What Food Should you Eat When Suffering From Acid Reflux?

It is a well known fact that this condition is very well related with the kind of food we eat. This is not a life threatening condition, but it can cause much discomfort and it can be very unpleasant. So if you want to improve the way you feel, take my advice.

So what should you eat when suffering from acid reflux? First of all eat foods that cannot trigger acids that are found in your stomach. Such food must be without acids and definitely not spicy. Be very careful, cause the acid can cause damage to the throat and esophagus.

The type of food that can cause acid reflux can also depend from a person to another. This is very complicated because if you cannot figure out what type of food triggers the acidity in your stomach, than you can not know what to eat. You may also be allergic to different foods. The best thing to do in this case is to get yourself tested. Try eating as many different types of food that you can and see what upsets you and what not. Also try asking help from a doctor. When the problem is solved, the net important step that one must take is esting the right food. This may also be a little bit difficult, but with our help, you could succeed.

So figured out what food was causing the problem? Ok, then try to avoid it as much as you can. This is a very important step in your recovery. It may be difficult, because some of the food that you might have to avoid could be your Favorite Food, but try to make an effort. Another problem you might be faced with is that it is possible to descover foods that can cause you trouble along the way. Note that and try to avoid them as well. This way of making yourself feel better is quite difficult and you might have to eat a lot of things, before finding the right ones, but I can assure you, it is worth the trouble.

To make your task a little easier, I am going to recommend you some foods that are known for their anti acid proprieties. These foods are quite common and available. But note that there is never a well known list of foods that can help you. It all depends from a person to another. You are the first that should determine what can help you and what not.

This being said, here are some of the things you should eat. These foods are low in acidity or have no acid at all. Fruits and vegetables are most indicated when suffering from acid reflux. Apples, bananas, carrots, green beans, peas, cabbage or broccoli are some of the things that should be part of your diet. What they do is create an excellent balance of acidity in one’ s stomach, in conclusion preventing the acid coming back up. Also, if you can create a good balance between grains and meat, this may help a lot, because it can be very great for digestion.

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3 Responses to “What Food Should you Eat When Suffering From Acid Reflux?”

  1. JULIE D says:

    Will I be able to eat a normal diet again after a stomach problem?
    I want to know if I will be able to eat Chinese and Indian foods again and raw fruits and vegetables. I have suffered acid reflux and an inflamed oesophagus. A lot of foods make me vomit or reflux and I get pain,will it get right soon? Will I eat these foods again?

  2. Sean says:

    If you suffer from reflux symptoms generally you would be advised to avoid foods that make it worse for you (different foods will cause problems in different people). If you get the pain regularly or after many types of food you would probably benefit from medicines like omeprazole or ranitidine which you should ask your doctor about. These may enable you to return to a more normal diet.
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  3. Seagull says:

    You really should be avoiding anything that makes you vomit or get reflux. Medication might help relieve symptoms, but avoidance helps more. Sorry.
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