Salvage your wet phone

food on your phone Your mobile phones contains so much personal information that you don’t want to lose. That’s why an accident, such as dropping your phone into water, can become a tragedy. Well, never fear. I show you how to salvage your phone with a very unlikely food product.

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2 Responses to “Salvage your wet phone”

  1. rogeraho says:

    Old Cellphone …
    Old Cellphone salesman here, Back up your phone book, especially if you do not have a Sim Card or you could loose all your numbers. Much worse if phone is on when it hits the water, as stuff shorts out. We used to wash circuit boards off with rubbing alcohol, use a warm blow drier and plan on a much shorter life for the phone after a dunking. Back ups and insurance! You are going to need it if you are a putz and dunk your phone.

  2. edudesigns says:

    Thanks, KIM!

    Thanks, KIM!

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