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Let’s make this an #instagramsday to remember. Show us your appentizin’ food and your parentalizin’ skills, and remember the hashtag! From now on, every Wednesday is #Instagramsday in Kirk & Tyler land!

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Written and Performed by:
Kirkwood Bullis and Tyler Torti ( )

Directed by:
Chris Siclair ( )

© 2012 Kirk&Tyler

Bored on the couch with nowhere to go
I slide to unlock then I aim my phone
I’ve got perfect taste
Can’t let this moment go to waste

I sit in the car but before i go
I slide to unlock then I turn my phone
Back around to me
Cause I need the world to see

I will instagram it
My reflection and my journal
I will instagram it
My cup of coffee, and this urinal
I’m gonna Instagram it
My duck lips and a sunset
You know I’ll Instagram it
My six pack, and a bonnet

I #hashtag my pics to make sure their seen
I’ve got the best feed I can guarantee
You won’t unfollow me.
At least unless you’re mean

So go get your phone or your Droid’s 3G
Check out my online gallery
It’s my photography
And they’re all works of art to me

I will instagram it
My wedding pics and my vacation
Gonna instagram it
My fireplace and my Playstation
I’m gonna Instagram it
My playlist and my workplace
You know I’ll Instagram it
Some bubblegum, and a clam bake

Instagram got a nice ring to it
Change it from a noun to a verb LET’S DO IT
I launch the app every night and day
All my pics are filtered in the Instagram way

Gonna Instagram it when that sun is rising
Always snap the food when it’s appetizing
It’s not surprising how my dog wins prizes
I just had a kid now I’m parentalizin’

5,6, baby pics now my likes are risin’
Won’t be long before it’s canonized
And immortalized on the #PopularPage
And I’ll be recognized as the Instagram sage

Trees, babies, dogs and cats
I will Instagram it and you will double tap
Clouds, clothes, coffee, and naps
I will Instagram it and you will double tap

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14 Responses to “Instagram It”

  1. rueckerl says:

    this is beautiful.

    this is beautiful.

  2. dancerbaby10 says:

    Sweet vid, yo. # …
    Sweet vid, yo. #instagramminalldayerrday @camimonet

  3. KirkandTyler says:

    we would never.
    we would never.

  4. khlover001 says:

    I love you guys so …
    I love you guys so much, for not letting me down <3

  5. waynecopreacher says:

    Great song
    Great song

  6. GermanScientistTV says:

    Oh i’ve been …
    Oh i’ve been waiting and it did not disappoint. Shared!

  7. KirkandTyler says:

    you’re the first to …
    you’re the first to notice! n00bs

  8. johnmelick says:

    you said ” …
    you said “playstation” but showed a picture of an xbox360.

  9. KirkandTyler says:

    keep the faith.
    keep the faith.

  10. KirkandTyler says:

    duh. this is for …
    duh. this is for the other readers!

  11. breadman86 says:

    u already follow …
    u already follow it yo. andrewols.

  12. KirkandTyler says:

    dude we don’t mess …
    dude we don’t mess when we throw down! show us your skillz. what’s your instagram feed?

  13. loudestn0ise says:

    I will Instagram …
    I will Instagram it.

  14. breadman86 says:

    Expectations …
    Expectations exceeded. Y’all killed it. Never stop instagramin.

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