LeWeb Hangout with Ludovic Le Moan, CEO of SigFox

food on your phone SigFox is a fascinating company thats changing the way objects communicate with each other. They’re building massive networks using a very lightweight form of communication.

Sound confusing? In this interview, Ludovic Le Moan breaks it down simply, and shows us how his company is building the groundwork for the future. Imagine a world where you can track the temperature in your home, when your food in your fridge goes bad, when your plant needs water, and anything else you want, all from your phone, all without wifi.

You can come see Ludovic and many more amazing speakers in the “Internet of things” world speak at LeWeb Paris ’12 on Dec 4, 5, 6. Register here: http://www.leweb.co/register/paris

Duration : 0:36:4

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