Tree’s July Favorites 2012!!! (Beauty, Fashion & Food)

favorite food Once again another month has gone by, which is just so ridiculous! Plus side is that it will be Autumn, which is my favorite season! (: I know I know, it’s been 13 days since my last video! )’:


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17 Responses to “Tree’s July Favorites 2012!!! (Beauty, Fashion & Food)”

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    My instagram is xsmallteee.

  3. OuiWix says:

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    My instagramm is vivithi

  4. Coralsilk says:

    Can I ask you how …
    Can I ask you how to get a job to work for Dior, do you have to be a makeup artist, or how did you get the job. Thanx, really enjoy all your videos

  5. jolay7 says:

    can u do perfume …
    can u do perfume collection?

  6. MDeezayyy says:

    great video!
    I’m …

    great video!
    I’m new on youtube – check out my channel & subscribe if you like (i’ll subscribe back)!

  7. makeupbyjenn9 says:

    I love your hair! …
    I love your hair! What did you use to curl it?

  8. Angiefyxx says:

    My instagrams …
    My instagrams Angiefyxx :D

  9. MakeupByMarla says:

    I love following …
    I love following you on Instagram because the pictures you post of your son are so cute! :)
    Glad your back at making videos also! I would love if you could review more Dior products especially the new cheetah palette ;)

  10. ThatPolyChick2k11 says:

    Woohoo! Love it
    Woohoo! Love it

  11. MusicalJowiStar says:

    could someone …
    could someone PLEASE check out my channel? i make beauty videos! Makeup, hair, etc!!! :) :)

  12. ChloeMushmanski says:


  13. hockeymanon21 says:

    your hair is so …
    your hair is so pretty!!

  14. xxxcherrysakuraxxx says:

    yay your back!! :) …
    yay your back!! :) you look diff. tan i guess love autumn as well! :) great favs!
    oh you work at dior? cool.

  15. HelloItsKimmykins says:


  16. twilite798 says:


  17. maingedang says:

    :) Yay!!
    :) Yay!!

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