FDA Trans Fats Ban May Target Your Favorite Food

favorite food Find out whether the new rule will change the way you shop for groceries.

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25 Responses to “FDA Trans Fats Ban May Target Your Favorite Food”

  1. rogermwilcox says:

    Trans fats also …
    Trans fats also occur naturally. A tablespoon of butter has about 0.4
    grams of naturally-occuring trans fat. You know why a food item can have
    up to 0.49 grams of trans fat per serving and still be called “trans fat
    free”? Because if that rule wasn’t in place, dairy and meat producers
    would be forced to label their products as containing trans fat too.

  2. Whitney Pyant says:

    I don’t get it. …
    I don’t get it. America has high obesity rate so why is people complaining.
    This should be first step and pretty soon hopefully GMO might be label 

  3. sunnycorax says:

    7,000 deaths a year …
    7,000 deaths a year compared to 2,468,435 that happen yearly in America.
    For you folks keeping score at home that is 0.2 % of all deaths in America
    yearly. Seriously what is the harm? When do the consumers get to choose
    what goes into the food they eat? 

  4. N0616JC Productions says:

    Well, this is what …
    Well, this is what happens when you mass produce food. I think that having
    a local bakery that uses fresh ingredients and organic ingredients that
    will allow for a great tasting food at the fraction the bad ingredient of
    those mass produced food. I know that if we were to do it this way, we
    would not be able to enjoy the food from other nations as that we sometimes
    want to have exotic taste of food that is different from our food from
    home, but that is what vacation and trips are for. I mean if you are not
    willing to get your butt off and travel to a place where you have never
    been to your whole life and experience the food and the culture of that
    place, then you have yet to be able to say that a certain food taste like
    food from another country. Also, some of the food in America that are
    called food of certain cultures are often Americanized version of the
    original recipe. If you travel to a far flung nation and try their food,
    you will be blown away at how different the food taste compared to that of
    the nation that you are from. Well, this is my two cent on this video. I
    know that some of you guys will disagree with my viewpoint and whatnot, but
    I don’t care about it as everyone has their own view on an issue and that I
    should not be the one that sways their viewpoint. On a side-note, this is
    the only thing that I like about the new comment system, able to type a
    whole paragraph of thoughts without using multiply 500 character limited
    threads. Woot!

  5. Singularity2039 says:

    The Government …
    The Government a.k.a. Big “Daddy” has no right telling the citizens of it’s
    country what they can an cannot eat. This is more Big Government trying to
    micro manage it’s population and over-reaching.

  6. Steve Conte says:

    great way to …
    great way to improve US economy, first lets force everyone to buy
    healthcare and now this?!! people are gonna be out of jobs very soon. i
    mean look at chris christie, DO YOU THINKS he eats his veggie like most

  7. mrjohnson803 says:

    I think it will be …
    I think it will be a win lose….yes it will be good to have no trans fat
    but it will end up just like aspartame and an artificial fat will be
    included in our foods and will be worse than regular trans fat! 

  8. Handel says:

    Can’t people make …
    Can’t people make decisions for themselves? Why does one need the
    government to come in and dictate what you can and cannot put into your
    body? Alcohol is far worse than a few grams of trans fat, but you don’t see
    the government banning that. Oh wait, 18th Amendment… 

  9. purple sassy says:

    No I like fat in my …
    No I like fat in my food it not going taste good without fat :( I need to
    be fat and gain weight

  10. James Suchan says:

    Awesome ! I Hope It …
    Awesome ! I Hope It can Happen!

  11. Flarty Bartfast says:

    No worries folks, …
    No worries folks, Obama said “If you like your doughnut, you can keep your

  12. TSpider Keeper says:

    if it saves our …
    if it saves our lives im glad they are being removed

  13. Jonathan Rendon says:


  14. IAmCharlene2000 says:

    The government is …
    The government is to protect people, not control them. 

  15. Francis Salviejo says:

    Isn’t bad enough to …
    Isn’t bad enough to visit our favorite jolibee and mcdonald store

  16. VG D says:

    Everything is okay …
    Everything is okay in moderation and that’s how i eat, now why the do
    i have to pay the price because some fat can’t control their eating

  17. Whitney Pyant says:

    Please ban it
    Please ban it

  18. Novi Svjetski Poredak says:


  19. cagedtigersteve says:

    I’m never eating …
    I’m never eating Wonder Bread again

  20. Khataroos Tube says:

    If the FDA is going …
    If the FDA is going to ban anything, it should be GMO’s.

  21. mariposa capulet says:

    Stop sugar coating …
    Stop sugar coating things people can make the decisions them selves agree
    with @ handel

  22. Billy Fitzula says:

    The government …
    The government can’t tell us what we can and can’t eat. People should just
    learn to eat healthy.

  23. Alex velten says:

    I 100% …
    I 100% approve.maybe this will be the thing people need to actually cook
    for themselves instead of buying prepackaged nonsense.

  24. Heat Karma says:

    100% for this 
    100% for this 

  25. Hamster X says:

    Oh no!!! No more …
    Oh no!!! No more butter, French fries n triple cheese?!?

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