Online Food Ordering: the Internet Advantage

Since the advent of Internet things have changed so far. From Clothes to electronic gadgets, from books to toys, every thing can be purchased online. Now even food can be ordered online while sitting at homes/offices with the convenience, only provided by the Internet. Online food ordering system is an advantage offered by the Internet to the restaurant industry. The system provides convenience to both restaurateurs and their customers.

Online food ordering is being accepted by restaurateurs all over the world, to cater to their customer’s needs. Restaurateurs are subscribing to the system to create a brand image of their restaurants in customer’s mind. The system is replacing phone/brochure based ordering at a faster speed, letting the customers experience a ‘no frustration zone’. By just accessing the online uploaded menus, customers can get details of food they want to order from any of the subscribed restaurants.

Various incredible features are the reasons behind the popularity of online food ordering systems. By going through these features, you will come to know why food industry is joining this bandwagon at a larger scale.

  • An All Time Open Restaurant – Facilitating the customers to visit the restaurant even during the odd hours, i.e. when the restaurant is closed.
  • Ability To Remember Last Orders- Enabling the restaurateurs to easily identify the frequent customers and their preferred orders.
  • No Error Prone Ordering- As a little is left to be done manually; there is no chance of error in ordering.
  • Various Payment Gateways – Payment can be done via various payment gateways like Pay Pal, Pay upon Delivery etc.
  • Risk Free Transactions- Encryption provided to the communication between the restaurateurs and customers for full security of the valuable customer information.

To start using the online food ordering system is a quite easier task. All it requires is to create an account at the restaurant’s website and start placing orders. It is a saying that ‘customer is the king for every business’. That is why, inspired by the Internet boom, all the wise restaurateurs are offering top-quality online food ordering service to their customers.

Shefali Dhamija

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  1. eliziam says:

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    I prefer to buy it fresh in-store. But if not easy to find, do you have a particular website you’d recommend ordering from for the freshest & best quality? (There are many sites, but I’m hoping for a personal recommendation)

  2. epic_laydown says:

    i’ve never seen fresh acai berries anywhere, and I’ve been to some very gourmet places. I just don’t think it’s available. It might be dried somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it either dried or fresh. ONly the juice.
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    To the best of my knowledge, it is impossible to buy the actual acai berries unless you live in South America. I pasted the info below from the Acai Health News. The link is in the Source(s) along with another link from

    Whatever you do, avoid buying acai over the internet, especially from companies that offer free trials. I got SCAMMED and I don’t want to see that happen to anyone else.

    Your best bet is to go to a health food or vitamin store and buy acai products directly. I do NOT have any financial ties to Sambazon, but their products are almost definitely the best. Their liquid and frozen products have acai pulp, while the powder and capsules are freeze-dried in South America from the fruit. I don’t really know which is better—powder or liquid. Unlike other companies, I think it is safe to buy acai from Sambazon’s website.

    By the way, it is very unlikely that acai will help with weight loss. Sambazon never makes that claim—other companies do.

    Where Can I Buy Acai?
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    When a food item contains a high amount of fat, it tends to expire quicker than other selections. Since Acai is comprised of 30 to 50% fat, the berries become rotten within a day of being picked. This is why it is impossible to export fresh berries to other countries, such as the United States. Fortunately, manufacturers have found other ways of sharing the nutritional and health benefits of Acai berries.
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