Need to Easily Make Fast Chinese Food?

These days many of us are out of our home for over ten hours in a day, and there is little time to prepare a good and rather healthy meal.  I’m going to review some tips that will save you time in preparation your Chinese meals.  Here are some great quick ways to cook your Chinese food fast:

1. Use common ingredients as substitute for hard-to-find ingredients.  Some Asian foods may not be available in your local grocery store.  You may substitute other foods when cooking your meals.  If you need Asparagus in your dish, you can substitute broccoli, string beans, and other green vegetables.  Another example would be substitution for black mushrooms.  You can use fresh American mushrooms.

2. Buy food ingredients in larger quantity.  A) Buy a whole chicken.  Remove the bones or debone the chicken and use the bones for soup stock.  Use the chicken meat for your Chinese dishes to be stir fried with vegetables for your refrigerator.  B) Another technique is to buy a fresh fish like walleye or tilapia.  Remove the bones from the fish known as filleting the fish.  Save the bones for soup stock and use the fillet part of the fish for stir frying.  As you can see there are numerous ways, use food when buying in bulk.

3. Make several meals from bulk purchase.  For the chicken that is not used in your large quantity purchase, keep it in an aluminum foil, and place in the freezer for your next meal.  For a fast and easily thawing technique, place the aluminum foil with fish between two pieces of meat.

4. Use leftover food for your meals.  If you could a Chinese vegetable dish for the previous night, you can easily as some noodles or rice to make it meal one day or two later.  Or, you may a few pieces of steak with some spices to give your new meal a bit more flavor.  I would advise using food as meal if it’s been there for several weeks since you may get ill from eating it.

5. Make some quick bites if you’re really pressed for time.  Buy some frozen steam buns from the store.  It comes in a variety of flavors from red bean paste, black bean paste, and chicken or meat filling.  Steam a few extra buns for breakfast and leave a few cooked one in the refrigerator.  Microwave the steam buns for an afternoon or evening snack. 

6. Save energy and fuel by using your equipment efficiently.   When you’re steaming those buns, you can use the other layers of the steamer to steam other food items too.  Most good steamers have two or three levels to steam food.  Buy a three level steamer if plan buy one. You can steam a variety of food for your meals like meats, vegetables, and even cooked rice.

7. Prepare sauces in advance.  Put your favorite sauces together in a jar, and store them for later use.  We have a 12 oz. jar of black bean sauce, but put it away in the refrigerator to store away for up to 3 weeks.  When we need that right flavor in our meals, we take a few teaspoons and put in right into our wok.  We’re ready with our meals within minutes.

Tristan Lum

14 Responses to “Need to Easily Make Fast Chinese Food?”

  1. Addison A says:

    Everytime you eat a high-calorie food does it contribute to the fat in your face?
    Like if you eat a lot of orange chicken, chinese food, or fast food in one day does it make your face rounder easily?

  2. Zombielove says:

    Any kind of fat would.
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  3. myemomonkeyiscuttingitself says:

    it probably helps
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  4. Queen Of All Games says:

    yes if you dont burn off the calories
    References :

  5. Cheyennegreaselover! :D says:

    It might! But idk!

    Cheyenne :D
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  6. hottie3381 says:

    no, if u have a chucky cheeks like I do its not contributed by eating fating foods. Its all gentics, if ur trying to get them, gain weight and eventually u will gain it in ur face!
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  7. Butterfly says:

    any kind of fat. Doesn’t matter what it is.
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  8. a1988 says:

    i think genetics would play a role in where the fat distribution takes place
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  9. lily says:

    It totally depends on YOU. For example I always gain weight in my ass and thighs. Some in their stomach, some in their face and arms. If you see weight gain in your face and your not on any medication that could be causing it, for example steroids eat more healthy and exercise.
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  10. Harry Juevos says:

    My face is as a round as a 16 inch pizza and I only eat celery wilth cream cheese.
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  11. sarah_lou_lookaliky says:

    From the name addison, im assuming your female. Women naturally put on weight on their stomach, hips, bum and thighs. This is because when women are pregnant, thats the area that needs to be protected by fat. So you would only put excess fat in other places after putting on weight in that area. Generally
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  12. Jason says:

    Fat ussaly goes to the hips or belly on women not the face, but yeah, you might get some fat in the face too. Easier just to have fat injected.
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  13. bubbles b says:

    dude, high-calorie food goes everywhere.
    your face
    your bootox
    your thighs
    your heart <3
    your arms
    your thighs
    your legs
    your fingers
    your toes
    your b00bz
    your thighs
    your thumb
    your weenises(elbows)
    your knees
    your mother
    your thighs
    your lips (angelina Jolie)
    your ears
    your omentum ( inside your body.Ever seen old ppl with round stomachs? look like their expectig a baby? thats your omentum)
    your thighs

    References :
    ME!!!DAMN IT!!!

  14. myfrenzcallmeheath FM says:

    i dont think it could happen in one day… over time, yes.
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