Mason Loves Poptarts (tribute to an autistic boy’s favorite food)

favorite food My son is autistic. And anyone who has an autistic child knows routine is key to having a smooth day. Part of Mason’s routine is having a Chocolate Fudge PopTart for breakfast (and any other melt down moment doesn’t hurt either) Yep, we go through a lot of Poptarts. I was doing a show at his school and wrote a few songs for them, this is one of them. Enjoy !! (and yes, the spoken story in the middle IS a true story, ha) To hear this song clearer and other songs please go to (See Like You is another song about autism) Mason is doing wonderfully and we look forward to him transitioning to mainstream in the near future. Thanks for your prayers and support. Feel free to drop us a line through God Bless you and yours !

proceeds of the song go to the Mason Loves PopTarts Fund

Duration : 0:3:51

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