Favorite Food Songs

favorite food JT and Mo sing about foods they like. Whilst drunk.

Duration : 0:5:22

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25 Responses to “Favorite Food Songs”

  1. jonowonoponosono says:

    i’m crying
    I’M …

    i’m crying

  2. StaminaFitness1 says:

    Things not to do …
    Things not to do while drunk:

    Post videos on youtube!

  3. pumpkincontest says:

    Such raw emotion in …
    Such raw emotion in food music I have not seen before!

  4. brokkenstar says:

    BrAVo, bRAAAVOOO, …
    BrAVo, bRAAAVOOO,  bRAvO!!! mANGIARE!!

  5. brokkenstar says:

    BrAVo, bRAAAVOOO, …
    BrAVo, bRAAAVOOO, bRAvO!!!

  6. Qesidus says:

    Writers, Singers, …
    Writers, Singers, Producers.


    I envy you both. Exceedingly.

  7. Nuhaantje says:

    You rock!!! We …
    You rock!!! We want more!

  8. cmhiekses says:

    I am amazed that …
    I am amazed that this video isn’t more popular.

  9. mnhitchcox1 says:

    keep doin wacha …
    keep doin wacha doin.

  10. ScottishFlavors says:

    I officially love …
    I officially love this video it is both funny seeing them drunk and nice because they can actually sing without sucking.

  11. BeiberFeverGirl1313 says:

    Wow hahaha thats …
    Wow hahaha thats nice ima sing about my favorite foods… but i will try not to be drunk hahahaha

  12. dofubrain says:

    i like the japanese …
    i like the japanese laugh and the italian song lyrics the best.

    why is it so easy to write songs about food? Must be the strong passion

  13. Ninensei18 says:

    This is awesome!!! …
    This is awesome!!!!!

  14. AwareIisSmall says:


  15. Unmauricio says:

    hahaaha you …
    hahaaha you should go to American Idol :D

  16. KatieRiley2 says:

    Tomorrow is another …
    Tomorrow is another secret Monday! Will you get drunk and make another video?! <3


  17. vaquera76 says:

    I want to be their …
    I want to be their next-door neighbor. I can only imagine the things I would overhear.

  18. disbemissann says:

    15 people don’t …
    15 people don’t like food.

  19. ThatNerdJStone says:

    My speakers are so …
    My speakers are so thrilled to have delivered this angelic sound to my earholes.

  20. MustardStain83 says:

    Favorite’d! That …
    Favorite’d! That means it’s my favorite! Exclamation point…or mark! Exxxclamation mark! Which is it? 

    No, I’m not drunk shut up.

  21. MustardStain83 says:

    Mo, I can’t get my …
    Mo, I can’t get my boyfriend to sing with me when we drink. Ever. My jealousy is immense. Is there bribery involved, or is Jed just that awesome?!

  22. dustyb58 says:

    You guys should …
    You guys should make like, an internet musical

  23. Kaylantis09 says:

    u guy can sing but …
    u guy can sing but i think ur a little sick!!!!!!!!

  24. kisslanith says:

    some serious …
    some serious guys

  25. nightwhispererlol says:

    did u no tht u …
    did u no tht u said aftter lazanya

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