GROCERY HAUL | Favorite Healthy Food

favorite food Grocery Haul! Healthy Foods! … well mostly…mostly ; ) I have been wanting to film more food related videos & my new set up totally makes this possible – leave me your requests & thumbs up if you like the idea of healthy food demos/snack ideas etc : D

Hope You Enjoys this somewhat random video haha

xo’s Tati

PS What’s your current favorite “healthy junk food”

~ Products Mentioned ~
UDI’s “Gluten Free” Pepperoni Pizza
Kettle “Organic” Potato Chips – Sea Salt (Favorite)
Mamma Chia – Kiwi Lime (My Favorite)
Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Coconut
Mezzetta Habanero Hot Sauce
Amy’s “Gluten Free” Burrito
Suja Cold Pressed Juice – Glow (My Favorite)
UDI’s “Gluten Free” Snicker Doodle Cookies
Mamma Chia Squeeze – Green Magic & Strawberry Banana (Favorites)
Stevia in the Raw
MRM All Natural Egg White Protein – Chocolate


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25 Responses to “GROCERY HAUL | Favorite Healthy Food”

  1. MissBite1 says:

    Dear Tati, I am so …
    Dear Tati, I am so soooo so happy and interested to see your kitchen magic, whether it is healthy or not very healthy : -) I support requests from other viewers on more of your kitchen videos :))) best wishes from Lithuania :)

  2. Ann Gee says:

    Where is your top …
    Where is your top from? I like!

  3. Danielle Halsall says:

    a cool video would …
    a cool video would be healthy snacks, but ones you make that are easy. because in Australia we have different things in store.

  4. rach elle says:

    where do you get …
    where do you get the mamma chia products???? i’ve never seen them in store

  5. hvgevg says:

    Your ideas for …
    Your ideas for health related videos are AWESOME!

  6. LITTLE ANGEL says:

    Can u do the tour …
    Can u do the tour for kitchen?

  7. Leigh Adler says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the …
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new healthy food vids! I agree with those below…a vid on what you eat in a day or what you purchase for the week would be great :)

  8. Jolien Kayaerts says:

    You look beautiful …
    You look beautiful in this video. Do you have a tutorial on this look?

  9. murphlady says:

    I love all your …
    I love all your videos, I really love the health videos!

  10. shoegurl4 says:

    Love these kinds …
    Love these kinds of videos, keep ‘em coming Tati!! :)

  11. Chante S says:

    Can you please do a …
    Can you please do a video on great post workout foods and drinks

  12. Jessica Cuccia says:

    What you eat in a …
    What you eat in a day :-D

  13. Rena Echeverria-Thomason says:

    Try the Califia …
    Try the Califia Almond milk. An employee in Whole Foods gave me a sample while I was in the store and I gotta say, it is delicious!

  14. Susan M says:

    What you eat in a …
    What you eat in a day…PLEASE!! : )

  15. KARdee22 says:

    What you eat in a …
    What you eat in a day videos!

  16. Paula Sintermann says:

    Could you do …
    Could you do healthy & quick lunch ideas please? :)

  17. WithLoveRIKE says:

    Please do more …
    Please do more health related videos! Looooove them so much! :)

  18. Lauralee1091 says:

    I’d love to see …
    I’d love to see more healthy eating videos.

  19. TheDelicious1000 says:

    Do what you eat in …
    Do what you eat in a day

  20. AnAmericanIdle says:

    Yummmmmmm! Nice …
    Yummmmmmm! Nice groceries!

  21. hoolagal2 says:

    You should do a …
    You should do a video of cooking + recipe for your favourite healthy dinner or lunch :)

  22. manchesterhabibi says:

    hehe I love the …
    hehe I love the fact that you love salsa and hot sauce so much. Come to Mexico some day tati :)

  23. Sammie Konig says:

    can you please do …
    can you please do what you eat in a day xx

  24. Dianne roy says:

    Hi There
    I would …

    Hi There
    I would love to see more healthy food videos. i am trying to do clean food diet. And i would love to see what you plan for meals weekly. Thanks for the great videos.

  25. BellezaBlonde says:

    Loved this video,it …
    Loved this video,it would e great if you could do some videos on healthy things you eat and why you eat them as every time I go to the supermarket/grocery store I don’t have a clue what things to buy if I want something healthy.A few videos on healthy snacks and how your body will benefit from healthy food would be great Tati! Thank you x

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