Favorite Food (Victorious Cast).

favorite food FULL SONG!

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What I like about cheese,
is that you can put it on veggies,
and it tastes,
Mmm mmm so good

I like to talk about food,
‘Cuz it’s my favorite thing to do,
Every treat from yellow to blue,
red and green, so lets all sing!

Tell me all about your Favorite Foods,
(Mine is pizza!)
And I like hamburgers, too.
[Jade and Andre]
I’ll eat ice-cream cake,
till my tummy aches
But then here’s what I’ll do,
Here is what I’ll do,
Share some of mine with you.
(Yummy, yummy,)
(Ooohh, in my tummy)
(Ooohh, yummy yummy.)
All of my favorite foods
(Yummy, yummy)
(Ooohh, in my tummy)
(Ooohh, yummy yummy.)

Well, I like noodles in a bowl,
Chicken nuggets make me lose control,
‘Cause they taste
Mmm, mmm, so good


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25 Responses to “Favorite Food (Victorious Cast).”

  1. mariowiiiii says:



  2. 2248Hannah says:

    @ellen10sea who …
    @ellen10sea who cares?

  3. gothicchicluvin says:

    funny and kool …
    funny and kool song :P

  4. flacco908 says:

    we listened to this …
    we listened to this in science !! lol

  5. LadyOhMy says:

    “Mine Is Pizza!” …
    “Mine Is Pizza!” Lol. XD

  6. lookupinthesky3456 says:

    I love cat&jade!
    I love cat&jade!

  7. HRgirls says:

    ” And i like …
    ” And i like Hamburgers Tooo ” *-* , yammi yammi in my tummi :DD

  8. ellen10sea says:


  9. stephanotice1 says:

    LOVE PIZZA!!!!!!!!! …
    LOVE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. dotheimpossible1 says:

    Its so addictive!
    Its so addictive!

  11. icxceX says:

    Best part is “mine …
    Best part is “mine is pizza”

  12. YouWillSee11 says:


  13. md16682 says:

    they are right i …
    they are right i watched this and i played the lyrics and they were the same so hahahaha i agree with bestestjadewest and there is something wrong wih u

  14. CreativeStarlet13 says:

    This was cool:)
    This was cool:)

  15. evanescencexfan9127 says:

    Do ,Give it up!
    Do ,Give it up!

  16. divababe99 says:

    haha i ♥ Cat
    haha i ♥ Cat

  17. Mizzey67 says:

    im just like cat
    im just like cat

  18. fireworkluv says:

    I like Tori
    I like Tori

  19. KateTheRocker899 says:

    im cats twin
    im cats twin

  20. nyahrandom says:

    Gotta love Cat and …
    Gotta love Cat and Jade <3

  21. g14bratz says:

    mine is pastaaa …
    mine is pastaaa loll

  22. brOAdwAy4EvA131 says:

    say cat 10 times …
    say cat 10 times then clap 5 times then post this on 2 other vids and check ur voicce

  23. TheLoverBelieber says:

    HAHA XD Love this …
    HAHA XD Love this song! :D Yummi yummi food <3

  24. Godrics1990 says:

    this song reminds …
    this song reminds me of another song, the melody, especially the “tell me all about your favorite food” part, but no matter how hard i try to recall the other songs name i cannot. Anyone knows?!

  25. BestestJadeWest says:

    @ellen10sea no the …
    @ellen10sea no the lyrics are right i am not to sure about u though

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