Doomsday Preparations – Emergency Food Storage List For Doomsday Preppers

food on your phone Doomsday Preparations Knowing the proper way to collect and store food is essential if you are trying to prepare your family for a natural disaster, food crisis, or economic collapse. Visit the link above for an emergency food storage list of important items that should not be neglected.

Below are a few items for a very basic emergency food storage checklist. Adding nutrients and vitamins to your diet is essential to maintain bodily functions and overall health. Canned goods are great for adding variety to an disaster diet. Your focus should be vitamins and proteins. Remember to stock food that your family likes. My family uses a lot of beans in our meals so we keep a lot of canned beans in our doomsday preparations food supply. Another secret is to stock up on sprouting seeds for more essential vitamins and nutrients to your emergency food supply. Although these sprouts are small in size, they are packed with with essential vitamins.

Here are some examples of doomsday preparations:

1. Food- Everyone needs to eat! Humans can’t last more than a few weeks without food. And it will start to be agonizing after the first few days of not eating. It is essential to have a good reserve of properly stored food supplies. Without proper nutrition you will not have the energy needed to perform tasks that are important to you and your family’s survival. Do you know which items should be included in your emergency food storage list? They should have a very long shelf life and require as little storage room as possible.

Some of the food items for doomsday preparations include white or wheat flour, corn meal, oats, white rice, pasta, beans, mixed beans, sugar, salt, cooking oil, peanut butter, milk, etc. For a complete list and detailed instructions on how to properly store these emergency foods click on the link below. Many doomsday preppers also store powdered drink mixes, tea bags, and coffee to add variety for drinking enjoyment.

2. Water- All doomsday preparations should begin with this emergency essential. A human can’t survive more than a few days without water. Fresh sources of water will be difficult to locate during a crisis or disaster. You need to have enough water stored properly until you can find an uncontaminated natural source. Do you know how the proper long term water storage rules? How many gallons of water should be stored per person? To get the answer to these questions and more check out this emergency food storage list at the link below.

3. Materials for starting a fire- Starting a fire will be the only way to cook without electricity and/or gas. Your emergency food storage list should include matches and other fire starting materials. Some other important emergency supplies you should gather for doomsday preparations are shelter materials, guns and ammunition, machete, shelter materials, thermal blanket, compass, medical supplies, saw and an ax.

For more information on emergency food storage list and doomsday preparations you can visit:

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    I started prepping after watching the tv show. It was hard to find an all in one resource for a newbie. I wish I had found this sooner but it has been very helpful in correcting the mistakes I made and taking my preparations to the next level.

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