Spooktacular Tag: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

food on your phone HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have a super fun & safe night!

Thanks Elle for tagging me! Check out her video here:

1. Do you still Trick or Treat?
2. Do you like going to haunted attractions?
3. Favorite Halloween Candy
4. Favorite Halloween Movie
5. Favorite Scary Movie
6. Favorite costume you ever wore as a child
7. First costume you can remember wearing
8. Favorite Fall Food and Beverage
9. Do you have a festive background on your phone?
10. What are you going to dress up as this year?
11. What would Pinecone be? (or your pet!)
12. What candy do you have left in your stash after you eat everything else?
13. Do you decorate your house?
14. Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, or Hayrides?
15. Going to a Corn Maze, what do you wear?

What I’m Wearing:
Top- www.shopbabydoll.us

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this video.

Camcorder is: Canon T4i

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Duration : 0:8:44

25 Responses to “Spooktacular Tag: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!”

  1. beautybythecousinsx2 says:

    why r a bunch of …
    why r a bunch of grown gurus talking bout halloween town?

  2. selenagomez443 says:

    I hate scary …
    I hate scary movies too!!

  3. yellowhair17 says:

    Want free gift …
    Want free gift cards? Download the app App Trailers and use the bonus code “yellowhair17″ to receive 50 extra bonus points! They have gift cards to Target, Xbox Live, PS3, Paypal, Amazon, ETC.!

  4. Lacee Stacee says:

    It’s all good, I’m …
    It’s all good, I’m as sick as a dog, too.


    So I spent the day watching your videos. :D So whenever I feel like a normal person who likes social interaction, I’ll be sure to do some of your tutorials. ^^
    Also, I love your quirkiness. It’s a lot like mine. teehee~
    And maybe I’ll do one of these tags.

  5. sarahboutilier says:

    You are lucky that …
    You are lucky that it doesn’t get cold where you live, I live in Canada (novascotia) right by the ocean and it gets freeeezing here from October to march… It sucks cold and snow is depressing

  6. Debbie Riggs says:

    you are sick so …
    you are sick so much!!! it must be awful!

  7. DontCallMeMerbear says:

    Hahahha ok i was …
    Hahahha ok i was sick today so i watched like all your videos and i got to this one and pretty much peed my pants hahahahha made me feel so much better

  8. fhndrama555 says:

    make sure you throw …
    make sure you throw away your toothbrush! The strep bacteria stays on your toothbrush, and you will keep getting it until you throw away your toothbrush! Take it from me, I got strep 5 times one winter, no joke

  9. Brianna McGarry says:

    you were queen …
    you were queen frosteen? thats so freakin cute!

  10. sail hatan says:

    I like your teeth
    I like your teeth

  11. meghanrosette says:

    HAHA it’s cause I’m …
    HAHA it’s cause I’m sick :( lolol I sound so nasaly 

  12. Julia Roberge says:

    u talk like britney …
    u talk like britney spears in this video hahaha

  13. justanotheroutsider says:

    lol fangirling
    lol fangirling

  14. mebehelpful says:

    I posted 2 hauls on …
    I posted 2 hauls on my channel, please watch them!

  15. ashuleylovesu says:

    hahaha the second …
    hahaha the second you said “and i don’t like coconut either” i was thinking the same thing haha “cocoNUTS”

  16. xxLadyBlush says:

    i would rather live …
    i would rather live in so cal. i live in canada, near ottawa, and i HATE when september comes around because i know i have to endure another 6 months of torture! legit theres nothing to do in winter. you can snowboard, but good luck getting there. especially if its snowing. you can skate but everywhere is usually packed. you don’t wanna be outside because you can get frostbite in under 5 minutes sometimes. the depression and suicide rate sky rockets. snow is depressing.

  17. M.K Outland says:

    -M.K Outland, …

    -M.K Outland, pioneer/establisher of Trance(genre fiction)

  18. RumspringaSesh says:

    Learn to spell …
    Learn to spell before you attempt to insult someone as awesome as her. “K.”?

  19. beautyinsiderxo99 says:

    Can you please do a …
    Can you please do a updated hair care routine and how you style it luv you meghan

  20. SmashinVids says:

    Ur honestly a hoe, …
    Ur honestly a hoe, I saw ur instagram halloween mermaid pic and u look a pic of ur bra and boob honey thats not pretty. K?

  21. undecided4300 says:

    LOL! When I read …
    LOL! When I read your reply I started laughing really hard and my whole family was staring at me like I was an idiot. That only made me laugh harder. Hahaha!

  22. cartera9815 says:

    haha I saw when a …
    haha I saw when a stranger calls when i was a little kid it scared me too!!

  23. VictoriaElizabeth52 says:

    Harry Potter Fan?? …
    Harry Potter Fan?? A million points right there!

  24. SophiaSambrano says:

    Could you do a dr …
    Could you do a dr Meghan video on high school partying? I’m a junior who just got into the partying scene and I could use some help! Thanks

  25. MissMakeMeUp04 says:

    you really seem to …
    you really seem to get more and more gorgeous in every video! x

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