How To Be Less Lame With Your Smartphone

food on your phone PUT THE PHONE DOWN.
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Duration : 0:2:5

25 Responses to “How To Be Less Lame With Your Smartphone”

  1. leaf stone says:

    it seems their …
    it seems their food will taste better after they show it to other ppl . sad

  2. filip000 says:

    The fact that this …
    The fact that this video has to be made, is enough to see how retarded the human race has become. I’m very proud of having a great laptop with every gadget needed, yet my cell phone is just a ….cell phone. Not a smart phone. Because I need a phone with battery life of 7 days, not a pocket laptop made for wasting time.

  3. Mustafa Arikan says:

    I just hate it when …
    I just hate it when my wife takes a picture of every single we ate and posts it on facebook. it drives me nuts.

  4. X-Undercover-X says:

    Took a load of …
    Took a load of photo’s of 1 Big Mac…LOL Fatass…

  5. Melanie Kim says:

    1:29 You can’t like …
    1:29 You can’t like a comment on Instagram! ;)

  6. Katrina Harp says:


  7. XBOXMaybeIJust says:

    But it’s a fun game …
    But it’s a fun game to do while in a quiet place. {Replying with caution, not trying to start an argument of sorts}

  8. XBOXMaybeIJust says:

    I clicked on the …
    I clicked on the thumbnail because i saw a burger.

  9. LittleLulubee says:

    I thought that was …
    I thought that was Facebook

  10. Randyolsson says:

    you can’t like …
    you can’t like instagram comments

  11. DeltaVids13 says:

    Dennis exactly what …
    Dennis exactly what I was thinking!

  12. Alise Bankston says:

    I do all of those …
    I do all of those things!! @Jade L That happens 2 me all the time

  13. Jade L says:

    Most of my friends …
    Most of my friends text but never answer when I call :(

  14. WaltJRBreakfastCo says:

    I always thought it …
    I always thought it was for really nervous teens who cant come up with something clever to say to someone they like.

  15. W. Miester says:

    The only thing that …
    The only thing that went wrong is that im in bed right now

  16. isaacpeeblesip says:

    Shit I’m in bed now …
    I’m in bed now.

  17. Jarek Michalski says:

    ONE exception: …
    ONE exception: using your phone as an alarm clock is very convenient ‘coz you can set it differently for different days (and you can choose e.g. a song you like to wake you up). And I don’t have a separate alarm clock anyway. Apart from that – 100% right ;-)

  18. MrDuska33 says:

    that’s the reason …
    that’s the reason why i hate smartphones

  19. Subtly Agressive says:

    I have a flip phone …
    I have a flip phone. I use it to actually “call” people. And I have a corded phone at home in case the power goes out.

  20. Subtly Agressive says:

    And what about …
    And what about who text those people, while they’re talking to you in person. How rude is that? Every time I’m talking to someone and they check their phone while I’m speaking, I feel like knocking their phone out of their hand.

  21. TheIMProject says:

    Not the only person …
    Not the only person, as you have 37 thumbs up, however as a group you guys are the minority – most people only text people they want to text.

  22. Shado w says:

    Not always, but in …
    Not always, but in general I understand that.

  23. InsidiousQC says:

    Bitch please, I …
    please, I still use a corded phone, and I own nothing more than this here computer. No cellphone, no tablet, no nothing. Just watching this cause its buzzfeed’s video

  24. MertSamet VEVO says:

    please do a video …
    please do a video about how to be less with computers

  25. Nikolas Toumbas says:

    Lemme take a …
    Lemme take a picture of my food

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