve established that you have a good amount of savings and a steady job, and probably a few other things..

You’ve started to figure things out, now do some more research and make sure you have yourself fully covered.

EDIT: Ontario, not allowed to emancipate :(, but check this site out.

How To Be Less Lame With Your Smartphone

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

food on your phone PUT THE PHONE DOWN.
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How much should I pay for an apartment?

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

So I need to know how much to look to pay for an apartment. If me, my sister and her boyfriend make $2400 a month all together, how much should we pay? We would still have to pay for the necessities, such as food, clothing, phone bill, lights, etc. We have no debt. So how much should we look into for an apartment? Also, if you could show a link for a cheap, nice apartment for our price range, in the Covington, Louisiana area, or Mandeville, Louisiana, or even Abita, Louisiana area, that’d be great :) Thanks for helping!

You can pay for an apartment in Mondiale area 1-3 Bedroom $880-$1475

How hard is it to get financial aid for college & housing too?

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

I’m 28 years old, single no kids and very poor. I never went to college.
Any help greatly appreciated! I work full time but only make enough money to pay for rent, food, phone bill, Internet & any car expenses. I fear I wont ever be able to afford the opportunity to go to college and get a higher education.

you may still qualify for fasfa, go to and fill out the aplication. my mom qualified for years, and it was well after i was considered a dependent. also- there is the federal student loan garentee. you are garenteed a loan, and the government pays the intrest while you are in school, and the bill becomes due 6 months after you stop going to school.
go talk to the financial advisor at the campus you are considering. right now is the best time, you can still apply for next year starting in the fall and the admissions office may not have people in durring the summer.

Order Food from Your Phone with ChowNow

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

food on your phone Ever wish you could place an order at your favorite restaurant right from your phone? ChowNow makes that possible, with full menus and a system that transmits what you want straight to the restaurant. And they also have options for restaurants to use on their websites or FaceBook pages.

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What can I afford with 60k a year?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

I’m planning on an apartment that cost about 820$ a month. But I’m not sure how much gas, food, phone, TV, insurance, or anything cost. I live beside Charlotte NC which is cheaper than Charlotte. Please help.

If you make 60k a year after taxes, you’re making $5000 a month after taxes…

10% of your income goes to long-term (retirement) savings: $500 a month.

15% of your income goes to debt repayment/emergency fund: $750 a month.

35% of your income goes to housing (rent, mortgage, bills, utilities): $1750 a month for that $820 a month, gas, heat, electricity, water, etc.

15% of your income goes to transportation (gas, insurance, repairs, bus). You have $750 a month.

25% of your income goes to life (food, entertainment, clothing, gifts, travel, medical, wants, phone, internet, cable, other). You have $1250 a month, or $312.50 a week, which is easily manageable as long as you save for each of these things a little bit every week; you don’t travel and go on vacations every single week, but if you put a little aside every week, you can save up for awesome vacations.

These numbers are what you can AFFORD. Now that you know, you can go shopping for all the insurances, phones, tvs, luxuries, etc., that you want WITHIN your price range.