Healthier Eating: Favorite Foods

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24 Responses to “Healthier Eating: Favorite Foods”

  1. judeqadoumi says:

    Kailee how do you …
    Kailee how do you edit your videos or like what app do u use ? ? Please reply !!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  2. Guille Z says:

    Actually it does, …
    Actually it does, you get tumors which causes cancer.

  3. Adrianna Pizzola says:

    can you upload a …
    can you upload a video of one of your dance recitals sometime? that’d be awesome

  4. Ivonne Chung says:

    Please do another …
    Please do another playlist video!!!!:)

  5. Caitlyn Loth says:

    There was a …
    There was a McDonald’s advertisement before this…. Lol

  6. Glitterglam200 says:

    I love you’re …
    I love you’re videos so much!!!!!! xoxo

  7. Candle lifeMesho says:

    i can’t see …
    i can’t see anything about your video cuz you’re use more Light on video

  8. makeupforever801 says:

    Hay everyone I just …
    Hay everyone I just started a new beauty channel and posted my makeup collection if you would go and subscribe it would mean the world!

  9. OliviaGraceStyle says:

    haha yeah in this …
    haha yeah in this video in others she looks like sarah hyland

  10. Mariana Gonzalez says:

    you look like …
    you look like allison dilarauentis

  11. addictedtojelly says:

    at first i thought …
    at first i thought you said stay away from pot

  12. AubreyAlexandra1231 says:

    Wait are u 17 or …
    Wait are u 17 or how old are you?

  13. anaisgonzalez1999 says:

    Did you die your …
    Did you die your hair blonde again I love it

  14. xoNatalieNicole says:

    I think you should …
    I think you should make an so if people have questions they can ask you on ther instead of tumblr because it might be easier. just a thought :)

  15. KianaDeShon33 says:

    Do the mom tag!!!! …
    Do the mom tag!!!!! Pleeassee:(

  16. KianaDeShon33 says:

    Do the mom tag!!!!!
    Do the mom tag!!!!!

  17. SoHepburn says:

    its not about the …
    its not about the calories, its about the health

  18. Ally P says:

    the lighting here …
    the lighting here looks really washed out

  19. Norma Reyes says:

    No pop for 3 years …
    No pop for 3 years?! omg I drink it once or twice a week and I don’t usually crave it but it’s soooo good

  20. judeqadoumi says:

    Kailee make A …
    Kailee make A tutorial for smoky eye shadow please

  21. xoLindseyTime says:

    how can i talk to u …
    how can i talk to u!? i messaged u on fb, no reply. 3: youtube, no reply. i tweet u on twitter..i dont know wat to use!

  22. itsmemoniica says:

    i think she’s eats …
    i think she’s eats healthy

    it’s not like she’s eating too many calories….jeez..

  23. Guille Z says:

    The yoplait light …
    The yoplait light has a aspatame which causes cancer so you’re better off eating the original kind. Like this so other people can see this!

  24. peanutwhitehead1 says:

    caesar salads …
    caesar salads aren’t the most healthy salads, try a vinaigrette dressing instead!

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