Order Food from Your Phone with ChowNow

food on your phone Ever wish you could place an order at your favorite restaurant right from your phone? ChowNow makes that possible, with full menus and a system that transmits what you want straight to the restaurant. And they also have options for restaurants to use on their websites or FaceBook pages.

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9 Responses to “Order Food from Your Phone with ChowNow”

  1. geekbeattv says:



  2. thrillbylg says:

    You can do all of …
    You can do all of this since ten years ago its called a simple phone call bit this is cool to lol

  3. stormmoss says:

    VERY VERY Cool! I …
    VERY VERY Cool! I know a BUNCH of places that could use this service!

  4. ibmxx says:

    Livid lobster!
    Livid lobster!

  5. kiege says:

    or canada’s …
    or canada’s justeat.ca

  6. iamnottomgreen says:

    NRA?  National …
    NRA?  National Restaurant Association….

  7. IphoneJack says:

    just like englands …
    just like englands justeat.co.uk

  8. Alex N Morales says:

    Nice service must …
    Nice service must save a lot of time money and headaches.

  9. pablo mendez says:

    Awesome video :)
    Awesome video :)

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