My Favorite Things (Fashion, Beauty, Food, etc!) + Giveaway!

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Hellooooo! Just showing you guys some of my favorite things ;) Let me know your favorites! Thanks for watching & I would love if you can give this video a thumbs up!

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25 Responses to “My Favorite Things (Fashion, Beauty, Food, etc!) + Giveaway!”

  1. Hanbabanana g says:

    WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR SHIRT OMG IM IN LOVE….asdfghjkl , *pleeeeaasseee pleasssee pleassseee reply*

  2. Noemi Lozada says:

    Do a second grade …
    Do a second grade advice video please

  3. Zhayra Geverra says:

    Love that nail …
    Love that nail colour

  4. Kimdany Ting says:

    do a high school …
    do a high school advice video. Please? :)

  5. Random011995 says:

    Love your videos! …
    Love your videos! You have a connection to the teenagers!

  6. roxyangel56 says:

    someone is sending …
    someone is sending me messages pretending to be you.

  7. Yolanda Duarte says:

    Your so cute and …
    Your so cute and just such an amazing YouTuber!!! I cant stop watching all your videos(:

  8. SuperSmile411 says:


  9. Daniela Sedano says:

    Go to boiling crab …
    Go to boiling crab best place to go :)

  10. gtiff925 says:

    Here again!
    Here again!

  11. Miss Mamo says:

    yaay :D
    yaay :D

  12. Jaaaaammmmeeeeyy says:

    Guys… Girls… …
    Guys… Girls… People… JUST BECAUSE SHE TAKES BIRTH CONTROL DOES NOT MEAN SHE HAS SEX. I’ve been taking birth control since I was 13.5 years old. Ill be 15 in two months. It’s used for many things lightening periods, clearing up your skin, regulating your periods an helping cramps. It’s not really any bodies business whether or not she’s a virgin.

  13. xnkgx3 says:

    thanks for making …
    thanks for making giveaways (:

  14. xnkgx3 says:

    i just signed up! i …
    i just signed up! i hope it will show that i really signed up through your link!

  15. ladya samuel says:

    please check out …
    please check out my video

  16. muahhsims says:

    Monthly favorites …
    Monthly favorites isnt something you buy every month its something thats you’ve been loving for THAT month

  17. Martha Jackson says:

    What camera and …
    What camera and editing program do you use?

  18. faeriiXD says:

    ever since your …
    ever since your losing your virginity video, i been wondering if you’re still a virgin and I found my answer today! ” I don’t know if it’s because of my birth control or something” :P Anyway, I love your videos! you have an amazing personality and you are very fun to watch ^___^

  19. mojoco03 says:


  20. lilykins24 says:

    YAAYYYY haha
    YAAYYYY haha

  21. LisasAmazingPeople says:

    You are so …
    You are so beautiful! I love your video.

  22. StarsLongGone says:

    I love how ah- …
    I love how ah-dorable you are! ^.^

  23. eunhyukkkie says:

    lol in your video …
    lol in your video it says 18+ with parent consent

  24. Marisol Jimenez says:

    i know this is …
    i know this is super annoying but i just do this because i want my channel to get noticed. its so hard to get noticed and if you just take a second to check out my first video i will really appreciate it and maybe subscribe. xoxo

  25. ilikeweylie says:

    You can actually …
    You can actually buy everything inside Luvocracy which is cool.

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