Stuff On My Phone #1

food on your phone Have collection of random clips on your phone? Welps, I am going to dish them out now. Hehehe Hope you guys enjoy my random vlogs! After watching this video, I realize I am super DUPER Asian….from food, to places I visit, to things I buy. My mom will be so proud!

Duration : 0:5:29

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25 Responses to “Stuff On My Phone #1”

  1. xxjabyxx says:

    i love how it cut …
    i love how it cut from piles of frogs to piles of cake. :D

  2. kutiekeli08 says:

    @BioNerd2 What is …
    @BioNerd2 What is the temple? im so stupid but i thought id ask

  3. ShinyaWhore says:

    Poor little frogs …
    Poor little frogs and turtles D:

  4. JShyGirl says:

    You are just …
    You are just soooooooo freakin adorable. I bet chillin with you wouldn’t have a dull moment lol.

  5. tidge91 says:

    haha lol on texen …
    haha lol on texen singing that made me laugh :D

  6. Janiceee1333 says:

    Is there a …
    Is there a particular reason why you keep Texan away from vids ):

  7. YoukaiNoKage says:

    Hahaha!! Your …
    Hahaha!! Your fiance is just like my boyfriend when it comes to singing XD He doesn’t care how well he sings, he enjoys it~ Sometimes he wonders how I could handle him lol!

  8. otherjacquelyne6789 says:

    I live in Houston …
    I live in Houston too!!!Maybe we could see each other at Hong Kong 4!!!

  9. HolliesAnatomy says:

    You two are so …
    You two are so cute together :)

  10. XxAsianNerd14xX says:

    I love how happy …
    I love how happy you were spinning at the end, hehe. xD

  11. peacekatty18 says:

    Ur hair is orange!!
    Ur hair is orange!!

  12. emmaxosmith says:

    you’re too cute! i …
    you’re too cute! i loved the first bird clip hahah, “Bird is the word!”

  13. raininghard says:

    Very interesting …
    Very interesting when you made a transition from the frogs and turtles.. to food. lmao! I was wondering if they sold them for food or as pets.. sigh.. us asians.. we eat anything that moves. hahaha!

  14. igothic says:

    I have that same …
    I have that same giant eyed penguin~!

  15. RainbowberySmileCake says:


  16. LadyZusie says:

    this was fun!
    this was fun!

  17. LTNguyen12 says:

    I dunno about the …
    I dunno about the traffic… When I went to Houston for a Vacation last August the traffic was terrible. But at least we did have fun at the karaoke bar!

  18. EwBebe says:

    You’re SO cute when …
    You’re SO cute when you spin. Your face expressionnn :3

  19. ilovedavygrolton says:


  20. ilovedavygrolton says:

    Love the video but …
    Love the video but the constant volume change left me deaf lok

  21. SecretLifeOfaBioNerd says:

    @10azangel10 oh no …
    @10azangel10 oh no this was a long time ago I am back in class already hehe

  22. SecretLifeOfaBioNerd says:

    @008tofu yes ! 
    @008tofu yes ! 

  23. SecretLifeOfaBioNerd says:

    @brendaloveskpop12 …
    @brendaloveskpop12 hold camera facing you, arms straight out..and spin .

  24. SecretLifeOfaBioNerd says:

    @mizziek3 I like …
    @mizziek3 I like to keep him away from vids.

  25. SecretLifeOfaBioNerd says:

    @futilesun hah I …
    @futilesun hah I think the effort is more in me not trying to hit people when I spin LOL

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