Epic Burger Food Poisoning Prank (Arab Guy) – Ownage Pranks

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25 Responses to “Epic Burger Food Poisoning Prank (Arab Guy) – Ownage Pranks”

  1. rfutty1 says:

    Haha. I had a …
    Haha. I had a problem with her saying that. It annoyed me lol. What was really funny how when they guy gave his name and she said something different he agreed and then spelt it different,she didn’t even noticed LOL!

  2. propyropower says:


  3. mrA991s says:

    Egyption use ZA

    Egyption use ZA

    but Khaliji people go like the ,,, THHHHHHA ,,, HEAVY :(

    as long there’s no racism in the show Im fine with it

  4. mrA991s says:

    MIGHT ?? noo this …
    MIGHT ?? noo this is Not Khaliji at all !!

    zthis iz a Egypt ya man ^_^

    I love talk in an Egyptian accent even when I speak Arabic

    I love Egyptian people !!

  5. icecoldone4 says:


  6. SnubnoseZero says:

    I did…I actually …
    I did…I actually scrolled down to see if I was the only one. Who the honestly says that?

  7. mrdariusben says:

    At Burger King u …
    At Burger King u can’t always have it your way

  8. djStens says:

    Im now craving …
    Im now craving burger king really really badly

  9. GameRatinq says:

    “convermahsayshen” …
    “convermahsayshen” LOOOOL

  10. icecoldone4 says:

    So no one else had …
    So no one else had a problem with how she kept saying “on yesterday” & “on tomorrow” -_____-

  11. bow261 says:

    sense was not made.
    sense was not made.

  12. bobby1997100 says:


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  13. LionTipu says:

    300000 views in 2 …
    300000 views in 2 days, wow. This guy is funny. He should go 4 hollywood.

  14. mercanaries3 says:

    He or she sounds …
    He or she sounds like a cunt.

  15. Samantha John says:

  16. 04smallmj says:

    Why does she keep …
    Why does she keep saying “on tomorrow” and “on yesterday”? Why do Americans like to add random words? :P Like “off of” :P

  17. KenshinBlood says:

    lmao that good

    lmao that good

  18. therealmosamania says:

    Dude as an Arab I …
    Dude as an Arab I have to congratulate you on getting the accent right man.

    I haven’t laughed so hard in months the same way I laughed at the OKWOK part. I love you ownage… Do you love me too??

  19. therealmosamania says:

    العرب …
    العرب قااادمووووووووووووووون

  20. sabokunogaraa says:

    that\s an Egyptian …
    that\s an Egyptian accent 

  21. ComradeBroslice says:

    okwok! HAHAHAH! xD
    okwok! HAHAHAH! xD

  22. TheL3G1TG4M1NG says:

    LOL I Loved this …
    LOL I Loved this BTW Im Leb

  23. roboticpunk says:

    A-like-a-some-boooo …
    A-like-a-some-boooo– oh wait, sorry.

  24. OBEY7YOUR7SYSTEM says:

    Is OwnagePranks …
    Is OwnagePranks also KYRSP33DY?
    Because to me they sound kind of the same.

  25. BeautyClips says:

    I’d like to see …
    I’d like to see the guy :p what’s his name?

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