Mylar Bags Detail Food Storage by Pastor Dowell

food on your phone Pastor Dowell, is sharing his experiences with food storage with Mylar Bags. He is going to provide detail instruction in:

1. What items you should use.
2. Proper Storage
3. What to look our for
4. And Advice

We here at Straitway are trying to do are part to help and do good unto all men, especially them of the house hold of faith.

Please feel free to copy and make DVD’s of this video and past the instruction around to help others out. It is my prayer that we could save you some unnecessary steps and expense.

Each Sunday Pastor Dowell is on for two hours taking your phone calls. This program is to try and provide sound advice and to help all those who want to be more truthful and independant.

Duration : 0:14:37

24 Responses to “Mylar Bags Detail Food Storage by Pastor Dowell”

  1. TheCherokeeangel22 says:

    Thank you Pastor, …
    Thank you Pastor, your videos are so helpful. God bless!!!

  2. Chrissy Johnson says:

    Thank you Pastor ! …
    Thank you Pastor ! You”re a smart man

  3. balaclavaman says:

    Pastor.Just a …
    Pastor.Just a clarification.

    In the video you state that the absorbers suck air out of the bag,that´s incorrect.They absorb oxygen,that is 21% of the air in volume.

  4. charlenae60 says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the information that can be so critical in the future. Awareness and Preparation is EVERYTHING at this time in history. Very thorough guidance! Great job Pastor Dowell!

  5. AwakeDude911 says:

    yes because its …
    yes because its raw iron that turns to rust inside the Oxygen.Absoberts. packets.. thats how they work..

    the bucket doesnt matter if its food grade or not if your using these bags !
    your just protecting the bag from getting broken open by storing it inside the bocket…
    if the food is stored in the bucket and is touching the bucket then it needs to be food grade buckets !

  6. pattybbb1 says:

    Excellent video. …
    Excellent video. Just saw your comment on SouthernPrepper youtube and thought I’d check you out. Where in TN is your church? I live Alabama. What you are doing is great, your ‘flock’ is blessed.

  7. jerobinson30 says:

    I like your videos …
    I like your videos man, but i gotta ask does Under Armour compensate you for all the advertising??

  8. jono032954 says:

    Hey Pastor google …
    Hey Pastor google gamma seals these are excellent substitutes for lids
    Stack em DEEP

  9. Silverwolf352 says:

    good video, thank …
    good video, thank you

  10. CCl2NOH says:

    the mylar bag …
    the mylar bag sealing method works very good. but you should also do a desiccant bag into the mylar bag, because the absorbtion of oxygen is creating moisture. you can also seal these bags with a flat iron. i tried this. it works very well and is less expensive. you can also use an type of iron without electricity. greetings from germany.

  11. ilovegod9988 says:

    i found out the …
    i found out the orange buckets from home depot to be the cheapest they are 5 gallon buckets,but it has the rubber seal and says hdpe and has the number 2 on it. the hdpe and the #2 stands for bpa free and can be used for food.

  12. mssquirrely says:

    Awesome Vid! Thank …
    Awesome Vid! Thank You Sir for sharing.

  13. sickofwaiting1 says:

    Great video! just …
    Great video! just ordered my mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. i hope they have the pink tablets. I already have canned goods on deck, but I need the bags for rice and beans. Ive been putting off buying bags for several months but then i ran into your videos and decided to go ahead and get back to it!

  14. gasdorf says:

    thats for laying it …
    thats for laying it out ..when i first tryed this i didnt get the results you did …ill try again ..i had the oxygen absorbers with out the pink pill…my guess is they were old from Y2k era

  15. tartus2009 says:

    I am so thankful …
    I am so thankful for the information and instructions you’ve shared with us. Keep it coming Brother.

  16. dmshoes says:

    Wow! 30 years!! …
    Wow! 30 years!! Great video ahki!Todah for this and YAH bless you!

  17. PastorDowell says:

    @MrRazorback81 …
    @MrRazorback81 Start storing it.

  18. PastorDowell says:

    Yes, U.S. …
    Yes, U.S. Paratrooper 10 years. Thank you please keep watching and tell others to help get the truth out. 

  19. John Gotti says:

    Pastor Dowell, all …
    Pastor Dowell, all of your videos are awsome and have great educational value!!! BTW were you prior Military?

  20. bigjoejoe18 says:

    lol peace lol got …
    lol peace lol got to love it fruits of the spirit will do wonders for hatred and an arguementive spirit.

  21. BePreparedNews says:

    thanks for this …
    thanks for this video! wish more pastors were like you..I’m new in faith and is learning and growing but i will share this video with my subbers

  22. momzilla57 says:

    pastor, i have …
    pastor, i have been prepping for a long time. just want you to know i appreciate your commentary.i am a new sub and have been going back into the archives catching up on the word.i would really like to hear more about your ministry in tennessee. gonna hit the website when i get a chance.i am a cardiac nurse, a mom and grandma. widowed but not down for the count:)

  23. lalatutu123 says:

    You have a wise …
    You have a wise wife who knows its important to keep peace in the house. LOL My dad had a “Do Not Touch” sign on his tools & electrical equipment when we were growing up lol. I see you have some expensive woodworking tools you dont want any of those to go ‘missing’. Step away from the Chi. LOL My mom grew up poor in Jamaica, when she came to Canada she was always stockpiling food in our basement. we would laugh. Now she moved back to Jamaica in the country & grows her food.

  24. PastorDowell says:

    My wife will not …
    My wife will not show me what one is, because she knows all I care about is function! So there is a reason why I still do not know what one looks like. 

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