Awkward – Eating Other People’s Food Prank

favorite food Shannon has a new Favorite Food: Whatever’s on your plate.

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Shannon Hatch –

Duration : 0:2:11

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25 Responses to “Awkward – Eating Other People’s Food Prank”

  1. PoTTeRFrEaK141 says:

    “do you mind if i …
    “do you mind if i have some water? don’t wanna get pregnant or nothin..” lmaooo

  2. nickMPASN says:

    “One bite and I’ll …
    “One bite and I’ll go” LOL XD

  3. stephababe2007 says:

    you wouldn’t even …
    you wouldn’t even enjoy the food if it was from a stranger!

  4. Free411 says:

    Yeah this prank …
    Yeah this prank isn’t funny. That’s pretty messed up to just bite into someone’s food that they paid money for.

  5. Free411 says:

    That dude is RG3
    That dude is RG3

  6. HahaItzzAc3 says:

    I bet they didnt …
    I bet they didnt tell the black guy it was prank and actually left. Lol

  7. password34 says:

    i think there are …
    i think there are laws against this.

  8. Kidddas53 says:

    She wants to have …
    She wants to have or share other people’s germs by eating other people’s food

  9. Nazdahra says:


  10. PageantsRmylife says:

    “are you serious …
    “are you serious yo?”

  11. turdrulez1 says:


  12. EVELYN5830 says:

    lol this girl is …
    lol this girl is great!!!!!

  13. LakshayeKumar says:

    these people are …
    these people are too nice ! i would’ve punched the in the face !

  14. Cwyntz says:

    She has balls :D
    She has balls :D

  15. Snow6Rebecca says:

    why didn’t they try …
    why didn’t they try this prank with someone more pretty?
    some lady eating your food is just nonsense!

  16. TheGatorgator504702 says:

    Um. The video is …
    Um. The video is called “Eating other people’s food” So please before you watch the video, read the title! You’re all flipping the out over the stupidest shit! Shut the up!

  17. instrb91 says:

    hey helen hunt
    hey helen hunt

  18. dezastruos says:

    1:13 1 bite xD
    1:13 1 bite xD

  19. Jeremy1234518 says:

    u dont grab my food …
    u dont grab my food yo

  20. holyhelo5speak says:

    it takes some balls …
    it takes some balls to do that to a black guy

  21. princesslolasluv says:

    Omg that black guy …
    Omg that black guy luv him<3

  22. Loungefly90 says:

    Let me guess this …
    Let me guess this is in California… No wonder no one cares.

  23. sanderson9999 says:

    would be …
    would be annoying

  24. xkruulx says:

    Her face is bleh, …
    Her face is bleh, but she’s got that bangable milf body. Anyway,f she did that to me I’d try ant-pranking her by completely creeping her out.

  25. xkruulx says:

    I guess it lives …
    I guess it lives up to the name.

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