How to take great photos using your smart phone.

food on your phone Chicago food photographer, Stephen Hamilton, shares his tips on how to take beautiful, yet simple photos on your smart phone.

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  1. inceptionisification says:

    my right ear is …
    my right ear is angry.

  2. HereIsScott says:

    Audio is fcked!
    Audio is fcked!

  3. idohauls1 says:

    F U you use iphone
    F U you use iphone

  4. Sebastian Eschenbach says:

    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 4S

  5. manozr says:

    few tips from my …
    few tips from my side.
    1. try closeups (resolution factor)
    2. reducing noise (dont use flash, holding still, dont zoom[[at all]])
    3.use gridlines and try different shooting modes and scenes modes
    4. read tips from dslr videos(coz there aren’t much for mobile phones) and get inspired by the way they do it in there.
    5. Never hesitate to try photography apps and post production apps or softwares (esp for reducing noise and adding vibrance to the photo)

    see my pics in Instagram @manozr

  6. TheGamersGuides says:

    What phone is that? …
    What phone is that? Please Reply x

  7. tokibird says:

    wtf happened to the …
    wtf happened to the audio?

  8. t13c6 says:

    great now do it …
    great now do it with a better smart phone..

  9. TheTechTardShow says:

    Don’t feel bad, …
    Don’t feel bad, SimonDuken. I have a dumb phone, too. But I would love some advice from Stephen on how to use it. Stephen: I have a Samsung A670 flip phone. It actually takes some pretty good pictures. I tried to focus it better by touching he screen, like you said, but it doesn’t do anything. Can you offer some more advice for people like us with dumb phones?

  10. SIMONDUKEN says:

    Uhhmm not all the …
    Uhhmm not all the people are rich..i have a dumb phone….

  11. THEMrFill says:

    how did this …
    how did this suddenly change from “using your smart phone” to “using your iPhone”?

    here’s a better tip – BUY A CAMERA! you’ll get MUCH better pictures, have optical zoom, larger storage (and removable storage), and on newer cameras you’ll have WiFi to upload to computer or websites (Flickr, etc – I won’t even look at FB for photos!!!)

  12. NocBrasty says:

    …. not everything …
    …. not everything stays in focus on that iphone 4 you are using. It may be auto focus be it is a of a lot different than everything staying in focus…

  13. Abraham Friedman says:

    Thanks @digitalgear …
    Thanks @digitalgear, that was the problem. The opening narration was in stereo and then switched to mono and I only had one of my earbuds in at the time.

    He makes taking a good photo so easy.

  14. digitalgear says:

    the narration audio …
    the narration audio is on the left side. so put on your left earpiece.

  15. Abraham Friedman says:

    Video has a bit of …
    Video has a bit of a sound problem. After he says “a store bought salad” the scene changes and you loose the narration.

  16. tetracycloide says:

    He still opens with …
    He still opens with ‘sometimes I’m forced to use the flash in a dimly lit place’ which is great because that’s what most people are forced to do and it looks like shit. The problem is the video doesn’t explain at all how to get a good photo if you’re forced to use the flash in a dimly lit place.

  17. tetracycloide says:

    “A lot of times …
    “A lot of times it’s dark and I have to use the flash [in a restaurant]”
    “The key to getting a great photo is to take it in a location with absurdly good natural lighting”

    So what do you do to get great photos if you’re not near a beautifully lit window in the middle of the day i.e. 99.9999% of all use cases on a smartphone camera?

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