favorite food What are YOUR Favorite Foods?!






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24 Responses to “MY FAVORITE FOODS (Tag?)”

  1. yamilet907 says:

    profit!!! :D
    profit!!! :D

  2. SourlyRoxxi137 says:

    Haha “The pickles …
    Haha “The pickles are useless”

  3. LoLovesLife says:

    Chic-fil-A chicken …
    Chic-fil-A chicken nuggets with polynesian sauce! So delish!

  4. HighBeezy says:

    McD’s CHICKEN …

  5. linjas123 says:

    Im a hungry hippo …
    Im a hungry hippo too!! I love foods!! All foods!!

  6. MrFredthelemur says:

    i have that shirt …
    i have that shirt hhaha

  7. OceanSandy says:

    How do you eat so …
    How do you eat so much and stay skinny? I’m jealous -_- haha my favorite foods are fruits.

  8. bri94loveitall says:

    Your hilarious bro, …
    Your hilarious bro, anyway one of my favorite things to eat is a McGang-bang from McDonald’s it’s super awesome!!!!

  9. sugerzzsweet says:

    LOL Arthur! You’re …
    LOL Arthur! You’re freaking adorable!!-3

  10. SilverStuddedMusic says:

    Where on earth did …
    Where on earth did you get your shirt? I want it…

  11. NestArtist says:

    Hate pickles too . …
    Hate pickles too … Love chicken soft tacos >< TERRIBRU one is panda express Hahah!

  12. Farah Fadhilah says:

    jelas aja arthur …
    jelas aja arthur garros gak gemuk2 . lah wong sukanya makan junk food ._.

  13. Renata LovezYah says:

    pickle hating …
    pickle hating buddies! :P haha I think pickles are disgusting..

    -Btw, You forgot about carrots! hehe (:

  14. GracieNewtonMusic says:

    “hungry hippo over …
    “hungry hippo over here!”
    PHAHAHA lol!
    i love u arthur!

  15. Vashappenin Maltloaf says:

    I EAT TOO MUCH! aha …
    I EAT TOO MUCH! aha, at school I ask everyone for their food! We are hungry hippos together ;D omg you are so random.. buttt i love you! please watch some of my covers?

  16. Matthew Jay says:

    I love Quiche …
    I love Quiche Lorraine, Roquefort, Pavé Daphinois, cherry tomatoes, Caesar Salad, Chicken-Fried Steak, homemade nachos al carbon, and Vietnamese Pho. Oh yeah, I live for Bubble Teas.

  17. AllieroseOfficial says:


  18. luvit579 says:

    i think i’m gonna …
    i think i’m gonna go to taco bell now and snack on a number 7 combo meal ;)

  19. Kartoffelbrotmeister says:

    #hungryhippo :D
    #hungryhippo :D

  20. ArthurGarrosMusic says:

    :) junk food is …
    :) junk food is amazing

  21. ArthurGarrosMusic says:

    I think so!!
    I think so!!

  22. juliadevia95 says:

    I ♥ junk foods too …
    I ♥ junk foods too .
    All the foods you eat . I like it :D

  23. juanjusto123 says:

    You’re my favorite …
    You’re my favorite food…

  24. supersingingfreak says:

    You must have a …
    You must have a really high metabolism…

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