Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue: Obama’s Favorite Food, Hillary Clinton Children’s Books

favorite food Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Wednesday, July 10.

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Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue: Obama’s Favorite Food, Hillary Clinton Children’s Books

Duration : 0:4:56

23 Responses to “Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue: Obama’s Favorite Food, Hillary Clinton Children’s Books”

  1. Nora David says:

    Poor old guy with …
    Poor old guy with the glasses. I feel like no one gives him enough attention. Then again, he’s barely funny. I don’t understand his presence.

  2. superquinn10 says:

    That’s why I watch …
    That’s why I watch Kimmel

  3. ChewTimer says:

    Thanks for talking …
    Thanks for talking about my Chew Timer on the KTLA Ch5 news show. I created ChewTimer for people who need help and don’t want others to know they can’t remember to chew slowly on their own. It helps those who are looking for help. Like me I needed it so I created it to help me chew slowly. After using it for a couple of weeks I remember on my own. I have been in the TV, Film industry for 38 years and work on the Conan O Brian Show. ChewTimer at Google Play or App Store. Thanks again

  4. MrFonz213 says:

    fuck i hate higgins
    i hate higgins

  5. johnlang24589 says:

    Who is this guy w …
    Who is this guy w glasses? How about kenan as a co host?

  6. johnlang24589 says:

    New co-host please …
    New co-host please, I mean whp

  7. Maria paz Hinojosa says:

    simply great. dont …
    simply great. dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur ipad3 or iphone as per ur choice. its not a joke, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. rush it here >> bit.ly/10Q9sav?=prftqn

  8. Teri Holmes says:

    Awwww, even when he …
    Awwww, even when he mess up he’s still adorable. I just love this man so much. ♥

  9. Teri Holmes says:

    What about him?
    What about him?

  10. xmissjemx says:

    For some …
    For some unfathomable reason I have the strongest desire to see my boy Jimmy do a cover of Miley’s “We Can’t Stop.” I don’t understand my brain, but I know Jimmy would rock it!

  11. smokejc says:

    that’s a good …
    that’s a good looking crowd right there.

  12. BlakeSteed says:


  13. BlakeSteed says:

    Don’t watch …
    Don’t watch yanea587 end of story go watch conana

  14. Yanea578 says:

    he’s even getting …
    he’s even getting kicked around by his side ‘whos that old guy with the glasses’ who interrupts him- hes soo not funny and jimmys just giving the show to him. this is too lame.

  15. Yanea578 says:

    jimmy i’m losing …
    jimmy i’m losing interest fast in this show. please grow some back bone <3

  16. shawnarmful says:

    this is funnay
    this is funnay

  17. KhaelaCH says:

    When Higgins said ” …
    When Higgins said “Fore!” my brain immediately followed up with “…skin”

    …I’m such a perv :( lol

  18. csrac23 says:

    I am mad at myself …
    I am mad at myself for having turned on the TV at 12:25 and then falling asleep while waiting for Leno to finish.

  19. Adam Zeph says:

    “I LOVE HER.”
    “I LOVE HER.”

  20. Simon Riley says:

    Nugent 2016! …
    Nugent 2016! YOU GUN CONTROL!

  21. A Juma says:

    not cool on the …
    not cool on the Hamas part lol

  22. caleb knott says:

    When Jimmy was …
    When Jimmy was talking about the golfer i thought he was gonna say “It’s all about the swing…”

  23. iGeekMaori says:

    I think I’ll do my …
    I think I’ll do my summer homework today

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