What are your favorite food combinations?

What is your Favorite Food combination?

banana and nutella

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  1. Mons†er ♥ [Suspended] says:

    Fruit + juice.

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  2. Live Forever.... says:

    Chicken, rice and black bean sauce.
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  3. Mr. Solo Dolo says:

    Pizza and Ranch
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  4. Pikachuuuu says:

    Chocolate syrup on popcorn or chocolate goldfish mixed with marshmallows (Marshmallows must be cooked in the microwave for at least 30 seconds!), Oreos with peanut butter

    Don’t judge me…O_O
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  5. ~C says:

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean but I’ve always liked Fried cabbage in lots of butter with jalapenos and sausage links. I always cut out the seeds and insides of the peppers so its not spicy at all.
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  6. Natural19rae says:

    Chocolate Ice Cream splashed with Orange Juice (Trust me, it’s good)
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  7. Hannah says:

    Chicken and rice. nomnom :)
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  8. Jay Feely says:

    Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
    Liver and Onions
    Fish and Chips
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  9. Λαμία says:

    banana and nutella
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  10. Evil Cheese Curl says:

    Teriyaki stir fry with rice.

    Also, cookies & cream ice cream with almond butter.
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