Forget Your Free Phone, Obama Has Screwed The Poor

food on your phone Protester outside of Romney rally explains how Obama gives all minorities free phones and that is why they should vote for him.

Did she say “fool stamps”?!/RealAlexJones

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25 Responses to “Forget Your Free Phone, Obama Has Screwed The Poor”

  1. nanthony777 says:

    Black people love …
    Black people love government help. Even the ones with jobs, get free everything. Black people have always live of the government.

  2. whatsthatyousaid says:

    The Hunger Games is …
    The Hunger Games is a perfect depiction of Obama’s plan for America.

  3. Ahmawan Yasharahla says:

    Vote for either one …
    Vote for either one and your still getting a devil!!

  4. DyllaFD says:

    holy shit, get a …
    holy shit, get a haircut

  5. 67uxb says:

    niggers represent …
    represent ONLY 13% of the U.S. pop. BUT commit crime at these rates; 49% of murders 32.5% of forcible rapes 55.5% of robberies 33.9% of aggravated assaults 31.7% of burglaries 29% of larcenies-theft 36.3% of car theft 31.7% of forgery and counterfeiting 31.2% of fraud 31.7% of embezzlement 35.5% of stolen property, buying,selling,possessing 40.7% of prostitution/commercialized vice 30.8% of offenses against the family and children 34.2% of disorderly conduct DOJ 2009


    people who support …
    people who support obama are delusional.

  7. dav44633 says:

    The lady with the …
    The lady with the scratchy voice in the video is an uneducated moocher and should not be allowed to vote.

  8. Gregory Stewart says:

    You realize saying …
    You realize saying “nigger” is racist? 

  9. K1ngcharming says:

    if are what …
    if are what you say why do so many of em have a better education and career than you?you cant judge blacks by the silliness you see on t.v and youtube videos

  10. K1ngcharming says:

    wow alex jones …
    wow alex jones sucks now, the woman talkn about the phone was a crackhead, and the one talkn about mortgage and a tank of gas was an actress.i now see why views for alex have gone down. he continues to push these crappy vids of actors, actresses, and crackheads who i really doubt vote but dam sure will take a free phone. dont be so gullible

  11. cobrajam96 says:

    You first of all …
    You first of all have to understand are a bunch of dumbasses don’t have an education worth shit, so you give a something free and they are your pet for life. Just don’t give them a match the burner neighborhood down.

  12. 67uxb says:

    Gibs muh dat.
    Gibs muh dat.

  13. jonathannintendonerd says:

    54 people got a …
    54 people got a free phone at my expense.

  14. MsKAP27 says:

    The truth! Finally!
    The truth! Finally!

  15. genefire says:

    FYI, The government …
    FYI, The government is the enforcers, and its no for the people by the people. So when people regurgitate the government you should realize that we’ve had a coup de tat in broad daylight without a shot being fired. Everyone knows that, “We the People” aren’t represented by these traitors in DC, but yet in still when the puppets move as commanded by their Puppets, the people scream at the puppet without realizing that there is someone behind the curtain operating the puppet. A little context plz.

  16. genefire says:

    Um…NO, the …
    Um…NO, the bankers and the elite are the one who really received the most from this Puppet Obama. It’s easy to look at the bottom of the totem pole and pick out a few ignorant uneducated people to spew stupidity on camera, Meanwhile…the real people getting a free handouts to the tune of trillions of dollars are the bankers and corporations who own our PUPPET Government from top to bottom and throw in those traitors in the Supreme Court as well. But hey the poor are easier targets to ridicule

  17. tp4ever1950s says:

    aww your so cute …
    aww your so cute man, love your accent, and you make sense its a miracle :D

  18. mrmissolanious says:

    And anyone who is …
    And anyone who is dependent on the gov’t is not free, and has enslaved THEMSELVES by their own free will. And if not broken to self independence, this vicious cycle continues…

  19. brrbish says:

    …and one more …
    …and one more thing…..
    I believe this, that we are all equal in the eyes of God who created us with a free will. For those that do not believe in God and I respect their opinion. I also have something to say about that: remember that even our finger prints and DNA are unique and individually grafted that makes each of us that one person that can think for themselves and choose. hmmmm ? That’s also the will to be FREE!

  20. brrbish says:

    Amen! I am …
    Amen! I am hispanic. American/cuban. I also can tell you that I know how these type of radical ideas of all government control system can bring down a country. I know how these radical individuals can use the poor to get what they want for their own political agenda. I know how they divide the country by race, ethnics, financial and even religion. It is very sad to see it but it is very true.

  21. canadianroot says:

    Neither of them …
    Neither of them have any real power. Nothing would change under a Romney administration. They’re being controlled by people you rarely, if ever see. Mere deejays. Spinning tunes other people have chosen for them to play. And YOU have no choice in the playlist. The onrushing police state will NOT tolerate any more of this insolence from the people.

  22. canadianroot says:

    There’s a lot of …
    There’s a lot of truth to what you say, but you missed the point with just one word: “gives”.

  23. canadianroot says:

    stop complainin’… …
    stop complainin’….stop grumblin’…..stop cryin’……how folksy, Obama. Frickin’ puppet.

  24. Centerman2k says:

    Spread the Word. …
    Spread the Word. The Obama Phone rumor is false!
    free government cell phones dot net

  25. mrmissolanious says:

    Like I said… …
    Like I said…ignorance.

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