My Favorite Comfort Foods in South Korea

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I eat many different foods. I even ate dog for the love of Pete!! I love my Korean food! BUT, there comes a time when I must have those few special things that just hit the spot. Here are my top 4 things to eat when it’s time to get my chow on.

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11 Responses to “My Favorite Comfort Foods in South Korea”

  1. SeoulTee says:

    That explains why …
    That explains why it tastes so good!  Kinda like McDonalds. lol

  2. ManVersusDebt says:

    Dude, Pizza School …
    Dude, Pizza School that stuff is not good for you. They use sub-average ingredients. That’s why they’re so cheep.

  3. SeoulTee says:

    I hope you make it …
    I hope you make it here!

  4. Huba588 says:

    Wow, just wow. …
    Wow, just wow. REALLY Jealous right now. This is even more motivation to quickly get on my apps for Teaching in Korea haha.
    Your vids help out a lot, Thanks!

  5. SeoulTee says:

    Thanks! Glad you …
    Thanks! Glad you like my vids. They’re really fun to make. The things I brought that I’m glad I did are deodorant, shaving cream, and razors. Shaving cream back home is between $.99 and $2 approx. Here it will run you around $5-6 for the same can. Deodorant is very difficult to come by. Razors can be found but are not cheap.

    I’m happy for you coming to Korea. Make the most of it. Enjoy the good, the bad and the ugly! Few people are brave and adventurous enough to go. All the best!

  6. 1287tbutler says:

    You are hilarious. …
    You are hilarious. I’m in the application process to teach in Busan in August…Sooo freaking excited. What are some items you brought from home or wish you’d brought because they’re expensive or not available over there? (I will absolutely be watching every single one of your videos!!!)

  7. sb51809 says:


  8. sb51809 says:

    You deserving more …
    You deserving more subscribers

  9. TheSquishyMonster says:

    ooooh gosh, …
    ooooh gosh, everything looks so yum!!

  10. SeoulTee says:

    That’s actually my …
    That’s actually my favorite burger too! good stuff

  11. vlogofrachel says:

    I love the shrimp …
    I love the shrimp burger at Lotteria! haha and squid rings to go with it. :P

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