Obama Buys Votes With Cheap Phones and Empty Promises

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INFOWARS NIGHTLY NEWS – (Friday, September 28, 2012) Alex Jones exposes the ugly fact that Obama’s Big Government push grows on the dependency deliberately bred in populations. The latest viral video celebrating ‘free phones’ made available through “Obama”-led assistance programs only serves to underscore a long pattern of submitting to government in the hopes of finding salvation. The poor and needy line in up droves to support Obama and others making promises, oblivious to the fact that trade policy has destroyed the jobs base and social engineering has weakened the people’s morale.

Read more: Forget Your Free Phone, Obama Has Screwed The Poor http://www.infowars.com/forget-your-free-phone-obama-has-screwed-the-poor/





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24 Responses to “Obama Buys Votes With Cheap Phones and Empty Promises”

  1. edmond dentese says:

    I sleep with a …
    I sleep with a pillow under my gun

  2. NotMyFirstRode0 says:

    Some thing tells me …
    Some thing tells me Alex is so paranoid he sleeps with a gun under his pillow.

  3. CowgirlCaz says:

    Oh my lol lol lol. …
    Oh my lol lol lol. I just had a lightbulb spark up in my mind. Well, seeing as folks with phones get a “hidden” fee that they have to pay in order for Obama to supply these “free phones” to folks like ObamaPhone Lady … doesn’t ObamaPhone Lady and others realize that as soon as THEY get a phone that they too will have to pay that fee in order for OTHERS to receive phones? LMAO!!!!!!

  4. lalibb123 says:

    Soo who are you …
    Soo who are you getting your money from

  5. mark32811 says:

    @Adamodevadam Oh …
    @Adamodevadam Oh and they will do anything it takes to stay in control and to scare us. But mankind has endured worse than these tyrants. You could say our souls are amalgamations of all disease, tyranny, slavery, imprisonment, strife, genocide and nuclear holocaust we’ve been through. And they think they’ll frighten us? They’re sadly mistaken. All my love, power and blessings to you.

  6. mark32811 says:

    @Adamodevadam I …
    @Adamodevadam I think many have been incited to murderous rage by these wicked control freaks. But the only way we move forward is to deprive them of attention, focusing on the things we do want.  Love, power, peace, freedom, justice and control. We will tear down all tyranny and we WILL make Heaven on Earth.

  7. Adamodevadam says:

    Damn right. …
    right. Yesterday I red the story of donald rumsfeld. I’m pissed, that this kind of jerk is still alive.

  8. thexprodigyx6969 says:

    Is it just me or …
    Is it just me or does it sound a bit communist

  9. mark32811 says:

    These governments …
    These governments are all owned by the same people, the same families. And taxation goes to them. This system is totally beyond our control, because other humans are beyond our personal control. We can’t see which of them are acting selfishly and which are acting for true good. But these Antichrists have sucked up enough of our attention. We should consider focusing instead on the service and support of ourselves and each other. On progress.

  10. Adamodevadam says:

    Poor America. If …
    Poor America. If the only choice of this country is between Obama and Romney… the whole world is in trouble.

  11. twoking10 says:

    Obama said in the …
    Obama said in the 2008 campaign that adding $4T in debt was unpatriotic. Bush added $4T in debt in 8 years. Obama has added $7T in debt in 4 years. Personally, I wouldn’t have resorted to the tactic of calling someone unpatriotic but… that seemed to be HIS tactic at the time.

  12. V1RU5ex3 says:

    You were all over …
    You were all over him! This is why we love you. Such those who postulate for themselves unruly leaders, – who are rash and willful to exalt those who yield not unto God – will become a scorn and left destitute, even by their own parents.

  13. meisterjager66 says:

    im ashamed to be …
    im ashamed to be called an american with this entitlement trash.

  14. tock101 says:

    Remember Obama said …
    Remember Obama said that the rich don’t pay their fair cell. So, the middle class and blue collar workers pay their fair share of taxes. So. who’s fare share of taxes paid for this?
    It is the middle class and the blue collar tax payer money that paid for this cell phone program for the rich has not paid their fare share ot taxes. So it’s us middle class and underpaid that have our taxes being used to give away free cell phones and stimulas money for bonuses to the rich. Middle class taxes gone!


    LMAO@8:50 Obama …
    LMAO@8:50 Obama Phone Lady “Crazy Muppet” That’s classic! X-D

  16. oldhickery07 says:

    for all who dont …
    for all who dont know ……concertive means you want to conserve the republic …….have small gov.
    and have low taxes and free markets the true free market like the one in 1950 any thing else is just not a free market today we have a i dont know what it is but i can tell you we are headed for communism…………………..

  17. oldhickery07 says:

    thats not exactly …
    thats not exactly true ………Jefferson said the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and the blood of patriots ………and George W.after his 2 terms at his going away speach said ………I FEAR ONE DAY THIS POLITICAL SYSTEM

  18. damonstackhouse says:

    it appears that …
    it appears that slavery rules……..smh…sad who will save them?………ur not blind…..ur eyes just closed….sad as shit….so close….but yet so far..

  19. JMC47449 says:


  20. sillygoblin0 says:

    Part 1. The North …
    Part 1. The North American Technate TNAT Technocracy—-you tube

    Alex watch all these videos there are alternatives… consider it at lest. We would be ride of business men/women and lawyers taking position in office and replace them with Scientists and Engineers PEOPLE WHO CAN SOLVE PROBLEMS. People that are knowledgeable.

  21. sillygoblin0 says:

    Alex all of these …
    Alex all of these problems would go away if we where to use Technocracy Inc. plan you said it in this video we can exponentially produce…..but that’s not the problem there is no scarcity and growth causing a collapse of the system. Our founding fathers predicted that this nation has it stands would only last 200 years.

  22. FreedomsReigning says:

    You’re the only …
    You’re the only person saying it. We tried to help you, we tried to get rid of the word and raise you up to be something more, a free and productive child of God, but instead, you just kept calling yourself and preying on people.

    You chose to live a covetous life and to worship at the feet of a man who’d answer your unjust prayers.

    There’s a reason there are so many pyramids in Africa. They’re like a scar, timeless evidence, evidence that man worship runs through your veins.

  23. FreedomsReigning says:

    Another !@#$ing …
    Another !@#$ing yank coward and satanist? See what I mean about “uniting” with people such as yourself.

    Why on gods green earth would I ever want anything to do with you? You’re like a walking and talking advertisement for liberty.

    Please, keep running your mouth. Show me your enlightenment. Let your false light shine. Show everybody what kind of person is screaming “unite”.

  24. tim daley says:

    AND; once again!

    AND; once again!
    the world hates U!
    have u seen yanks on holiday?
    bloody nightmare…………

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