CoD MW3 – Favorite Food! | 42-9

favorite food Tell me your Favorite Food! Thanks for watching everybody!

Duration : 0:7:40

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4 Responses to “CoD MW3 – Favorite Food! | 42-9”

  1. MrNinjaP says:

    Unfortunatley i …
    Unfortunatley i don’t have a mic :(. I’ll get one soon tho! And i’ll ad u a little later :D

  2. MrNinjaP says:

    Awe man this is a …
    Awe man this is a first! Someone askes ME to add them! Thats awesome! Thanks so much man! Please stay active it would mean alot! I’ll make sure to add you! Please try and help me get my name out there!

  3. MrKicksonfire11 says:

    hey can you add me …
    hey can you add me on psn :) my name is: NonStop_SalviKid
    i think your a great player and i just subcribed….

  4. tmendenhall582 says:

    nice vid and by …
    nice vid and by the way i made a comm

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