Medifast VEDA August 17, 2012 – Tell Me Your Favorite Food

favorite food Help me compile my next Medifast food shipment. What foods do you love? What can’t you live without? What do you always run out of first? Tell me in the comments!!

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16 Responses to “Medifast VEDA August 17, 2012 – Tell Me Your Favorite Food”

  1. Ejeeha says:

    You look awesome. …
    You look awesome. Love the eye makeup too. I was looking forward to your VEDA today. My favorite item is brownie. Although second favorite is chocolate chip pancake because I have that as a waffle in the morning followed by coffee. :) I’m excited to try the Medifast cereal. Have you tried any of the ready made shakes? I ordered the Mocha to just try it out as a replacement for bars on the go.

  2. mshealthfirst says:

    chocolate chip …
    chocolate chip cookie as a shake… delish. soft serve coffee, makes great ice cream and is great as a shake.. thick and creamy…dark chocolate shake, made with a black cherry sugar free jello cup, water, and ice… tastes like those chocolate covered cherries…and lastly the vanilla pudding, used as a shake, mixed with chai tea and ice… lots of favorites …. and lots of not so favorites..let us know what you end up choosing.

  3. Gabbygrl01 says:

    I don’t know that I …
    I don’t know that I like anything so well that I would actually miss it, but I do really enjoy the chocolate chip cookies and the S’mores bars. But I think the thing I miss the most being on Medifast is a good savory meal. They have tons of sweets, but nothing in the savory category that I really enjoy.

  4. Jfaeful says:

    Beef stew and …
    Beef stew and smore bar

  5. WatashiWaRenee says:

    ready-made shakes
    ready-made shakes

  6. classyass says:

    Guess what? Just …
    Guess what? Just got back from an amazing sale at Avenue. They are having a store closing event, everything is 80% off and there is nothing over $13.00. It’s the Avenue at 10254 Coors (by Cottonwood) and they are only open for a few more days. Call 505-792-7801 for more info. Maybe you can go treat yourself this weekend! They have shoes!

  7. Safyre9 says:

    I love love love …
    I love love love the Caramel Nut Maintenace Bar! I know its more calories and you can only have it once a day but it is really good and on days where I get really hungry or have cravings I find eating one of them satisfies me. I am also a big fan of the shakes (blended with ice) favorites are Banana and Dutch Chocolate.

  8. ShAwNiEsPReTTyNiNk says:


  9. quinteroypuchungis says:

    My fave medifast …
    My fave medifast thing is Chicken noodle soup… I dont know why but it makes me feel like a real meal and its filling when i eat while drinking a big glass of water.

  10. quinteroypuchungis says:

    I luv ur makeup in …
    I luv ur makeup in this video..

  11. feliciannurse says:

    mocha shake and …
    mocha shake and peanut butter crunch bars

  12. greedy14u says:

    My favs are chicken …
    My favs are chicken noodle soup, brownie, dutch chocolate shake, and bbq bites :)

  13. FitAndFabBy40 says:

    EMILY!! Thank you …
    EMILY!! Thank you for telling me! Did you see my silly “haul video” from Saturday? I give you a big shoutout! xoxo

  14. daeleesa says:

    Peanut butter …
    Peanut butter crunch bars, fruit and nut bars, chili nacho cheese puffs, honey mustard pretzels, cinnamon pretzel sticks, oatmeal (HATED it at first but now LOVE it, especially since it’s very filling), sloppy joe, the mocha RTD shakes, brownies. I think that covers most of my loves. :)

  15. classyass says:

    yes I did! I was …
    yes I did! I was elated you saw this and got to get in on the deals! I vlogged some of the stuff I got’s called “Assange made me eat tacos”…lol

  16. dimplestoday says:

    both flavor …
    both flavor pretzels, chocolate crunch bar, caramel bar, crab soup, chili, sloppy joe, eggs (I have salsa and avocado on hand to eat with as condiments), pancakes (make in a mug always!), RTD new mocha (!), tried and love both flavors of new cereal(!), soft serve any flavor, pudding any flavor, chicken rice and chicken noodle soups… (I have month of variety backup…. just because I fear boredom eating… )

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