I want to be a vegetarian but sushi is my favorite food?

I decided I’m going ot be a vegetarian. I don’t like the way they treat the animals, it is healthy, and it’s good for the enviroment and it saves water for people who don’t have any. But my Favorite Food is sushi! I know some vegetarians who still eat fish, but is that still classified as a "vegetarian"? Also, what do I do if I eliminate fish but still want to eat sushi, which I don’t eat TOO often?

Eat whatever you want to eat but if you eat animal flesh (fish) or byproducts derived via the death of an animal you aren’t a vegetarian.


"I know some vegetarians who still eat fish"–they aren’t vegetarians.

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  1. Pretty_Girly101 says:

    you can still eat the fish, but not if your a vegan, which is totally NO living thing-even eggs. i think its great what your doing, but you should also take a b12 vitamin supplement becasue that is a very important nutrient only usually found in meat, so go for it and good luck! plus you said you only eat it once in a while!
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  2. cafe_au_lait says:

    eat sushi if you want, just don’t call yourself a vegetarian. eliminating fish would be eliminating sushi as well.
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  3. Animals Are Cool says:

    People who say they are vegetarians and eat fish are not vegetarians because fish is still considered meat. If sushi is you favorite food, then you can get veggie rolls. Just make sure they have no meat in them.
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  4. bassplyr☮ says:

    You could be a pecstarian or however you spell it. Where you only eat fish and no other meat.

    That was hard for me too when I became a vegetarian.. I love sushi.
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  5. veggie-wedgie says:

    If you eat fish, you’re not vegetarian.

    I’m vegan, and I still eat sushi… vegetarian sushi! Veggie rolls are awesome!
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  6. redhedsweethart says:


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  7. Jen D says:

    It isn’t vegetarian, but you’re not being graded on this, and it won’t go on your permanent record. Eat what you want.
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  8. Take me Out To The Ballgame says:

    Eat whatever you want to eat but if you eat animal flesh (fish) or byproducts derived via the death of an animal you aren’t a vegetarian.


    "I know some vegetarians who still eat fish"–they aren’t vegetarians.
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  9. . says:

    not vegetarians, they are pescetarians

    lets see…if you want to be vegetarian because you don’t want animals to suffer at the hands of the meat industry, then catch your own fish. They are very easy to kill and clean, and this way, you can make sure that they don’t suffer.

    fish makes me sick. i eat crickets as my only meat source. nasty, but in the blender with juice, they are okay.
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  10. dave46808 says:

    Screw it it just eat meat…..i like to gnaw on their bones
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  11. ew wtf says:

    and you think eating fish is good for the environment, or healthy?
    fish is the least healthy of them all.
    i know mannnnnny people who eat fish and call
    themselves vegetarian because fish is seafood.
    a vegetarian diet doesn’t consist of meat, fish, or fowl.
    so their basically wrong. n ya u can go ahead n eat ur fish
    but ur not a veg.
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  12. Froo inn says:

    you can be a pescetarian
    its totally vegetarian except you eat sea critters and such.

    click here for more!
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  13. catchthesnitch says:

    Some vegetarians eat fish, so then sushi would be fine. If you don’t want to eat fish though, you should try california rolls, which don’t have the fish.
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  14. bellshteyn says:

    If you continue to eat sushi, you will be a pescetarian. I just eat veggie rolls and avocado rolls when I go out for sushi.
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  15. xxxmissx.xmurderxxx says:

    if your eating any fish, even just sushi occasioanlly then you can’t be vegetarian.
    it’s still great if that’s all you do, it’s better than eating other animals, but you can’t call yourself a vegetarian
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  16. alexandramarie says:

    Vegetarians don’t eat meat. Fish is meat.

    They do make vegetarian sushi, without fish. You could try that?
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  17. VeggieTart says:

    Vegetarians don’t eat fish, my dear. I’m sure you’re getting this a lot, but we really, really have to pound this into people who should know better. This is one of those misconceptions that WILL NOT DIE.

    Anyway, you have two choices:

    1) You can eat no animal flesh but the fish you eat in sushi. You won’t be a vegetarian, but it’s better than nothing. I also hate the term pescetarian. Just say "I eat no flesh but fish, and I only have it occasionally in sushi."

    2) Eat veggie sushi. Many restaurants make veggie rolls, and they’re pretty tasty.
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  18. Celtic Tejas says:

    Honestly how often do you have Sushi? Many Veggies start out by not eating animal flesh at home but make exception to certain times when they eat out. Many go on to be totally Veggie but it is a step by step process.
    Yes there is a sub catagory of Veggie/Fish eaters.
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  19. xenimae says:

    Eating fish is not vegetarian, fish are animals. It is pescatarian, where the only meat you eat is seafood. It’s totally up to you whether you want to go full vegetarian, no one is grading you on it, but if you do you can not eat fish. If your concern is for environmental reasons, you probably don’t want to be eating fish, as the oceans are dramatically overfished and it is doing awful things to ecosystems.

    Even if you decide to go full vegetarian, there are a lot of sushi varieties that are vegetarian. The term "sushi" actually refers to the vinegared rice used and not to the fish. Avocado, cucumber, carrot, asparagus, scallion, egg, tofu, and gourd strips are all vegetarian options that I have seen frequently in sushi rolls.
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  20. Scocasso ! says:

    I just eat the vegan sushi.
    There’s some fake fish out there that really tastes similar to the real thing, so you could always use a fake fish/crab/etc. sub and eventually you’ll learn to fool yourself.
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