McDonalds – Poo in my Burger – Trolling all over the phone

food on your phone This woman just get’s madder and madder, she’s the fire that burns deep with in us all, she’s a raging beast from deep within. Watch as I question the 2 ladies at McDonalds about a poo I found inside my “whopper” burger.

They don’t think it ever happened but they wern’t there, they didn’t feel my pain, they never heard the tortued screams of anguish as I discovered that log inside my meal. They can’t take it back but they can console me over the phone, too bad they have no desire to do so. All they want is for me to suffer more, until I tell them I’m suing that is.

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25 Responses to “McDonalds – Poo in my Burger – Trolling all over the phone”

  1. vINathIx says:

    Get a burger, take …
    Get a burger, take it home, in the burger and bring it back to the store?

  2. yah2344 says:

    Max: can i speak to …
    Max: can i speak to karry??
    bitch:No (angry face)
    Max Ok tell karry shes looking pretty tonight

    fuck that made me laugh so hard

  3. victory4life00 says:

    karry is a dumb …
    karry is a dumb bitch

  4. joe fich says:


  5. Maddiiieex3 says:

    This one is my …
    This one is my favourite xD

  6. TrusnipeSnipes says:

    5:38 you craap …
    5:38 you craap yourself

  7. Chikonlin3 says:

    Everytime he says …
    Everytime he says whopper eat 5 pieces of candy, i bet you’ll have a cavity by half the video :)

  8. deathhackx says:

    lol shes a scary …
    lol shes a scary XD

  9. TheOnlyWayIsXBOX says:

    anotates his own …
    anotates his own laughter = dedication

  10. zombie444488 says:

    Omg funny as shit. …
    Omg funny as shit. Lol troller

  11. Jack Lee says:

    yeah he is
    yeah he is

  12. RMGouldinho17 says:

    Where are you from? …
    Where are you from? Australia? 

  13. sean parks says:


  14. jamespike117 says:

    LOL, this bitch is …
    LOL, this bitch is like uber mad.

  15. GAMERFREAK247 says:

    Lol haha
    Lol haha

  16. TheHellsnick says:

    I just litterly …
    I just litterly laughed my balls off……..

  17. jacob hogg says:

    lol wats it wrapped …
    lol wats it wrapped in a bit of paper u dumb mcdonald sshit face tamtoe nose

  18. samuel kadiri says:

    Lol big “whopper”
    Lol big “whopper”

  19. TheNAVeX says:

    No one tells …
    No one tells Maxmoefoe what to do! He’s a legendary pokemon like…. Ho-Oh! You are the common Magikarp! And a scary cunt…. Karry.

  20. rauriisthebomb says:

    yor a homosexual …
    yor a homosexual vermon choad

  21. BrendanGuitarAddict says:

    I love you.
    I love you.

  22. PocketRocketBra1 says:

    well olne of those …
    well olne of those little took a in me burger

  23. 1Administrater says:

    nice beferin on …
    nice beferin on the big poo pic

  24. jamessimth129 says:

    Smart, I think i …
    Smart, I think i might try it… :D

  25. lowVengeance says:


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