Callers React to Obama Using Colorado Shooting to Promote Gun Control

food on your phone Today, Sunday, July 22, on a special edition of Infowars LIVE, Alex and team will break down the classic earmarks of a staged false flag for self-inflicted wound via Colorado. Alex also examines the history of documented and declassified staged terror attacks committed as pretexts to launch wars, enslave populations, and ultimately so the criminal establishment can pose as heroes. He’ll also cover the latest news and take your phone calls.!/RealAlexJones

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25 Responses to “Callers React to Obama Using Colorado Shooting to Promote Gun Control”

  1. adam3176 says:

    Go back to Sleep …
    Go back to Sleep America.  Your GOvernment LOVES YOU. They want to CURE Your Cancer. Just sign on the dotted line. And head down to the FEMA CAMPS

  2. Anime0rManga says:

    The 2nd amendment …
    The 2nd amendment isn’t about being able to have guns. It’s second on the list because of it’s importance; too overthrow our government when it gets out of hand. Obama doesn’t stand for us, If did he would destory the FED( federal reserve bank). Do some research you’ll understand.

  3. koppellhinex says:

    Google ➨ MURDERED …
    Google ➨ MURDERED by the MONARCHS

    nwo+freemason+illuminati+scientology+secretsociety+religion+ bohemiangrove+banks+government+constitution+zionist+slavery+
    elitecriminals+politicians+war+etc = CAPITALIST REALM LANDLORD GRABBER PIG ROYAL LAZY FAMILY

    ►► copy& paste WE ARE THE 99% FREEMAN ◄◄

  4. Dadutta says:

    damn those BOROGS
    those BOROGS

  5. phrygian20 says:

    This is what …
    This is what happened to James Holmes…

    disclose . tv / action / viewvideo / 109161 / The_frustration_aggression_displacement_protocal

  6. ElijahJohn888 says:

    The LORD is about …
    The LORD is about to shut the door ( Rev. 3:7b ) on The Ark of HIS Grace. When this happens The Flood of Great Destruction will sweep across the whole world. A persons Obedience to Romans 10:9 &10 will ensure then entrance into The Ark. Do NOT delay to come on board. Today is The Day of Salvation.The Gift of GOD is? Eternal Life ( Romans 6:23b ) It is The Will of GOD in Christ is that all be Saved (1 Timothy 2: 4 & 5 ) GET SAVED TODAY you may not have another opportunity to do so MARANATHA-Amen

  7. tree003a says:

    the 2nd amendment …
    the 2nd amendment is not meant for hunting and target shooting. it was meant to remove tyrant governments.

  8. nokilla1 says:

    @GlamLUMINATI Obama …
    @GlamLUMINATI Obama is Bushs third cousin

  9. srspower says:

    Mexicos crime rate …
    Mexicos crime rate is high because Americans buy the cocaine they produce and firearms from America flood over the border. Alex Jones is such an illogical, constasntly debunked, class A moron.

  10. ElijahJohn888 says:

    We are born into …
    We are born into this world Spiritually seedless. Now then there are two spiritual Seeds made available to us. One is The Seed
    of Christ the other is the seed of satan. If a person dies without having accepted one Seed or the other then by default that person is assigned to the seed of satan because of their Sin nature because all men/women have sin falling short of The Glory of GOD [ Romans 3:23 ] & we are by nature the children of Wrath/Disobedience [Ephesians 2: 2 & 3] Christ Seed is a GIFT.

  11. sirdorkster says:

    Alex Jones has a …
    Alex Jones has a fetish for false flags.

  12. sirdorkster says:

    This is true.
    This is true.

  13. TheExsqueezeme says:

    Because Alex Jones …
    Because Alex Jones has a hidden agenda or he’s schizophrenic.

  14. TheExsqueezeme says:

    Silly internet …
    Silly internet troll!

  15. leefogle123 says:

    Its easy to make …
    Its easy to make gun yourself

  16. No1Mellenhead says:

    Hey Government, the …
    Hey Government, the next time you decide to stage the next mass shooting, how about making your next target the next Bilderberger meeting, make sure nobody gets out on this one. If your going to stage a mass shooting you may as well put criminals in the cross hairs instead of all of us innocent law abiding American citizens.

  17. DixiesJewel says:

    Very true, thanks …
    Very true, thanks you for the reply. It iso great too know there are those of us who will fight for liberty.

  18. ElijahJohn888 says:

    The Lord Jesus …
    The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from Heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not GOD,and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of The Lord,and from the Glory of His Power when He comes to rule on The earth. [ 2 Thessalonians 1: 7-10 ]

  19. SuperBigDickMan69 says:

    fuck off skum !!!!
    off skum !!!!

  20. GlamLUMINATI says:

    Everytime somebody …
    Everytime somebody kills will he say Obama made him do to strip our rights? Poor Obama. I bet he wish he never signed up to be President. Obama can’t catch a break from anybody. If y’all hate Obama so much go buy a country of your own and rule there and see how hard it is. Its a lot of nut bars out here and Obama is doing his best to protect us.

  21. GlamLUMINATI says:

    Stop bashing our …
    Stop bashing our President. Obama is doing the best he can to rebuild this country. He’s cleaning up the mess that was left by Bush. Obama is not God. Obama can only do so much at once. Why do people need guns anyway? I don’t need a gun. Nobody needs guns. Stay out of trouble and maybe you won’t live in fear depending on a gun!

  22. GlamLUMINATI says:

    Why are y’all …
    Why are y’all blaming Obama? Didn’t Y’all say he’s a puppet? So if he’s a puppet why not blame the people pulling his strings? He’s probabley just as scared as the rest of us. Obama is a good man.

  23. ElijahJohn888 says:

    The Truth is you …
    The Truth is you must be Born Again to enter the Kingdom of God. We got into this 5 senses world by being born into it. Like wise we come into Gods world/Kingdom by being Born into it. The first birth is of the flesh the second birth is of the Spirit. In the first birth we had no say in the second the choice is ours. The first is temporal the second is for ever. In the first a human male is our father in the second The Holy Spirit [GOD] is our Father.Start by being obedient to Romans 10:9 &10.

  24. secondplace88 says:

    Im aware false …
    Im aware false flags exist but why does EVERYTHING have to be a false flag attack?

  25. TheMadronas says:

    Did you hear Jones …
    Did you hear Jones criticize Isreal? Did you? Get the wax out of your ears!

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