Favorite Food Lyrics (STUDIO VERSION) *HD

favorite food im gonna make more lyric vids later but ya i wanted to be the first person to have a lyric video for this song online so enjoy. next video will be “Song2You lyrics”


What I like about cheese,
is that you can put it on veggies,
and it tastes,
Mmm mmm so good

I like to talk about food,
‘Cuz it’s my favorite thing to do,
Every treat from yellow to blue,
red to green, so lets all sing!

Tell me all about your Favorite Foods,
(Robbie: Mine is pizza!)
(Jade: And I like hamburgers, too.)
(Cat and Andre: I`ll eat ice-cream cake,
till my tummy aches)
But then here’s what I`ll do,
Here is what I`ll do,
Share some of mine with you.
(Yummy, yummy,)
(Ooohh, in my tummy)
(Ooohh, yummy yummy.)
All of my favorite foods
(Yummy, yummy)
(Ooohh, in my tummy)
(Ooohh, yummy yummy.)

Well, I like noodles in a bowl,
Chicken nuggets make me lose control,
‘Cause they taste
Mmm mmm so good
(Cat: Yeah!)

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  1. LordBlade06 says:

    how did i get from …
    how did i get from uberhaxornova to here?

  2. cheesebuby says:

    say selena gomez 5 …
    say selena gomez 5 times
    clap 5 times
    post this to 2 videos
    check your voice

  3. chanel18973 says:

    chicken nuggets …
    chicken nuggets make my little brother loose control

  4. chanel18973 says:

    i luv this song
    i luv this song

  5. chanel18973 says:

    i love this song …
    i love this song sooooooooooooooo much my best food is spagetti and pizza

  6. LolJadeve says:

    i love this
    i love this

  7. PrincessOfGoddesses says:

    cat is adorable …
    cat is adorable when she says yeah it so cute

  8. 9862yumaniac says:

    @sarahmissed …
    @sarahmissed broccoli. Not brockle.

  9. tomypham says:

    @ …
    @EverythingVictorious can you sent me the pics my email is tinopham48@yahoo.com

  10. sarahmissed says:

    i am cat with the …
    i am cat with the brockle :D

  11. mallipop33 says:


  12. miremera69 says:

    i love food so this …
    i love food so this is definitly my song

  13. supermoodmusic says:

    so,funny lol
    so,funny lol

  14. XxfrrruitybubblexX says:

    awww…so cute :)
    awww…so cute :)

  15. lynbrit1998 says:

    i playy this songg …
    i playy this songg over andd overr(: and i sing it too out the balconyy(;

  16. littleloonykel says:

    And it tastes, mm- …
    And it tastes, mm-mm so good, YEAH! ♥ u gotta luv cat for that ^.^

  17. chloegarrettt says:

    Or if i get 20 …
    Or if i get 20 likes ill try to get into this new movie Disney is making and ill make a video of me doing it on studio.I live by the studio

  18. chloegarrettt says:

    If i get 50 likes …
    If i get 50 likes ill sing this to my 4 year old cousin.He needs to learn more about his favorite food dont ya want to help out my little cousin?

  19. narutohatesyou512 says:

    JANUARY?! SO EARLY! Did this episode been on the show on jan?! Or they made the song before the show today, and then after a few months they go put it in the episode.

  20. EpicHobos says:


  21. cruzdude12323 says:

    if i gt 100 thumbs …
    if i gt 100 thumbs up i will try and get on american idol and sing this song!!!!

  22. MsDance4evr says:

    im obsessed with …
    im obsessed with song haha im 12(: its stuck in my head its so catchyyy(:

  23. 010sasori says:

    @redheadgirlforever …
    @redheadgirlforever little late idiot, i’ve said before that i clicked the wrong thing sherlock homie.

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  25. 862subwayrocks says:

    i i showed this to …
    i i showed this to my baby cousin and she strted screaming and ran out of the room ….. saying deigo not deigo i want deigo :(

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