Kicking Jesse Out (Sept 19th 2012)

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25 Responses to “Kicking Jesse Out (Sept 19th 2012)”

  1. AdamUPNow says:

    1:17 Whoa, thank …
    1:17 Whoa, thank goodness the babies don’t understand yet. 3:22 Driving alone is great for thinking and peaceful.

  2. JADcreators says:

    The uploads the …
    The uploads the vlogs a day after they’ve been recorded.

  3. missmemissy says:

    yaaay :)
    yaaay :)

  4. stjohnyouth says:

    And now you can …
    And now you can add another to your list! haha

  5. The1JimCarreyFan says:

    i remember you at …
    i remember you at the theatre … you were always trying to vlog people who didint want to be vlogged :P … and you were dating Tuxedo Mask … or whoever … man … so much has changed since then huh

  6. youngrelleus19 says:

    hey!…..none of …
    hey!…..none of that!……we use miles IN A AMERICA!

  7. missmemissy says:

    YAY! i know people …
    YAY! i know people from vernon :)

  8. TheLAULAU1117 says:

    why don’t you make …
    why don’t you make the videos with the correct date

  9. iaagg says:

    Yes, I am sure the …
    Yes, I am sure the ball jokes were all used up long ago. Damn

  10. kazoosc says:

    how did you shoot …
    how did you shoot the footage in the car?
    is the camera on a mount?  which one?

  11. Ares05 says:

    2007 was your 9th …
    2007 was your 9th grade?? I graduated in 2005… I feel old. :/

  12. 3064492 says:

    You are crazy
    You are crazy

  13. Des Perreault says:

    Really, haha I got …
    Really, haha I got scared that I heard that but I should’ve known that cassandra likes to use sarcasm. But yeah I hope.

  14. Serratus648 says:

    Because You are so …
    Because You are so good at it :P

  15. duhastchris says:

    i recon its blue
    i recon its blue

  16. duhastchris says:

    when do we actually …
    when do we actually get to see your car

  17. duhastchris says:

    is it just me or is …
    is it just me or is the steering wheel huge

  18. kiaralouisee says:

    Sunburnt again?! …
    Sunburnt again?! Careful Cassandra, I heard that cancer stuff can kill. You should get an SPF ~whatever number~ moisturizer, I’m assuming they have those in Canada but they might be called something else. Saves a lot of gross skin peeling on the face in summer though.

  19. MasTer9006 says:

    You can go in the …
    You can go in the HoV lane you got us! that’s like 17k+ people!

  20. halflight666 says:

    you had me at …
    you had me at hello 4:59

  21. asbani911 says:

    i want to rent his …
    i want to rent his room, i will be a good rommie

  22. Rosario Mata says:

    I want to see the …
    I want to see the car :D if we guess the color would you show it? it’s green?!

  23. stjohnyouth says:

    If you were still …
    If you were still in Kelowna I could do your headshots! (I just graduated school and got my diploma in photography)

  24. stjohnyouth says:

    Woohooo! I’m from …
    Woohooo! I’m from Vernon :D

  25. ammiella says:

    Wouldn’t catching …
    Wouldn’t catching the thing larger than your mouth be easier unless it was awkwardly shaped? :P It’s so weird seeing you drive! I haven’t seen you drive before!

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