Pirillo Vlog 067 – Chris and Diana Host a Party

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Chris & Diana Pirillo
1420 NW Gilman Blvd #2543
Issaquah, WA 98027


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Duration : 0:10:1

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24 Responses to “Pirillo Vlog 067 – Chris and Diana Host a Party”

  1. tux4tosh says:

    Hey Chris, how do …
    Hey Chris, how do you clean those high up windows in the hallway area of your house, by the front door?

  2. sims3loser says:

    chris why is your …
    chris why is your house so big?

  3. MirrellTV says:

    Start using a ” …
    Start using a “stand up” desk? Apparently, they are all the rage at Facebook and other places where people are constantly typing away at a computer. Supposedly it helps circulation.

  4. MirrellTV says:

    What other excuse …
    What other excuse would he have to get out of the house?  ;-)

  5. omarhadi says:

    EL PENE DEL SABADO hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha so thats what u do on saturdays?

  6. yetben5 says:

    check out my vlog …
    check out my vlog idk how i did but its my first vlog so it would be great for you guys to watch it and rate it :) I’m trying to get big out there

  7. VendettaReturns says:

    Diana, Your Very …
    Diana, Your Very Pretty Woman! :)

  8. FoxyBoy4Ever says:

    I don’t understand, …
    I don’t understand, why don’t you just buy some instant coffee for the house instead of going out to get coffee lol it just makes life so much easier.

  9. johnnybeane says:

    @8:44 How are those …
    @8:44 How are those Spicy Thai Kettle chips?
    Haven’t seen those around here.

  10. HenryMonmouth says:

    Chris excited is …
    Chris excited is funny. Chris disappointed is sad. :(

  11. jcasey04 says:

    Chris: You do …
    Chris: You do realize that on oscar mayer bologna it actually says “mechanically separated chicken” I mean come on. WHy the do the put that. Who the wants to know that?

  12. ferrara101video says:

    It’s been a while …
    It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Mac Pro!

  13. dansermeddrenger says:

    What card did chris …
    What card did chris get?

  14. k1llmebill says:

    $4 a gallon??? Here …
    $4 a gallon??? Here in europe we would LOVE US prices!

    Try european prices!!!!

    Here in denmark its 12,40Danish krones a liter which equals 54,56dkk a gallon which equals about $9,30 a gallon!!!

  15. blogtweeter1 says:

    Chris seems to …
    Chris seems to have a nice life, and he´s funny imitating spanish soap opera :)

  16. benmulpeter1 says:

    Google play store …
    Google play store under devices.

  17. thetreverpitts says:

    gas hit 3.15 over …
    gas hit 3.15 over in jacksonville FL

  18. gotnitemaresRay says:

    We’re could I order …
    We’re could I order the nexus tablet ?

  19. talfacprez says:

    Gas Prices? It’s …
    Gas Prices? It’s nice to Live in Tulsa OK where there are two refineries across the highway from each other…and gas is $3.02 per gallon.

  20. Paganful says:

    Yeah, we pay over …
    Yeah, we pay over 10 dollars per gallon..

  21. ForceUnleashed83 says:

    not a good idea at …
    not a good idea at all.. you would smell like a bum ;p

  22. ForceUnleashed83 says:

    finally?! we pay …
    finally?! we pay close to 3 dollars PER LITER !!!!!! lucky people you are in America “Gas station” lol Does your cars fill up with farts? mine has petrol;p ok that wasent funny but I am half asleep

  23. farchord says:

    “Too bad you can’t …
    “Too bad you can’t burn an insane amount of calories by typing alot” Hahahaha! Yeah, if that was the case I’d look VERY different XD

  24. chrisa693 says:

    they have bacon …
    they have bacon cologne

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