Obamaphone Lady, Obama Phone Woman Says Vote for Obama to Get Free Phone From Federal Program

food on your phone Recorded on September 28 2012. My Shot of the Day on The Original Obama Phone Lady. The Video of a Democrat Voter who says you should vote for President Obama to get a free phone from a Federal Lifeline Program paid for by your Tax Dollars.

Duration : 0:8:7

24 Responses to “Obamaphone Lady, Obama Phone Woman Says Vote for Obama to Get Free Phone From Federal Program”

  1. StoogeWatcher says:

    The unions and the …
    The unions and the Democratic Party.

  2. StoogeWatcher says:

    Not just Obama, …
    Not just Obama, but Muslims.

  3. kevinmcdshotday says:

    it’s called …
    it’s called freedom of speech which Obama supporters fear

  4. kevinmcdshotday says:

    Obama is president …
    Obama is president now and he has to take responsibility of what goes on during his presidency. Obama didn’t start Social Security, food stamps, welfare but it needs to be reformed. The lady believes Obama gave her that phone and that is what I’m basing my comments on…HER beliefs….my dog has a higher IQ than you

  5. kevinmcdshotday says:

    I like it
    I like it

  6. TheStradguy says:

    The answer is …
    The answer is VOTE AND CHANGE Don’t let anything keep you or your friends and neighbors from the voting booth. We will win.

  7. superduperjew says:

    The program as it …
    The program as it exists today was created over a decade ago by an act of Congress, the Telecommunications Act of 1996. A version of the Lifeline program was already in operation as far back as the early 1980s.

    It has nothing to do with Obama. It’s in place to help people. This woman is a moron, just like “kevin”.

  8. superduperjew says:

    I’ll agree that …
    I’ll agree that this woman is a moron. To label everyone based on a single woman is a very dumb thing to do.

    You’re spreading lies, op.

  9. Toms Machineshop says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your video I also made a video to expose this clown (our president) but in ways most people are not aware. Please watch my video and I’ll be happy to link yours too. Toms Machine Shop

  10. kevinmcdshotday says:


  11. kevinmcdshotday says:

    somebody paid them …
    somebody paid them to protest

  12. XxPaMpAkSxX says:

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  13. kevinmcdshotday says:

    sad but true
    sad but true

  14. kevinmcdshotday says:


  15. kevinmcdshotday says:


  16. kevinmcdshotday says:

    si si si si
    si si si si

  17. JebBlack2010 says:

    I guess the richest …
    I guess the richest man in the world Mr. Slim supplied all the Obama Phones.

  18. countyfair74 says:

    She is obviously …
    She is obviously receiving too many food stamps.

  19. Jason Cohen says:

    Check out my Video …
    Check out my Video Response to ObamaPhone Lady!

  20. bctvguy says:

    The free …
    The free ObamaPhones are just a small part of Obama’s bribe program. 

    20% more people have been added to disability roles to collect benefits.

    14,000,000 MORE people are now on SNAP (food stamps).

    The full costs and unintended consequences of Obamacare are yet to be seen.

    Obama’s spending has already increased the national debt by 52%.
    Each and every citizen now owes $51,427.

    A second term of this poseur as president will only get much worse.

  21. jacktala1 says:

    your altetnative is …
    your altetnative is?….mitt the twit? funny vid though…pour me.

  22. vorkhall says:

    hahahahah kevin XD
    hahahahah kevin XD

  23. joey3846 says:

    Obama. you on sosh …
    Obama. you on sosh security, he gave us a bone…all them Government suckers need to go get a job instead of standing on the corner waving signs.

  24. KJBPSkipper says:

    Oh,and Kevin,I …
    Oh,and Kevin,I think the white man is the minority now days…just take a minute to think about this…the “others” reproduce in mass quanities,I know that sounds racist,but at this point it is almost to the survival of the fittest now….so I really could care less what others think of me.

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