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food on your phone Home Food Storage Secrets: I’ll cover some basic information critical to your long-term home food storage. These tips and tricks may help you survive a regional emergency or a world changing disaster. The church that operates the on-line catalog is the LDS — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — commonly referred to as the Mormons.

The on-line catalog link:


Article – Home Food Storage Lasts 30 Years or Longer:


The e-mail response to my question concerning non-member orders:

Thank you for your e-mail.

There are no restrictions on who can order from our catalog. You may place an order online at www.store.lds.org or by phone or mail. To order by telephone, call 1-800-537-5971, if you live in the United States or Canada. If you reside in a different country, please use the following link: Global Service Center. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If you prefer to order by mail, send the request along with credit card information, check, or money order for the amount of purchase, plus any applicable state and local taxes, to:

Distribution Services
1999 West 1700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Please make check or money order payable to Corporation of the Presiding Bishop. Also, please make sure you include your name, address and telephone number along with the items you would like to order, quantity and size (when applicable). Only US funds will be accepted for mail order.

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25 Responses to “Home Food Storage Secrets”

  1. ohairjb1 says:

    how do you know …
    how do you know how much food to store?

  2. tukkeeprepper says:

    @patriotusa200 You …
    @patriotusa200 You probably..30 days. But if there are at least two people eating the contents, you’ll go through a #10 will go quicker than 30 days.

  3. indypreppersdotorg says:

    for everyone around …
    for everyone around indy check out indy preppers . org

  4. bleaupearls says:

    nice video Thanks.
    nice video Thanks.

  5. healthyfoodstorage says:

    Most dried foods in …
    Most dried foods in #10 cans will keep about a year once they are opened. However, I have had some last longer than that. It depends on the type of food.

  6. snaps81625 says:

    @patriotusa200 When …
    @patriotusa200 When I open a #10 can of beans I pressure can the whole can .. but first I soak those beans overnight with a little baking soda!! It softens the old beans.. I promise anything you open will be used and quickly enough!

  7. BlackCatSaloon says:

    @patriotusa200 I …
    @patriotusa200 I eat a lot of food! lol I’ll eat the entire contents of a #10 can withing a few weeks…I’m a healthy and hungry boy. lol

  8. patriotusa200 says:

    My quesiton is: …
    My quesiton is: After you open any of the 30 yr, 10# cans, how long does the food last after the can is opened?
    Obvously no one can eat all that food in one can in thirty days?

  9. BlackCatSaloon says:

    @RuthieTalk Could …
    @RuthieTalk Could be…

  10. RuthieTalk says:

    I am a born again …
    I am a born again Christian… more and more Christians are storing food…who knows maybe we are doing this for those who are left behind after the rapture.

  11. BlackCatSaloon says:

    @ …
    @TheReaganRevolution I’ve found the Mormons to be very kind and helpful as well. Thanks for the comment and I”m glad you enjoyed the video.

  12. TheReaganRevolution says:

    I just went down to …
    I just went down to one of the Mormon store houses here in Indiana. I was impressed I have to say. I was afraid that they would go off about Joe Smith on wot not but much to my surprise they were the kindest people. I will admit that I have changed my perspective about them. The product, by the way, is grade A. I mean, we just tried some of the grains we bought and I will say that they taste so much better than the stuff I buy at China-Mart. Great Vid! This was of GREAT help. Thanks mormons

  13. BlackCatSaloon says:

    @prepster411 Thanks …
    @prepster411 Thanks for the comment and good point…storing food can certainly act as a hedge against inflation.

  14. prepster411 says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this timely information. Food prices are definitely going up. Having food stored is going to be a better investment than the stock market I think.

  15. ThoughtsofTHATmom says:

    Just so you know, …
    Just so you know, the prices are significantly higher online. Here are some examples:
    -Plastic lids $5 (10) online, $1 (10) at cannery
    -Starter $31 online, $22.20 for 6 at cannery
    -Red wheat $28 online, $21 for 6 at cannery
    -Rice $30.75 online, $24 for 6 at cannery
    -Oats $21.25 online, $15 for 6 at cannery
    -O2 absorbers $12 (100) online, $10 (100) at cannery
     -Pinto beans $40.75 online, $28.20 for 6 at cannery
    -Mylar bags $94 (250) online, $75 (250) at cannery

    You DO pay more online!

  16. FredFlintStoneRox says:

    @patriotusa200 …
    @patriotusa200 After you open the can it is not going to last 30 years. It will last just like any other bean, rice, oats
    dry product will. Of course if you keep the open can sealed with a plastic top and in a cool dry place it will be ok.
    Once open one should eat the contents within a reasonable amount of time.

  17. BlackCatSaloon says:

    @wakeupsheople …
    @wakeupsheople You’re welcome.

  18. BlackCatSaloon says:

    @FredFlintStoneRox …
    @FredFlintStoneRox Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment and also the additional information.

  19. wakeupsheople says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the info Blackcat.

  20. BlackCatSaloon says:

    @patriotusa200 lol. …
    @patriotusa200 lol…after you open the can you’d want to consume within a reasonable amount of time.

  21. patriotusa200 says:

    Does it still last …
    Does it still last 30 yrs after you open the can? On one can eat a ton of food
    in a copule of days.

  22. FredFlintStoneRox says:

    To add to my other …
    To add to my other post about the Bishops Storehouse: If you have one near you please go by there and check it out. You can buy more items than what is listed on the store.lds.org website. Not all of the Bishops Storehouse locations have a food storage center but if the one near you does, check it out and see for yourself. And yes, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

  23. FredFlintStoneRox says:

    The church also …
    The church also runs what is called “Bishops Storehouse”. It is where one can go to the storehouse, purchase the foodstuff and or the cans, and supplies to can it yourself. The one near me also has a canner they loan so you package the food at your house. Some have the canner and a pouch sealer too. If you do not have a Bishops Storehouse near you, then order the food from the website.

  24. BlackCatSaloon says:

    @ihatesquirrel13 …
    @ihatesquirrel13 All good points.

  25. Neeromx says:

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    Good day, great video. Have you tried bee4 biz (Just google this) they actually pay a lot more and they convert much better I started earning like 10 times more. You get paid to make and post short links

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