Can I Get A Bite Of Your Food?

food on your phone Week 14: This one’s okay. I don’t love it. I do appreciate everyone being so generous with their food. There was a perfect reaction we had but the camera didn’t get the audio, these two older ladies at the school, “do you need money for food?”, which was funny but with out the audio wouldn’t have been worth putting in the video. Enjoy. – Andrew

Part 2 Can I Get A Bite in Florence, Italy:

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“I found freedom. Losing All Hope Was Freedom.” – Fight Club

Duration : 0:3:20

25 Responses to “Can I Get A Bite Of Your Food?”

  1. MCPython2 says:

    He has a strange …
    He has a strange resemblance to Macklemore…

  2. juan morales says:


  3. psnkevforce says:

    I like pudding
    I like pudding

  4. rapg24 says:


  5. LPTVpranks says:

    Hey everyone, I’ve …
    Hey everyone, I’ve just started my own Prank channel, I’m new to youtube and don’t have much money to invest in advertising at the moment. I am simply looking to make people laugh and I’m going to be frequently uploading videos throughout the near future. If you could please check out my channel I would greatly appreciate it. And who knows… You might find it funny Thank you to anyone who does click on my channel and PLEASE thumbs up so other people can see this too. — Much Love.

  6. Omima A says:

    could you change a …
    could you change a cent :D

  7. John Winterz says:

    XD I could never …
    XD I could never do that

  8. Daniel Hatlen says:

    Hey, why don’t you …
    Hey, why don’t you following people with somthing in you’re pants so it looks like you have a boner?

  9. John Tubig says:

    This is guy is …
    This is guy is awkward

  10. abdi1983 says:

    Ask them “are you …
    Ask them “are you gonna finish that” lol

  11. Ursula Juarez says:

    Lucky free food !!
    Lucky free food !!

  12. august piccard says:

    i propose for you …
    i propose for you an idea; why don’t you make up a problem and than stop ppl and make yourself as if you are crying to see how they will react to make you calm down :) !!!

  13. ItsNotActuallyFunny says:

    that’s the point.. …
    that’s the point….

  14. Crystallian101 says:

    i wud b too …
    i wud b too chicken to do this

  15. Joe Walls says:


  16. Guus Frenken says:

    I guess you’re one …
    I guess you’re one of the good people then

  17. kurco83 says:

    You´r a little bit …
    You´r a little bit awkward

  18. stargirl1642 says:

    Just thinking how …
    Just thinking how niall would be all like NO my food MINE

  19. Ascension646 says:

    Wow homoaerobics …
    Wow homoaerobics teacher. Nice name

  20. Matt Love says:

    0:23 MAMA LIKE THE …

  21. Matt Love says:

    That’s stupid, …
    That’s stupid, you’re stupid, Nathan.

  22. George huerta says:

    why are you looking
    why are you looking

  23. sierrapollard01 says:

    Andrew has some …
    Andrew has some BALLS man.

  24. MsTodayisgreat says:

    I want Andrew Hales …
    I want Andrew Hales to do Random DTRs (Define The Relationship).. How funny would it be to go up to some random person and say “I just need to know… are we friends? More than friends? Or are you pulling an Usher and got another one on the side? I need to know so we can move forward in this… whatever this is.”

  25. MrIlovefriedpotatoes says:

    how tall is he?
    how tall is he?

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