October Favorites! (make-up, food and fun)

favorite food YAY November! Click here for GIVEAWAY info: http://www.kandeej.com/2012/11/hold-onto-your-bra-straps-its-about-to.html

Good bye October it’s time for November fun! Here’s some of my favorite things in beauty (AKA make-upand beauty goodies), accessory, food- yes my favorite snacks and drink of the month.

If you missed my last video of “Blake Doing My Make-Up”- better than the “Boyfriend Make-Up” video, I think ha ha ha click here:


Everything I mention in the video:
My Pumpkin

L’Oreal False Fiber Lash Mascara
Plum Lip Liner from MAC
Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick (but they stopped selling it this summer…booooooo)
Cherry Lipliner from MAC
Urban Decay Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy
Too Faced Make-Up bag with the Love Sweet Love Collection
Costume National Shower Cream in Scent Gloss

Steam Punk Hat (hee hee hee,I really didn’t wear this, it’s just funny!)

Hanging and Stick-On Googly Eyes from Archie McPhee (I love these!)

White and glitter lighting bolt earring

RANDOM FAVORITE- Fabric Softener:
(I can’t decide- I like these both)
Down Unstoppables in Pink Scent Shimmer
Gain Fireworks in Sweet Sizzle

Favorite Food AND SNACKS:
Favorite Drink:
Mama Chia Vitality Drink on Kiwi Lime

Favorite Snack:
Babybel Cheese

Favorite Sweet Snack:
Chocolate Chip Cookies with
Three Twins Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Illume Mulled Wine Reed Diffuser (it smells amazing, like a cozy day in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate!)


channel #1: http://www.youtube.com/kandeejohnson

channel #2. http://www.youtube.com/thekandeejohnsonshow

Winner will be chosen and announced on Friday November 9th (short contest), posted on my blog: http://www.kandeej.com

*you can live anywhere and be any age, just ask your mom, dad, gramma, or someone in charge of ya’ if you’re under 18!

DISCLAIMER: no one paid me a stinkin’ penny to show you this stuff. I bought all this junk myself. I also bought the PRIZE at Whole Foods….whole foods did not know I bought it to do a giveaway! ha ha ha ha I did buy one for myself first, and it smelled so good, I thought someone would love to have their house smell yummy like mine!

huge hugs and see you in the video-tasticness!

“you’re more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think, and more loved than you can imagine”- your kandee

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25 Responses to “October Favorites! (make-up, food and fun)”

  1. bellydazer05 says:

    My favorite …
    My favorite holiday food is harvest pie!!! :)

  2. PaytenxCheyenne says:

    My favorite holiday …
    My favorite holiday foods are seasonal drinks like pumpkin pie milkshakes and moccas, my favorite holiday sent since I have been pregnant is cinnamon which is so weird because I used to HATE cinnamon smells but now I can’t get enough haha:)

  3. beeutifullcre8ion says:

    I was trying so …
    I was trying so hard not to look at your burn!! Ouchie!

  4. 明见 翁 says:

    $35 for NIKE Shoes …
    $35 for NIKE Shoes;sport jerseys
    $35 for Cucci Handbag;
    $14 for LV Sunglasses;
    $80 for Rolex Watches;
    ……..wqqshop. com—The Most Cool Shopping site !!!!!!

  5. koreantkdpride says:

    Warm vanilla and …
    Warm vanilla and chocolate

  6. jenjenjuicyfruit says:

    My favorite …
    My favorite christmas food and scent is anything pumpkin pie! Yummy!!! My favorite christmas scent is pine trees, I know thats kinda weird but it brings back memories from my childhood of when we had real christmas/pine trees in the house.

  7. yesica0345 says:

    I love to eat my …
    I love to eat my favorite kind of tamales on Christmas :) those hit the spot :)

  8. yesica0345 says:

    I love to sit down …
    I love to sit down on my couch drink hot chocolate while it rains :) so peacefull

  9. RicvhelleMarie says:

    I’m canadian so …
    I’m canadian so thanksgiving was a few weeks ago but i am a huge christmas person!
    Favorite Christmas food.. My moms cheeseball… Its just not christmas without it.
    Favorite Christmas scent.. Peppermint Mocha for my Candle, and twisted peppermint for body spray, i honestly can’t pick one or the other.
    Favorite Christmas drink.. Peppermint hot chocolate from Tim Hortons.

    My favorite thing about the whole season though is, my whole family is happy at one time, that almost never happens. ;D

  10. lilgumshoe99 says:

    Hey Kandee! One of …
    Hey Kandee! One of my favorite things around November and December is the smell of homemade candy and turkey filling up the house.

  11. tiarakeating says:

    Hi Kandee!

    I love …
    Hi Kandee!

    I love a super deep bath with lots of ginger essential oil in… so warming and cosy :)


    Sara, Glasgow

  12. xoxoL0V3xoxo says:

    i love pumpkin!
    i love pumpkin!

  13. sweetLKhoney24 says:

    Googly eyes! …
    Googly eyes! Hahhah!

  14. xKayxAngelx says:

    my favorite food …
    my favorite food to eat for christmas/thanksgiving are candied yams. :)

  15. LailyCouture says:

    Hi Kandee = ) I …
    Hi Kandee = ) I just recently fell in love with Starbucks’ Caramel Brûlée Latte. I order mine Breve, which makes it even more creamy & delicious. I also love anything Pumpkin flavored or scented- from Bath & Body Works’ Hand Sanitizer to Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake. Oh btw, it’s not weird to be passionate about things like fabric softener – the little details matter just as much :)

  16. 哈哈 马 says:

    $35 for NIKE Shoes; …
    $35 for NIKE Shoes;sport jerseys
    $35 for Cucci Handbag;
    $14 for LV Sunglasses;
    $80 for Rolex Watches;
    ……..wqqshop. com—The Most Cool Shopping site !!!!!!

  17. maddisonave07 says:

    My favourite thing …
    My favourite thing to eat at this time of year is Hot roasted chestnuts. Can’t beat it :)

  18. leya jacob says:

    I recently picked …
    I recently picked up a candle called chocomint from the bath and body works. its so delicious and its a scent that I will now be associating with Christmas! My fav food around christmas time is a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and marshmellows! mmmmmh! so not good for the hips.. lol

  19. PismoGIRLY says:

    my favorite TV …

  20. Mary Alarcon says:

    My favorite scent …
    My favorite scent this fall is pumkin cinnamon :)

  21. rachellejune says:

    Hi Kandee, So today …
    Hi Kandee, So today my sister introduced me to creme de mint mocha at our local coffee place! I would love love love to win! Granted I do live in North Pole and literally like 2 miles from the Santa Claus House, I would still love to win and have my house be extra Christmas-y with the diffuser! :)

  22. LindSayItAintSo says:

    The Starbucks …
    The Starbucks holiday drinks are my favorite!!! Especially the White Peppermint Mocha…OH MY WORD!!! <3 

  23. nessybabbyxo says:

    My fav xmas drink …
    My fav xmas drink is the pumpkin spice latte from starbucks. Yummm!

  24. Phillykae says:

    I love hot …
    I love hot chocolate, eggnog any anything warn you can put whip cream on!! :) 

  25. misstaraleeb says:

    My favourite thing …
    My favourite thing about Christmas now is sharing it with my little family – my partner and our daughter. I love setting up the Christmas Tree with them and watching our daughter’s face light up when it’s decorated and the lights come on. It’s such a special and magical moment :) I love watching Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas with our daughter and baking cookies. I just love Christmas!

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