Smosh – Food Battle 2006

favorite food Anthony & Ian fight to the death to prove which of their Favorite Food is superior.

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Duration : 0:7:47

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25 Responses to “Smosh – Food Battle 2006”

  1. hsmgeek4ever says:

    That was the first …
    That was the first Smosh I ever saw.

  2. paquett10 says:

    Thumbs up
    Thumbs up

  3. ThePokemonMonkey says:

    thumbs up if …
    thumbs up if you’re watching this in 2012

  4. SwagTilYaDrop says:

    2,677 Dont like …
    2,677 Dont like Taquitos or Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donuts!!! HATERS!!!!

  5. Payton Allen says:

    ian:im going to …
    ian:im going to Disney land
    Host:oh boy! can i go

  6. MissCrazyCrap says:

    hello people of …
    hello people of the youtube universe!! i’m new here on youtube, and i know these things might annoy people, but it would be awesome if you people checked out my channel!! (i might(not) give you a pink frosted sprinkled doughnut!)

  7. Diego van Heerden says:

    watch my vids and …
    watch my vids and tell seven friends before seven days or YOU WILL DIE

  8. dragonman2613 says:

    whats the point of …
    whats the point of this its mainly weird

  9. toungeguy45 says:

    uuuuuh…. sorry?
    uuuuuh…. sorry?

  10. Adam Potter says:

    lol ian always …
    lol ian always uses frosted pink donuts

  11. whatehell0 says:

    it’s 6 years old, …
    it’s 6 years old, give it a break :D

  12. MrPerry261998 says:

    I never realized …
    I never realized how much sprinkles just look like colored poop up close

  13. BungholeMcGee says:

    in food battle 2012 …
    in food battle 2012 Anthony should have a bag of fries

  14. huzzelzebub says:

    That awkward moment …
    That awkward moment when AWKWARD*

  15. iliketurtles155 says:

    @cutepuppy200 …. …
    @cutepuppy200 ….yeah ?…

  16. toungeguy45 says:

    that okward momant …
    that okward momant when you look at the links and u suddenly remember myspace used to exist o_0

  17. Cutepuppy200 says:

    Is there a 2007?
    Is there a 2007?

  18. Awesomewowlover16 says:

    Who knew donuts …
    Who knew donuts were so flammable! lol

  19. xSTREVENSx says:

    back when they …
    back when they were young

  20. MrFlipnoteHatena says:

    Now I want donuts.
    Now I want donuts.

  21. arvidthe3rd says:

    I’m with stupid — …
    I’m with stupid —-

  22. 202penguin says:


  23. Adam O Flynn says:

    No, I’m watching …
    No, I’m watching this in 5,000,000B.C. on my iStone.Don’t leavethe cavemen out of your stupid noobish spawm comments.

  24. ramymansi says:

    and me on MeTube
    and me on MeTube

  25. luong ba huy says:

    wasting food
    wasting food

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